Wondrous Organizer

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Key Features

  • Four removable token trays
  • Four adjustable dividers

Product Description

If you've purchased any of the expansions for 7 Wonders, you quickly realize that the original game box was not designed to hold any extra game boards.  You also have limited space for card storage.  

Our Wondrous organizer was designed to hold all expansions up to and including Babel.  We've increased the amount of card storage and now provide 4 adjustable dividers for separating the cards.  This kit now includes 4 removable token trays which greatly decreases the time required to setup and tear-down the game. Supports sleeved or unsleeved cards.

You'll love this organizer so much you might even call it the 8th Wonder!

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Product Information

  • 10.87" x 10.87" x 2.72"
  • 1.5 lbs

Due to manufacturing, printing, and edition differences box sizes can vary and may not be compatible with the version our kits were designed for. Please measure the bottom inside of your game box to confirm fit for the organizer dimensions listed above.

Supports Expansions
  • Leaders
  • Cities
  • Wonder Pack
  • Babel

Card Capacity

CARD CAPACITY (w/ Stock Dividers)
Unsleeved.2mm "Premium" Sleeved.04mm Sleeved
CARD CAPACITY (No Dividers) 
Unsleeved.2mm "Premium" Sleeved.04mm "Standard" Sleeved

*Capacities are approximate and based on average card and sleeve thickness. Actual results may vary.

Card Row Dimensions: 7.29" x 3.23" x 2.72"

Game Compatibility

Great Product with few flaws


I ordered this product, and it came in the mail quite quickly. When i got it, i opened up the package to find sheets of balsa wood with shapes cut into them. The shapes were easy to punch out, but if you were to punch them out immediately, you would not have the reference numbers anymore. Do not punch out pieces until you are ready for exact piece.

Instructions were clear, with a labeled picture of cutouts. When "popping" the pieces into place, you may want a bit of sand paper and wood glue, some parts were just a bit big and some were just a bit too small. With some of the bigger connectors, I pushed until they popped in. Sounded scary at first but then I realized i was not breaking anything...until I did. I had one connector splinter off. I taped it for now. I will glue it in the future.

The money tray and the military transactions trays are labeled to let you know which pieces go where. I really liked this feature. Unfortunately, the other two trays had no labels whatsoever. I put some pieces in randomly, and they sort of fit there. I have a whole tray and a half unused with only the Babel expansion left to buy, but to my knowledge, the Babel expansion is mostly cards with not many pieces. Seems like there will be extra space.

Then we come to the card slots. They give you four slot dividers, and many different spaces to customize where you want your cards to be. However there are a lot of different cards, so if you only use the four dividers, you will have to combine multiple types of cards together. I do not have much of a problem with this, but my OCD comes out a bit with wanting more. You can buy more from them, but it seems hardly worth it.

After everything is in the box, it is quite heavy, but that is to be expected. Everything fits inside the original box. It is a tight fit, and I think, over time, the wood will start to wear on itself due to the friction, but it seems like it should last quite some time.

I was overall happy with this purchase and would recommend it to any 7 Wonders lover. It does take about 30-45 minutes to snap all together, and would have been easier with sand paper and wood glue, but I am satisfied with the product.



This organizer is perfect in my opinion. It stores everything from all expansions and all promos, as well as the metal coins The Broken Token sells. All is organized well and you even have a removable tray for the coins and tokens - pretty cool!

I do recommend getting the additional dividers. With my cards sleeved in MayDay Games Premium 7Wonders sleeves I was able (with these extra dividers) to fit all the cards from all expansions and promos into the following sections:

One for Age I, Age II, Age III, Guilds, Leaders, Cities, and Wonder Cards each.

You could also use these extra dividers to further organize your cards by Age if you had them unsleeved or in MayDay Games standard sleeves.

I had no problem constructing this insert and it does in fact fit everything made for 7Wonders including all promos that exist to my knowledge as of now.

I highly recommend it!

Thanks to the Broken Token team for the great work.

RESPONSE: This was my very first organizer and still my favourite! Welcome to the family and thank you for the thorough review!

Time saver for multiple expansion owners


You really don't need this insert unless you have two or more expansions and are planning on getting Babel. You can use the default insert to unattractively store one other expansion but it won't help with your setup time.

Having everything ready to grab was the big reason for getting this, and unfortunately it falls short in one category. There are not nearly enough card dividers, I didn't realize this when I bought it or I would have gotten the sold separately extra dividers. But they're not really extra, I think they should be included in the base product instead of realizing you need more then having to order again and pay for shipping again.

