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Product Description

You don't have time for a long set-up when the zombies are closing in. Start fighting faster with our Undead Winter Organizer compatible with Dead of Winter game box. All game pieces are contained within removable trays making setup a breeze.  The card lane is wide enough for sleeved cards and we include 13 dividers to separate every card type.

Notes on Sleeved Cards: The pictures show all cards sleeved in Mayday Premium Sleeves (MDG7077).  Due to the extra space needed for premium sleeves, the card divider spacings are pre-set for you.  Engravings on the side of the wall indicate which cards occupy each slot.

NOTE: Does not support Warring Colonies.

NOTE: We've been informed that there are different Dead of Winter game boxes. See box measurement note below.

This organizer is designed for the original Dead of Winter® game. If you're looking for an organizer designed for Dead of Winter®: The Long Night please see our Long Winter Organizer (ORG069).

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Another terrific organizer!

This is my second purchase from The Broken Token. The pieces fit very easily together. I added a dab of wood glue here and there for added stability, especially on the large outer part. I really like the etched labels for the tokens! My only problem with this particular product is that the card slots don't work well if you have sleeved cards. I know that they mention a particular brand that I'm not using, but I've seen this issue in other reviews using the recommended sleeves. This is still not a deal-breaker; the cards (in sleeves) still fit in their proper area, but in my case, they're all in one big stack. Removing the dividers gives plenty of room, ensuring the whole game fits in the original box. Overall, I am happy with this organizer, and I look forward to not only my next board game purchase, but to my next Broken Token product to help me organize it!<br><br><br><br><br><br>RESPONSE: <br><br><br><br>Can you tell us what size the sleeves are? We appreciate your honest review and feedback! <br><br>you can message me directly: contact@thebrokentoken.com

Perfect addition to the game

This was quick and easy to put together and now it makes setup and teardown of the game much quicker. I love the separate tray for the tokens which are used during the game, it makes it easy to pass around to whoever needs a token and helps to keep the play area tidy.


This organizer is great. It maximizes space and really helps keep everything in order.<br><br>This is easily the best organized that I have purchased from Broken Token and I cannot recommend it enough.

Great Presentation

I struggle with purchasing these because, the argument goes, I could buy another game for the cost of this tray. I made my own foam core tray but was never satisfied with it. I decided to purchase this because I really love this game and it looks great in the pictures and it makes setup easy. Well, these things are true. I stained and hard coated my tray and it looks fantastic. I am glad I purchased it, but I can only do this for the games that I really really love. I think I may have to buy the Imperial Assault as well in order protect my painted mini's.


I hated setting up Dead of Winter because there was no good way to separate all the pieces and cards with the Broken Token organizer it is much easier everything has its own place.

Unorganized to organized

I had my doubts about this product and how well made it would be. I was Not let down . It was nice and looks great..It went together nicely and it fits perfectly inside the box it makes all game pieces well organized and it makes set up a breeze..

Game is not complete until it has one of these babies!

I'll be buying BT Organizers for any games that I have. Have the Blood Rage one as well and it is even more impressive!


As the title says, this is an awesome and beautiful storage to place and save all your pieces and components from your board game. The Knife first player token is fantastic and everything is so neat and nice you feel happy everytime you save and take out your stuff to play!

Fantastic For This Game

Dead of Winter comes with a myriad of components and the stock box, while coming with several baggies, just doesn't have much in the way of dividers or anything. This organizer was very easy to build and fits snugly in the box (a previous reviewer is right, you have to use a little force to get it in). The removable boxes and labels on every section make it a lot easier to clean up, especially with groups that are new to the game. I have yet to do heavy travelling with it, but a few quick trips have proven that components won't fall out of the organizers easily. I would say that this should be considered as a cost in buying the original game, seeing as how well this organizer complements it.

Very good fit!

The Organizer is very good fit in the game box! It worth every penny! Definitely recommend to everyone who has Dead of Winter board game!