Wondrous Organizer

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Key Features

  • Four removable token trays
  • Four adjustable dividers

Product Description

If you've purchased any of the expansions for 7 Wonders, you quickly realize that the original game box was not designed to hold any extra game boards.  You also have limited space for card storage.  

Our Wondrous organizer was designed to hold all expansions up to and including Babel.  We've increased the amount of card storage and now provide 4 adjustable dividers for separating the cards.  This kit now includes 4 removable token trays which greatly decreases the time required to setup and tear-down the game. Supports sleeved or unsleeved cards.

You'll love this organizer so much you might even call it the 8th Wonder!

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Product Information

  • 10.87" x 10.87" x 2.72"
  • 1.5 lbs

Due to manufacturing, printing, and edition differences box sizes can vary and may not be compatible with the version our kits were designed for. Please measure the bottom inside of your game box to confirm fit for the organizer dimensions listed above.

Supports Expansions
  • Leaders
  • Cities
  • Wonder Pack
  • Babel

Card Capacity

CARD CAPACITY (w/ Stock Dividers)
Unsleeved.2mm "Premium" Sleeved.04mm Sleeved
CARD CAPACITY (No Dividers) 
Unsleeved.2mm "Premium" Sleeved.04mm "Standard" Sleeved

*Capacities are approximate and based on average card and sleeve thickness. Actual results may vary.

Card Row Dimensions: 7.29" x 3.23" x 2.72"

Game Compatibility

Very well designed insert


I found it both easy to construct and fit perfectly. The 4 trays went together like a charm with alittle wood glue to make them sturdy.

Set up is now 100% faster...


This organizer is what attracted me to this company in the first place...and it exceeds all expectations! The only thing unexpected was that my set up time for playing the game was greatly reduced. Bonus objective achieved!

All of the expansions (Leaders, Cities, Wonder Pack, and Babel) all fit perfectly as described. The only thing a future consumer needs to be aware of is that assembly is required (as indicated throughout the website). But as long as you follow directions and take care and finesse during construction, everything goes together perfectly.

I highly recommend this organizer. You will NOT be disappointed!

Really, really well-designed and great quality!


I now have inserts for 4 games and will definitely be buying more!

They reduce setup time, store everything nicely and look good doing it. They can be a little tweaky to assemble but that is why they have such a nice clean look when completed. They are light yet sturdy and EXTREMELY well designed to store everything nicely.

I take a little extra time and put glue on several spots. I am none too sparing with the glue on any part that will not show and glue then tape all corners (later I remove the tape). I add a little extra glue here and there on removable trays and then a quick wipe with a damp clothe to remove any visible glue. They look great and are super sturdy. I expect them to live up to years of game play!

Thank you, broken token!

Pretty good product.


Required some glue, which was unexpected for me. Also, I'm still not sure if I'm okay with the price tag, and as others have said: there's not place for the great works!

However, I really do love having everything in one box, and having it well-organized. The game is a lot easier to play and sort out now. For the most part, I got what I ordered, and am mostly happy with the purchase.

Almost perfect, and became perfect with a little handiwork


As many other reviewers have noted, this is an extremely well-designed organizer. Assembling it was a matter of minutes, and the only part that required some glue was the 'K' part (at the end of two trays) that was a little loose.

For those of you considering whether to invest in the pricey yet ooh-so-shiny 7 Wonders metal coins, please note that those are slightly thicker than the cardboard coins. Therefore, if you buy two sets of coins (as recommended by TBT), a few coins will NOT fit in this organizer; I had to leave three '6' coins and two '3' coins out, even by stacking them neatly. Still, seventeen '6' coins and thirty-two '3' coins should be more than enough.

I found a nice way to make the Great Works fit; I made a triangular cutout in the 'E' part (at the base of the rectangular cutout where the Wonders are supposed to fit), all the way to the insert of the 'D' part. My cutout is 22mm (0.9 in) deep and 13mm (0.5 in) wide at the opening. The furthest part of the cutout is 5mm (0.2 in) wide, just enough for the cards to fit snugly. The Great Works cards can be inserted in there, resting on the lower layer of trays, below the Wonders and the upper tray.

This was done in under three minutes with a Dremel precision tool. It is very easy, but I would recommend being cautious not to damage any part while cutting, and sanding the edges.

If you place the Great Works there, the box will close fully, even with the Babel board on top.

All in all, I am very happy with my purchase.

perfect fit


The pieces fit together without any glue, just locking into place perfectly. I snapped them out of the sprues by hand, and thinking back on it, I should've used a craft knife, because occasionally there's a slight lump where the pieces were joined to the sprue.