During construction there were also a few tabs that were off by a hair, ending up splitting the plywood during the fitting. Sanding wasn't enough I had to use the exacto knife to shave a bit of wood off the joint to make it fit. Also there was a lot of "splintering" near the edges, so much that I put a thin layer of glue over the top to prevent more from happening.

RESPONSE: Our organizers are mostly designed to hold expansions and they do become exponentially more useful the more expansions you have!

I'm sorry you felt the dividers were not adequate - it's definitely a balancing game for us. Include extra dividers and the cost of the kit goes up and, based on our experience with this game, more people would not use the extra dividers and they are paying for something they don't need and of course there is the waste. We include enough dividers to separate the cards in the basic configuration of the 3 ages and leaders and one more section for the leftovers. In my personal copy of the game that is all I use. We find it helps us if you let us know how further you would divide the cards so we can understand the need!

I would really love some feedback on how we could better communicate the number of dividers included and how to make a decision about whether to buy the extra sheet of dividers when ordering the kit to save people from feeling like they don't have what they need.

As for construction, again we'd love feedback how we can most clearly state that some adjustments may need to be made with sanding and/or the hobby knife. This is a drawback to using the birch over say MDF but we feel that the pay offs of the birch far outweighs this issue.

With all that said, we always stand behind our products so if there are any parts or pieces that you feel just aren't satisfactory please don't hesitate to contact me (contact@thebrokentoken.com) and I will gladly replace anything that is unsatisfactory!

Thanks again for your feedback! Aminda -CS Meeple

Worth more, the more expansions you have


Mixed feelings on this organizer. It's beautiful, the card storage is a big step up from the horrific plastic tray that came with core 7-Wonders, and I love the removable token trays. It takes a touch of OCD to line up all the coins and victory point markers the way the picture shows, and my one constant complaint about Broken Token products is that the token trays could use some form of lid or cover to hold the pieces in. Put the box on-edge to display it on a shelf, and the game rules aren't going to hold everything in its assigned spot. This organizer suffers a little less from that, since the game boards do keep some of the trays well weighted.

Otherwise it is a really nice design. Functional, easy to use, and attractive looking. As the title implies, this organizer is better for those with expansions than those without. I have Cities, Leaders, and the Wonders pack, but no Babel. Without Babel, it seems a little empty and one entire token tray is unused. Without Cities, it would have two unused trays, and if you have just the core game, you might as well just stick with the black plastic insert.

One notable issue, which definitely dropped this to a three instead of a four or five. There are not enough card dividers. Yes, BT sells extras, but you should not need to buy extras when there clearly are not enough included. Four dividers giving you five spaces for cards. Age 1, Age 2, Age 3, Guilds, Leaders, Cities, and the wonders/randomizers. That's seven divided slots needed without whatever Babel adds, and that isn't with any OCD special organization like separating for 3,4,5,etc players. Not including that essential extra sheet of dividers makes this otherwise great set feel cut-corner or lacking.

9.6 Out Of 10 Is Almost Perfect


This is my first custom insert from The Broken Token. I've tried an insert from a competitor and this was superior in every way. The only reason I I'm knocking off a few decimal points from my rating is because a few of the token tray ends didn't snap together and stick. We used some masking tape to hold them together because we didn't have glue handy, but that is so minor a complaint compared to the striking amazingness that was the overall insert. The fact that almost every piece snapped together and held through friction alone is incredible. Talk about quality cutting! Thanks BT!

Takes alot of setup out of the picture


I got this not too long ago, and found it takes 15 minutes less to set up the game due to the dividers and removable trays. The only issue i have with the layout is that the rules and babel mats don't have anywhere to go. I fixed this by using 3 score pads to level out a section. I would definately reccomend this to anyone that has the babel expansion still.

7 Wonder Box


The directions were easy to follow and did not have to use any glue. It took about 30 minutes to put together and it look clean and has room for any expansions I might want to get.

Better than I tought


I started assembling the organizer thinking I would have a hard time detaching the pieces from their sheets and I would have to hammer amor to glue every joint into place.

But no: the set is so well done that I had to glue just a very few joints. Hammering wasn't really necessary, but I did some just to make sure everything had clicked.

It indeed stores everything that was released to 7 Wonders so far in the base game box, and there is still some space for new tokens.

The directions provided were easy to follow, and I took about 35 minutes to assemble the whole organizer.

Kudos to The Broken Token.

I want one of these for every board game I have


Construction was simple and pretty quick - I didn't need any tools at all to build this (though the instructions will recommend tape or glue for a sturdier box).

And the symbols at the bottom for the military tokens and coins blew me away. What a great little touch.

I was so giddy when I finished this that I immediately went looking for more like it, for other board games I own.

