Wondrous Organizer

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Key Features

  • Four removable token trays
  • Four adjustable dividers

Product Description

If you've purchased any of the expansions for 7 Wonders, you quickly realize that the original game box was not designed to hold any extra game boards.  You also have limited space for card storage.  

Our Wondrous organizer was designed to hold all expansions up to and including Babel.  We've increased the amount of card storage and now provide 4 adjustable dividers for separating the cards.  This kit now includes 4 removable token trays which greatly decreases the time required to setup and tear-down the game. Supports sleeved or unsleeved cards.

You'll love this organizer so much you might even call it the 8th Wonder!

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Product Information

  • 10.87" x 10.87" x 2.72"
  • 1.5 lbs

Due to manufacturing, printing, and edition differences box sizes can vary and may not be compatible with the version our kits were designed for. Please measure the bottom inside of your game box to confirm fit for the organizer dimensions listed above.

Supports Expansions
  • Leaders
  • Cities
  • Wonder Pack
  • Babel

Card Capacity

CARD CAPACITY (w/ Stock Dividers)
Unsleeved.2mm "Premium" Sleeved.04mm Sleeved
CARD CAPACITY (No Dividers) 
Unsleeved.2mm "Premium" Sleeved.04mm "Standard" Sleeved

*Capacities are approximate and based on average card and sleeve thickness. Actual results may vary.

Card Row Dimensions: 7.29" x 3.23" x 2.72"

Game Compatibility

Epic case


Win 7 wonders Babel, Leaders, Cities and base now included. Everything fits well together, there's room for more wonder boards if you get them. If you sleeve the cards, they fit well, but it won't do for another expansion. This uses every bit of space from the original box to fit them all in one. It's a heavy box.

I stained it sedona red, here is a link to the gallery: http://imgur.com/a/UI9k9

The one I got had a stamp on one of the wood pieces almost like a puzzle piece, not sure what that was. Also the bottom of the large two tray pieces were made from another type of wood. After staining you can hardly tell, but it would be more noticeable without the stain and is only an aesthetics issue.

Overall a wonderful insert!

Excellent Organizer


I love almost everything about it, just a couple pieces were not quite cut correctly and required glue to even stay assembled.

Great! Almost perfect.


This went together really well with a couple exceptions where the tabs were too loose. I was also at a loss as to where to put the three score pads I have now. They kind of can get laid down under the wonders boards, but for a guy who likes a place for everything, it's a little unwieldy.

Those were minor details though, because as always, The Broken Token comes through!

Great but Babel doesn't quite fit


I own all of the 7 Wonders expansions (Base Game, Leaders, Cities, Wonder Pack and Babel). This organizer really does do a great job fitting ALMOST all of the 7 wonders expansions. All my cards are sleeved.

It falls short with Babel.

Babel comes with two expansions. The first is the tower and tiles (the organizer does an excellent job arranging those). The second is the Great Projects. This is where it doesn't do a good job. Because the Great Projects cards are oversized, there's really no place for them. You sorta just put them with the rulebooks.

I was a little let down that there wasn't a specific place for them and because of that I'm giving this organizer 4 stars.

Otherwise, it's really good. Fits sleeved cards and the trays are awesome (some may be a little loose when you put them together, but with a little wood glue everything holds tight).

There are some ways to overcome the Babel Great Projects cards from going everywhere in the box:

1. Use a rubber band to hold them together (easy method)

2. Make a sleeve on the inside of box cover! (requires cutting and gluing, but has really clean results)

Here's a link to my DIY modified box: https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8641/15944149193_2746a5cd0e_h.jpg

Response: Due to the size of the project cards, and how relatively thin they were, we decided that placing them on top with the manuals was the best use of space. Because of the arrangement of the card row and removable trays, there was not an ideal place to notch for them.

Great organization of _almost_ everything


The precision work meant everything fit together very well (without glue!) and felt solid once I put it together. I really like the 3 removable trays so tokens can stay organized while playing. It doesn't take very long to put together and seeing 4 boxes of parts fit neatly into one is great.

Just like the reviewer before me, I want to give this a rating of 4.5 stars because it doesn't _quite_ fit the Babel Great Wonder cards, making the box not shut _quite_ all the way down, but my 5 star rating should cause the two ratings to average to the intended rating. The Tower of Babel pieces need to lay on angle to fit and the same goes for score pads to fit in the area for cards, but I suspect most people are using random paper for scoring or a smart-phone app.

