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Undead Winter Organizer

133 Reviews

Key Features

  • Unique start player token
  • Three removable token trays
  • Thirteen adjustable dividers
  • Supports sleeved and unsleeved cards

Product Description

You don't have time for a long set-up when the zombies are closing in. Start fighting faster with our Undead Winter Organizer compatible with Dead of Winter game box. All game pieces are contained within removable trays making setup a breeze.  The card lane is wide enough for sleeved cards and we include 13 dividers to separate every card type.

Notes on Sleeved Cards: The pictures show all cards sleeved in Mayday Premium Sleeves (MDG7077).  Due to the extra space needed for premium sleeves, the card divider spacings are pre-set for you.  Engravings on the side of the wall indicate which cards occupy each slot.

NOTE: Does not support Warring Colonies.

NOTE: We've been informed that there are different Dead of Winter game boxes. See box measurement note below.

This organizer is designed for the original Dead of Winter® game. If you're looking for an organizer designed for Dead of Winter®: The Long Night please see our Long Winter Organizer (ORG069).

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Product Information

  • 11.32" x 11" x 2.3"
  • 1.8 lbs

Due to manufacturing, printing, and edition differences box sizes can vary and may not be compatible with the version our kits were designed for. Please measure the bottom inside of your game box to confirm fit for the organizer dimensions listed above.

Card Capacity

CARD CAPACITY (w/ Stock Dividers)
Unsleeved.1mm "Premium" Sleeved.04mm Sleeved
CARD CAPACITY (No Dividers) 
Unsleeved.1mm "Premium" Sleeved.04mm Sleeved

*Capacities are approximate and based on average card and sleeve thickness. Actual results may vary.

Card Row Dimensions: 9.93" x 3.77" x 2.3"

SLEEVING NOTE: The card section of this organizer is divided and labeled for the base game and supports 0.04mm standards sleeves and 0.1mm premium sleeves. This doesn't accommodate thicker sleeves like Dragon Shield.

Game Compatibility

Perfect product for unsleeved cards


Since I bought this organizer it's made clean up and set up a breeze.

Having removable compartments allows my group just to pass whats needed around the table than everyone being force to reach across the table and dig in the box.

This would easily be a 5 star product if it had room for sleeved cards while being able to use the same amount of provided dividers. Once the retro-fit kit becomes available i'm sure I'll be enjoying it that much more.

If you dont plan on sleeving your cards this will be a fantastic addition to your Dead of Winter experience allowing the flow of the game to continue rather than digging through little baggies or reaching over everything to grab from little piles.

Great divider with oddity


Overall, I love the Dead of Winter divider. It not only holds all the pieces, but the removable trays make setting up and playing the game a lot easier.

The oddity is that the kit doesn't include enough card dividers to actually separate out all the different card types as shown in the illustration. There are enough slots in the organizer to do it, but the kit is two dividers short of being able to use all of them. Minor issue, but weird.

Shipped an old product, works okay ,not great.


My review is for the first version of this product, now sold as DOW-BO1-OLD. The containers for the dice, tokens, characters and zombies all work well, and the start player knife is cute, but doesn't fit into the box as shown in the pictures. The card lane on the left is different, and doesn't have labeled or custom sized slots, so sleeved cards don't fit properly. The package also didn't include enough card dividers to fill the available slots OR properly sort all of the cards. It looks like these issues are addressed with DOW-BO1-NEW, but I don't have that product to confirm. It's not really promised in the picture, but there doesn't appear to be a place to store the player and location mats, so I keep them ontop of the gameboard.

Having said all of that, the pieces do fit together well, and make setting up and cleaning up the game much easier. The whole package took about 45 minutes to assemble, and did not need glue or tape.

I've contacted BT, but haven't heard a response yet. This is the first product of theirs that I've been disappointed in.

Response: Sorry you were disappointed. We've done our best to address the problems from the first version and stated that we will update any current customers. I can only imagine you contacted us this weekend and today is just Monday, so you should receive a response shortly. The first player marker was shrunken in size in the new version but you can store yours in the larger slot in the back just fine. The game board and oversized locations and player cards are meant to store on top.

Not quite what you see in the pictures.


This is generally a good product, but it does differ from the provided pictures in several ways:

- There are only 11 dividers and not the 13 seen in the pictures

- The different card slots are not labeled for each type of card

- All the pictures inaccurately depicts the card dividers in the final product

This is still a good product and would receive a 5-star rating if only 13 card dividers were provided, rather than the 11 delivered.

I understand that BT might be providing 2 extra card dividers based on Max's review earlier and, if so, that would be great.

Ultimately, the main issue is that the pictures do not accurately depict the final product.

Best organization for Dead of Winter


This is a great organizer as it appears to provide space for any possible expansions.

The only downside is that it comes with 11 card dividers instead of the 13 shown in the pictures above, and as mentioned in other reviews. I understand that BT might be helping current customers with this concern now and in future versions of the product, so we will see what happens.

Almost awesome


I love the build quality and division this give to my game and setup. I just don't get why the product doesn't come with 13 card dividers (enough to actually divide all the card stacks properly in the box).

Response: Contact us so we can help. Based on feedback like yours, we are updating future versions and will take care of current customers.

So Easy!


Love this! It was well made, easy to assemble, AND makes set up and tear down a breeze when playing!

Sleeved Cards?


I love this game, but setup is truly a nightmare with all of the different cards. I was hoping this organizer would help with that. The description says it supports sleeved cards and that's true in the sense that the tray is wide enough to hold sleeved cards, but it's not nearly long enough to hold all of them. This kit is also two dividers short of what is needed for total organization of the cards (and what's shown in the picture). That being said, something is certainly better than nothing when is comes to shortening setup times for a game so I'll use the organizer and keep my cards unsleeved, but I've come to expect a little better from The Broken Token.

Response: We apologize for the confusion about sleeved cards. We've updated the product description to be more clear about this. Please contact us directly so we can do something to make your experience better.