Not as good as the Lords of Waterdeep organizer


It's great being able to pack everything in a single box, including my extra wonders and Babel expansion, but it's not quite as logical as the Lords of Waterdeep organizer.

Still, it's great to be able to bring everything in a single box.

Great product, could benefit from slight modification


First, I love this product. It holds everything included for 7 Wonders and the 4 expansions (Wonder Pack, Cities, Leaders, and Babel). However, my only complaint concerns the Great Projects cards included with the Babel expansion. These cards, which are slightly larger than the wonder cards, do not fit in the slot designated for the wonder cards. In fact, these Great Project cards end up sitting loosely on top of the wonder cards with one side resting on the edge of a partition that does not really serve any purpose. I am tempted to cut a notch out of this partition and then burn the newly cut edge with a wood burner so that it matches the rest of the laser-cut edges. I would hope that TBT takes this feedback into consideration when releasing future models of their organizer. Other than that, I love this thing and would definitely recommend it for anyone who isn't 100% OCD about things having their own place ha!

The Broken Token Response:

Thank you for your feedback! It has been forwarded to our designers.

Just Make Sure You Use a Hammer!


We started off doing this entirely by hand, but tapping with a hammer made a huge difference. This is pretty incredible though! It is a great setup for a game with so many components.

Works great, easy to do


This does an awesome job of getting all the expansions into the original 7 Wonders box. I did not need glue or tape to put it together either. Some parts required a little force to attach, but nothing ever snapped or broke. Very happy with this!

Can't imagine 7 Wonders without this!


I've owned the Dead of Winter insert prior to this one.

The quality and effectiveness of this insert is truly astounding. Being able to get all the expansions into one box is just great! I can now bring my game to my sessions easier, set up is cut down by half the usual time or more, meaning my games sessions are more about the games themselves!

Don't hesitate to get this insert for your own 7 Wonders collection. Even if you might not have all the expansions, this is reason enough for you to get them! (though you should get all the expansions. it adds much more flavour to the 7 Wonders experience)

Always the Best


This was yet another fantastic insert. I really wasn't sure how everything was going to fit in the one box, but you did it again. The only negative thing I can say is I wish you would just include the extra dividers. I always forget to add them in and then have to make a second order and pay more shipping.

And excellent product!


Very happy with the quality and utility of this box organizer. I was, amazingly, able to fit all my 7 wonders expansions in the original box, and the materiel is much sturdier than you expect.

Great, but don't tip the box


I really like the organizer for 7 Wonders, but there is one flaw, and that is you cannot store the box on its side because tokens will come out of the various trays for them. Some of the dividers have tray lids and this would be a 5-start review if there was some way of keeping the tokens in place.



Top quality insert! Guidelines are easy to follow and the pieces fit in with each other nicely. International delivery took a while, however no complaints to the Broken Token as the organizer was dispatched within a couple of days after placing an order. I will definitely order other Broken Token products.

High Quality Product


When I first purchased the 7 Wonders Broken Token Organizer I as skeptical to pay $30 to just organize my game. However, after receiving it and putting it together I am very impressed! It is made of high quality wood, not card board and it holds literally everything from all the 7 Wonder Expansions! I am very happy with my purchase and will be buying more for my other games!

Terrific product!


This is great for keeping everything organized. It really makes setup and putting things away much easier. Now I guess I'll just have to get my hands on the expansions to 7 wonder that fit in here as well.

All 7 Wonders in 1 box


All expansions, plus all promos, and all cards sleeved in the base game's box. Wow.

Organizes the game nicely and the removable organizers for game pieces are great for while playing.

Note: Some might find the fact that they have to assemble these products a con but I personally enjoy putting these together, so I consider it a bonus. But I should note that there's certainly risk of breaking a component during assembly if not careful.

Excellent way to put everything in one box


Requires some glue and clamps to get together, but I very much like the final product. The instructions are straight forward, although I'm not sure where the scorepads are supposed to go. Given I use the app for scoring, this isn't a big problem, but I am curious where they're supposed to fit.

Honestly, the way they make everything else fit is remarkable, though. Looking forward to swapping out the cardboard coins for metal ones soon!

best organizer


They hold all expansion easyly in a main box set, easy to assembly 30 minutes with glue

Great Organizer


All the pieces fit perfectly together. It holds all the expansion packs for this game. I love that all the extras are now in one place.

Replaced the previous insert


Fits all the expansions. Works really well. Fit together snug enough that it wasn't difficult to assemble or stay assembled. Excellent design and quality.

It would be nice if they etched a little letter on the parts themselves to make it easier to pick out the right part but minor nit pick.