Zone 186 - SCTN. 3


Product Description

Bring your sci-fi games to life with the Zone 186 - SCTN. 3 Building. This building has been designed to build an immersive environment for 28mm wargaming.

This building with expansive table coverage and in-depth design includes: 

  • 1x Zone 186 SCTN. 3 - 86mm x 180mm x 162mm

This laser cut 3mm MDF kit comes unpainted and requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately).

One tiny problem

Picked this up at Origins this year and was pleased about how easy it was to put together and the overall design but I do have one complaint, one of the roof corners are unsupported (if you’re looking at the product picture, it’s the far right corner) , it can easily bear the weight of a standard infantry unit but something bigger and the roof tips over, i added some support there with the leftover MDF and it’s fine, but it something the designers might want to fix for the future and something to be aware of if you want to buy it.
<br>Response: Thank you for the feedback, we'll take a look at it.