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Wondrous Metal Coins (57)


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Product Description

The Broken Token is proud to bring you these exclusive ultra-premium game upgrades.

These finely-minted coins are crafted from zinc and nickel with high-relief 3D detailing and a hand-buffed finish.

Included are 30 "one" coins, 17 "three" coins, and 10 "six" coins each with a raised-edge lip for easy stacking.

NOTE: Due to the quantity of coins in the 7 Wonders game and premium quality of these coins, they are sold as a half-set. For a complete game set of coins, we recommend 2 MCS002 sets.

Superfluous. Buy them now!

I agree with everything that Jason wrote below. <br><br>With the organizer, I had to leave three '6' coins and two '3' coins out, even by stacking them neatly, i.e. putting them all head-to-tail. Still, seventeen '6' coins and thirty-two '3' coins should be more than enough for any game.<br><br>On a side note, while the coins are definitely heavier than their cardboard counterparts and do indeed feel very nice, do not expect them to be extremely weighty.

For Enthusiasts

The Wondrous Metal Coins get the 7 Wonders game to the table more often. They really made the experience great fun. They were the last thing I prioritized when purchasing all of my expansions, art packs, what have you but; that was a mistake. If I had the coins I would have been encouraged to the everything else faster. I'm really happy with the purchase.<br><br>RESPONSE: There's just something about the feel of realistic coins :D

Wonderful Product

These coins are the perfect addition to seven wonders. I absolutely love using these coins. They are the perfect weight and size and add lot to the gaming experience. A must have for any seven wonders enthusiast.<br><br>RESPONSE: thanks for taking the time to leave a great review!! I had a chance to play with them this weekend as well and they really do add to the experience don't they? :D Game On my friend - Aminda CSM

Luxurious, Immersive (and Expensive)

These coins are excellent in every detail for 7 Wonders and it's expansions. Our group joked at first about how silly it was to get metal coins; however, we now enjoy the coins so much that we can't imagine playing without them. Yes, they are expensive and not worth it for the person who only plays 7 wonders once in awhile. But for our group which plays every other week, it was a no-brainer to bring these coins to the table.

Magic coins

Wonderful quality, ideal gift for hardcore player with their favorite game. I was surprised to see how accurate are the design on each face close from the original kraft version. High priced for collector set. Should be included in a deluxe version with all goodies. It's the best of them. No way to find it in Europe, there is a market of players here guys !

Worth it?

Not sure $120 is worth it since you have to buy two to get a full set. It's worth it to me just for the fact that coins are easier to pick up and feel nicer than the cardboard ones. Definitely a luxury purchase as game mechanics are identical. If you have the money to buy them, you won't be disappointed though. If you have to choose between these and something more practical, I'd pass on them.

So shiny!

I will not deny that these coins are certainly on the pricey side, especially if you want 2 sets in order to replace every coin in the box. But I also will not deny that these look and feel amazing. It's much more weighty to pass a couple metal coins to your neighbor or receive a nice heavy token from the bank. Very much a luxury purchase and an unessential one at that...but if you want to spruce up your game, this is a good way to do it.<br><br>Only minor complaint; the metal coins are just slightly thicker than the cardboard ones they are replacing, so if you do get two sets, you will find that a couple coins of the 3 and 6 denominations will not fit into the coin tray of the organizer.

Great, but my wallet hurts.

Love the Coins, but man i wish this a little bit affordable. Maybe at least give us more coins for this price. oh well. The coins look wonderful tho.

They're wonderful

These metal coins are truly a wonderful upgrade from the stock cardboard punch out coins that come with 7 Wonders. They add more flavor and immersion to the game, which is always worth having in my opinion. The details on the coins are very nice nice. Some things even, like the little owl's feathers, are more detailed than on the coin tokens that come with the game.

Great production value

I agree with the others that these coins are expensive. That being said they do add a great deal of production value to the game. <br>It's a great feeling playing with Ephesus, you get Midas and Hatshepsut as leaders and you're rolling in clinking coins. Getting a gambling house is equally satisfying when you plop a pile of coins in front of yourself.<br>I feel like I actually have something to lose or gain.<br>The one shortcoming I see with the coins is that they do not stack well. The coins have raised and rounded edges which makes this hard, but not impossible.<br>You will need two sets to equal the cardboard quantity that comes with game so keep that in mind.<br>All in all I am happy with my purchase.<br><br>RESPONSE: Glad you are enjoying them. I have to admit I just love the way they sound :D