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Product Description

Hordes of xenos now span all of time and space. Keep them at bay with this family of officially licensed organizers for Zombicide: Invader and Zombicide: Dark Side by CMON.. 

Knowing everyone’s collection of Zombicide titles may vary, we engineered our solutions to be modular and flexible enough to suit most collections.  No matter how many xenos you’ve got to fend off you’ll find something here to organize and protect your Zombicide collection.

Wondering where to get started? Depending on what’s in your collection,, we have some suggestions about what you will need, followed by a detailed description of each option’s contents:

  • Zombicide Sci-Fi Supply Crate (GCA034):Want to keep things simple? If you went all in on the kickstarter, you can store everything in this premium, thematically engraved crate option. Crate accommodates 10-player capacity for Invader, Dark Side, and Black Ops, as well as all the Kickstarter exclusives and optional buys. Some repeated components will need to be stored separately.

  • Zombicide Sci-Fi Organizer (ORG118): Every great collection starts somewhere. For those looking to start with one organizer as they build their collection, this organizer accommodates Zombicide: Invader Core and Zombicide: Black Ops Expansion or Zombicide: Dark Side Core and the Black Ops Expansion.

  • Zombicide Sci-Fi Exclusives Organizer (ORG119): Went all in for the kickstarter, but not ready for a crate? This organizer combines with the Zombicide Sci-Fi Organizer (ORG118) to include Kickstarter exclusives and optional buys, generating 57mm of additional lid lift.

  • Zombicide Sci-Fi Minis Organizer (ORG120): Overrun with xenos and survivors? This additional layer of figure trays gives your collection some breathing room.  By expanding Zombicide Sci-Fi Organizer (ORG118), this new base layer improves figure subdivision, and allows for more effective use of (Foam Figure Anchors(Hyperlink), generating 57mm of additional lid lift.

Pair our Foam Figure Anchors with any of these organizers to keep your miniatures secured in place, perfect for a painted collection that needs better protection.

  • Crate: GCA033 (Crate Bundle): Already have the Zombicide Sci-Fi (ORG118) and Exclusives (ORG119) organizers for the Invader and Darkside core boxes? Picked up a Minis Organizer (ORG120) as well? Consolidate your entire Zombicide sci fi collection into a single crate with the upgrade bundle. This kit accommodates two Zombicide Sci-Fi (ORG118) two Exclusives (ORG119), and one Zombicide Sci-Fi Minis Organizer (ORG120) to achieve the equivalent of one Zombicide Sci-Fi Supply Crate (GCA034). Some components will be consolidated, as one Player Board Frame, one Dice/Noise Tray, and two Card Trays will become redundant.

Individual Organizer Contents

ORG118 includes 7 removable trays. The game Setup Tray holds all the pieces you need at the start of your game, including 10 individual trays for your favorite player colors. The player board Frame has enough room for 8 character consoles and houses the Dice/Noise Tray which holds several sets of dice, as well as the noise tokens. The Card Tray has 3 deck slots for equipment and xeno cards. Four trays house your Minis, with each divided for sorting by type and expansion. These come in 3 formats to accommodate a variety of minis; 1 Minis Tray, 2 Long Minis Trays, and 1 Large Minis Tray.

ORG119 includes 6 removable trays to expand your Dark Side or Invader Core with additional Kickstarter content. Features an additional Card Tray to hold all the extra xenos and equipment, and 5 additional minis trays; 1 Long Minis Tray, 3 Standard Mini Trays, and 1 Short Large Minis Tray.

ORG120 includes 7 trays, all for better sorting Minis; 6 of the Standard Mini Trays and 1 Long Mini Tray. This organizer really shines when paired with sets of our Foam Figure Anchors.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately). 

This is an officially licensed box organizer compatible with Zombicide: Invader , Zombicide: Dark Side and related expansions CMON, LLC.

CMON, LLC, Zombicide and their logos are trademarks of CMON, LLC, 1290 Old Alpharetta Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30005. www.CMON.com


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