Wingspan Organizer


Product Description

If you're going to run the best wildlife preserves you'll need to make sure all the birds you attract have somewhere to go.  Take proper care of them with our Wingspan Organizer compatible with Wingspan from Stonemaier Games.

Features one Bird Market Tray, one Card Tray with Automa Card storage slot, one Food Token Tray with 5 internal compartments, one Egg tray, one Goal Tile Tray, one Dice/First Player Marker Tray, and 5 Bird Trays.  Each Bird Tray features an optional divider that can be used to separate Meeple Source meeple upgrades by species if you have acquired more than 5 styles.  The Bird Market Tray can be set atop the Card Tray with it's interlocking grooves, or deployed by itself on the table during gameplay.

Spruce your wildlife preserve up even more with our Mini Dice Tower Kit - Birdhouse (DIT108) sold separately.  This bird house themed dice tower is designed to fit where the included cardboard dice tower would normally go.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately).

This box organizer is compatible with Wingspan by Stonemaier Games, designed by Elizabeth Hargrave, illustrated by Natalia Rojas, Ana Maria Martinez Jaramillo, and Beth Sobel.  Not an Official Stonemaier Games product/project. This is a non-licensed product and all trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective owners.

Another winning BT Product


This is a fantastic insert, I have custom 3D Printed birdhouses for the player pieces and they still fit ALONG with room for the original cubes. Also easily accommodates upgraded resource bits from Meeple Source. Easily holds sleeved cards, including separate spot for the Automata cards. Using the card display as a cover for the bits was a nice touch!

Plenty of space!

This is yet another quality insert by TBT. I adjusted my trays because I upgraded my food from BGG, and I was able to put my food tokens into the trays that hold the player cubes, and the cubes easily fit into the original food tray. Also, with my cards being unsleeved, there is plenty of room for the European expansion plus 2-3 more expansions worth of bird cards.

1st time disappointed with a Broken Token organizer

I have more than 20 Broken Token inserts and was always satisfied. Not so this time! The Bird market tray has a faulty design. The recesses in the cover plate are too small. The small curved card holders needed to be hammered into place, splitting the wood of these fragile components in the process. When finished the cover would not fit on the tray anyway as the curved elements would not line up at all. There was way too much much tension in the entire construction. After another unsuccessful hour of trying to fix the constructional defect, the entire tray - unusable as it was - landed in the trash. What a waste and disappointment.
<br>Response: It sounds like you may have received a unit with a manufacturing flaw. We've certainly not encountered this issue with other customers, and we are happy to replace your copy with a new one. Just contact our support department for help!

Not my favorite Broken Token organizer, unfortunately

I have several organizers from Broken Token - Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Carcassonne, Codenames, 7 Wonders... Wingspan is the first one I own that really requires glue to hold itself together (the card tray, mostly). In my set, the lid of the card tray has a bit of a bow to it and doesn’t sit flat on the card tray, but hopefully that will get better over time.
<br>I think I will switch things up like another reviewer said and put the food in the five big trays, since they are way too big to hold eight little cubes and the food tray is nearly overflowing.

BT does it again


This organizer is fantastic, and really well designed. The artistic touches on this one are a really nice addition. Really pops on the table.
<br>The negative reviews below are really unwarranted. It sounds like one had a defect and could have easily been replaced by just talking to the company. And the other was upset because they had to use glue? You're supposed to use glue on literally all BT organizers...such a silly complaint.

A Beautiful Organizer


This is, perhaps, the most beautiful organizer Broken Token makes. The etched artwork/design on the parts, the bird on the fourth slot of the market display, etc. add a level of detail that is just above and beyond. The functionality of the organizer is just what I have come to expect from this group of special wizards.
<br>If I have a concern, it is this: Stonemaier has at least one more expansion planned (the Oceana Expansion) and I am not sure this will continue to hold everything at that time. This is not a fault, just a concern.
<br>That said: highly recommended.

Excellent product

Perfect as always. Fits perfectly. No complaint

Such a great thing

First time purchasing a Broken Token kit. It is awesome. I just hope when Wingspan Oceania cones out, it fits as well.

Awesome Organizer!

Awesome organizer. Plan on using glue. Directions could be a little more clear on that regard.