Another great organizer for 7 wonders!


Broken Token really outdid themselves with this update. They managed to really fit everything in one box. I hope in the future when there are updates to their game organizers we see a trade up program or a loyalty discount. Would be great to get the updated version for slightly less if you bought the previous one.

Another fantastic product


We have 7 Wonders with Leaders, Cities, and the extra boards (including Catan). We had figured out how to fit everything into the box but the lid stood proud and was starting to break down. This organizer allows us to put everything in the box with room to spare.

I guess I now have to buy the Babel expansion just to fill up the empty space!

Excellent organizer


Easy to put together, and no trimming was really required, though some pieces were very tight and a couple were loose (a bit of glue fixed those). The primary frame and the trays all fit the box, and all the game components from the main game, Cities, and Leaders went in nicely, with room to spare, even with all cards sleeved. Very happy with the purchase!

Great job again!


Another great design. It solves all my storage problems. And it went together pretty easily for me.

Great organizer, as expected


This is the 3rd organizer I've gotten from The Broken Token (also have Core Worlds and Caverna) and they are all fantastic. I have the base set, cities, leaders, babel and the wonder pack all in the main box now, with plenty of extra space if I decide to sleeve my cards. Great stuff.



I appreciated the fact it was fairly easy to put together. Holds all the components easily. Very much appreciate the workmanship.



I was very excited to receive this divider after having assembled and enjoyed the King of Tokyo version. The promise that this could cram all content from Leaders, Cities, the wonder pack, and especially the Babel bohemeth, seemed too good to be true.

I dont know how they did it but I've shown it off to everyone I play games with and there has been nothing but positive response. The dedicated divided trays for coin and military victory tokens look and function great. Having a tray for coin to place in the middle of the table saves a lot of setup time, and the etched labels in each division look great.

The storage compartments for the Babel components offer plenty of storage for the various rewards and penalties the game utilizes. I can imagine a few of these pieces jostling if turned since there is a mild gap between the tower wedge compartment and the wonder boards, but not of major concern. also the score pads seem to lay well on top of the wonder boards, however I instead crammed the cards over a few slots and dedicated one of the slots to the pads. they have to lie at an angle but I like it better not having to take them out during setup.

I wish there were a way to get the Babel board to fit in a notch in the way the King of Tokyo board does, but it's not a big issue. the board and project cards just chill with the instructions on top of everything. I'm actually considering installing a manilla folder up in the underside of the box top with a velcro strap to hold all of the instructions separate from the contents. That might make things even cleaner!

as a final side note- be careful with the bottoms for the coin and vic trays; they appear to be made of a softer material and my vic tray base fractured as I pressed them together a bit too roughly. no issue, as simply pushing them back together holds tight with no glue due to the interlocking pieces adjacent. just a heads up.

Overall it was an enjoyable experience putting it together and it works fantastically.

Response: Let us know if you'd like us to send a replacement tray bottom. Thank you!

It all fits!


Love the design of this product. The pull out trays will save a ton of time for game setup and cleanup. Everything fit together well, with the only tool required being a small file to smooth off the wood and a few small drops of wood glue. It all went together surprisingly fast.

Get in where you fit in


I own all sets and they now all fit in the original 7 Wonders box. I do wonder what will happen if there is another update to 7 Wonders, but until then, TBT has done it again with another cool organizer.

only getting better


This is the second version of the 7 Wonders organizer and it is only getting better. I only had to use a few dots of glue to hold everything together. The box is pretty heavy with every expansion in it, but still fits everything in. I had to refer back to the images on the website to see how they sorted everything.

Perfect Fit


It fits perfectly, with plenty of storage space. Removable trays make setting up the game snappy.

Love the updated divider


Love how everything fits in the new divider. My only request would be that there was two more adjustable dividers (or an option to purchase two more). I'd like to be able to separate cards in the following way: City/2 Player/Blanks; Leaders; 1st Age; 2nd Age; 3rd Age; City (Black) Cards/ Guild (Purple) Cards.

Great Divider, But Only Good for Flat Storage


(New Babel Version.) I'm not as thrilled with this as with some of the other Broken Token organizers. Though there's lots of space for lots of different things, and some beautiful removable trays that will make play easier, there are also some issues with the design.