Great Item.


Great insert. However, there should have been a place to put the works cards and maybe there should have been etchings for other tokens like the money and miltary have on the bottom of there slots. It was kind of difficult to figure out where to put some tokens

Super insert that does the job well!


This insert handles everything for 7 Wonders - base game and all available expansions. All fit nicely, and there is still a "little" room for more. All the parts went together well, and very little trimming was necessary. This insert saves shelf space, and makes it easy to organize and prepare for play. A must for anyone who owns all the expansions!

Fits everything!


Was tired of carrying all the different boxes for 7 Wonders. Now everything fits in one box!



I am very impressed with this insert. It is efficient but also has eye appeal. Cannot recommend it enough if you own all of the expansions to date!

Just as advertised


The organizer is just as advertised, helps a lot to fit everything in one box!

I have the base game, leaders, cities and wonder pack, fits with lots of room to spare.

The assembly was pretty straight forwards, didn't have any issues, parts seem to fit snug (which is good as I am not even sure the glue was necessary).

Would highly recommend it. See more detailed review here: http://canadianhomegamer.blogspot.ca/2015/03/accessories-7-wonders.html



As always a bit of work putting it all together, but they are very good material and fet well together.

It fits everything I have


In the near future I will have a babel set of my own to put in my box, but when I go this insert I have the wonders expansion, cities, and leaders. All of these fit perfectly inside. It was very easy to put together and looks beautiful in my box. Really cleared up some shelf space too.

Must have


I love 7 Wonders, but don't like carrying around the other boxes to carry the expansions. This allows me to put everything in one box. Plus, as an awesome bonus, you can pull out the trays for a table organizer. I no longer spend 10 minutes before the game sorting the money and combat tokens. Thank you so much

fits everything but...


Really great organizer and was pretty easy to put together. I have base, leaders, cities, babel, and the promos to date. I have all my cards sleeved and there is JUST enough room for everyhing. There's a bit of wasted space for the babel tiles and there is really no more room for another set even if it's just cards. Lots of room for all the current tokens and you only have to double up on a few of the spaces. No designated space for the large great works cards tho it would have been an easy fix. Had a hard time picking a star rating but 4 feels right.

Love it


This is the 3rd TBT organizer set I have bought, and, as usual, it is excellent. Easy to put together, and with a little white glue, the token trays were done in no time. 3 for 3 so far!

NIce, but no room for great projects


The build quality is nice as well as the design. An extra card spacer would have been nice. There's no room for the great projects or the score sheets though so they awkwardly sit on the top along with the Babel tower and rule books. Otherwise generally happy with it.

Like magic!


It's amazing how all expansions up till today is fitting in the original box. The big cards dont have a spot, but i dont mind because im already amazed that they were able to improve the last model and still made it work to include the Babel expansion. You guys are amazing keep it up! Customer for life!

Everything fits perfectly


I was a little concerned with how well everything would fit, but all the trays are a good size for the tokens and if you split the oversize cards from Babel into two piles, the lid fits tight and nothing moves around.



This fits everything I have for 7 Wonders. While I do not yet own the Babel expansion, I'm now ready to pick it up because of this awesome organizer.

Very Nice


Perfect to get things organized in the box. Things fit great in it.



what should have come with the game

Almost perfect - Babel doesn't fit perfectly


This was the easiest organizer to assemble I've bought here and the fit/finish was pretty top-notch all around.

Was able to complete the entire thing (including adding all my game pieces) while watching an episode of Top Gear (brilliant!).

The *only* thing keeping it from being 5 stars is that the Babel expansion doesn't fit perfectly: the oversized cards and the large board don't have a real spot to go so they puff the box up slightly.

But only slightly.

I also own all the other expansions (Leaders, Cities, and the expansion pack) and those all fit PERFECTLY.

Still, it works very well and is *so much better* than carrying around a ton of boxes with useless plastic inserts.

If I could, I'd give it 4.5 stars.

Great way to get everything into one box


7 Wonders is the game my girlfriend and I play the most and while at BGG.con we purchased the Babel expansion. After getting this expansion I realized that we would need to bring two boxes around when we went to other people's places. Then I met the guys at Broken Token at the con and they told me they were working on this product. This product is great. It looks amazing, it is very useful to have all the money and other tokens in little bins instead of a baggie. The only issue I have is the big cards in the Babel expansion. There is no place to really put these cards except with the rules book on top of everything. If you own 7 Wonders and Babel you should get this product. The craftsmanship is amazing.

So awesome!


I love all of the products I've purchased from here. My only request would have been to have a picture to show how everything was supposed to fit together. But it's all amazing!!