The biggest problem is that things won't stay together if you put this box on its side. There are some big gaps around the bottom-left 4-box tray because the player boards don't fill the space above them and there are similarly some smaller gaps to the side of the victory point tray because the rules and even Babel board aren't big enough to hold everything down. The end result is that there will be some minor mixing if you store or transport your box on its side.

It also looks to me like there aren't good spaces for some of the bits. The score pads are probably intended to be put atop the player boards. They seem about the right side. But, it's inelegant. The new Babel Grand Project boards are more troublesome, because they're medium-weight cardstock, which means that without a good place to place them , they might get bent against the organizer frame if you're not careful. So they just got mixed with all the rules and Babel board atop everything else. Again, inelegant.

And I would have liked at least one or two more dividers for the cards, which frequently seems to be the case.

(With that all said, I really don't know how these guys do these amazing, amazing things, and I'm more impressed that other organizers are perfect than I am surprised that this one has some issues.)

Build was relatively easy, took about two hours. One to put everything together, and one to figure out how everything went in the box. I have everything but Cities in my box, and other than issues noted it fits great.

Response: Feel free to contact us via email so we can resolve some of these issues for you. We've had no issues with components shifting in our copies and we don't have the promo boards. We try to accommodate people that have the promos and extras so that sometimes means some creative organization to make it work in all situations.

Simplifies setup, game play and clean up


Having purchased several Broken Token inserts before, I knew the new 7 Wonders organizer would help me keep the many cards and bits in order while the game is on the shelf. What I didn't anticipate was how much the organizer helps during setup, game play and clean up. The coin and military trays were kept on the table, in easy reach for everyone.

Great construction and brilliant design.

Simply great


This is the second organizer one gotten from broken token, and certainly not the last. Built really, and stores great.

Great product


I have now purchased several products from Broken Token, all of them organizers for the various games in my collection. I've found them all to be easy to assemble (sometimes with a firm push) and the instructions very clear.

My latest was the update to 7 Wonders after the Babel expansion. It fits all expansions to date in the one box, a great storage solution.

Looking forward to more of my games getting the Broken Token special treatment.

Simply the best!


I received the second version of the 7 wonders organizer, that fits all the current expansions in one box. I don't currently have Babel, but I do have Leaders, Cities and the wonder pack.

The organizer is enjoyable to build. I glued all joints on the main compartment organizer and trays. Assembly took me about 3 hours, a little longer than I expected.

The quality of the material was excellent, and I have no doubts it will stand up to the rigours of play. I love the removable trays for the coins and conflict tokens, which makes setup a breeze (for tokens.) Each of the coin and conflict trays is marked with a value, which is great, but it makes me wonder why the other two trays (under the wonder boards) aren't also marked in a similar way.

For the negatives, I wish there was a spot built in for the scorepads. I currently have them in the spot designated for the Babel tokens, as I do not yet have that expansion, but if I did I'm not sure where theyd go. On top or under the wonder boards, I guess. Id also like to see the main organizer fit more snugly to the outer box to minimize the chance of damage, since the stock insert has been removed.

Despite these minor issues, I will not hesitate to purchase another insert in the future. The organization and being able to get rid of the expansion boxes more than makes this tray worth the money.

Love it


I don't know how they got everything in one box. This game has been a nightmare to store for the longest time. This is great!

Impressive Product


I made my first order of 5 organizers for Christmas this year (2014). Very, very impressed with the quality of these products. Whether or not there is a Broken Token organizer might actually influence my game purchasing decisions in the future... lol

7 Wonders. I only own the base game + Cities expansion, so needless to say there is now plenty of room in my box. Went together very easily with the written instructions that were provided. No issues. Used glue for the removable tray only. I actually enjoyed putting it together. Cards fit sleeved. Love the removable token tray. Plenty of room leftover for some expansions. Could have used one more slot to separate the wonder cards by age, but I'm very happy with the final product. No buyers remorse here.

Great design, more work than necessary to build.


I love the design, holds everything great.

The construction required a little more work than necessary I think.

1. Every piece need a little trimming with the xacto knife to remove the bump where it attached to the frame.

2. Almost every tab needed to be shaved down a little to make things fit.

3. With tight fits, plywood probably isn't the best choice. Banging and forcing things can cause the plywood to splinter. I have similar inserts for other games from another company that are HDF. That seems to be a much better material.

Overall, I think the designs from Broken Token are great, but the production could be a touch better. The insert from the competitor were HDF, separated from the frame with no need to trim, and assembled with no need to apply force.