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Product Description

You don't have time for a long set-up when the zombies are closing in. Start fighting faster with our Undead Winter Organizer compatible with Dead of Winter game box. All game pieces are contained within removable trays making setup a breeze.  The card lane is wide enough for sleeved cards and we include 13 dividers to separate every card type.

Notes on Sleeved Cards: The pictures show all cards sleeved in Mayday Premium Sleeves (MDG7077).  Due to the extra space needed for premium sleeves, the card divider spacings are pre-set for you.  Engravings on the side of the wall indicate which cards occupy each slot.

NOTE: Does not support Warring Colonies.

NOTE: We've been informed that there are different Dead of Winter game boxes. See box measurement note below.

This organizer is designed for the original Dead of Winter® game. If you're looking for an organizer designed for Dead of Winter®: The Long Night please see our Long Winter Organizer (ORG069).

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Good idea implemented well

The organizer does require a little attention to detail, but is not difficult to assemble. Once assembled everything fit into the box neatly and is aesthetically pleasing. The engravings for the names of objects was a nice touch. <br><br><br><br>Would definitely recommend to anyone who owns this game.

Gateway Insert

This was the first TBT insert I purchased for a game. The original insert for the game is terrible. If you're reading this you probably know the pain of resorting all of the (13?) card decks each time you open the box. Digging through piles of standees to find the right character amidst a sea of zombies. The baggies for all of the dice and tokens. I'm happy to say this insert is a great time saver! Trays for the dice&tokens, separated zones for the zombies and characters, and labeled dividers for each and every deck in the game with room for sleeved (mayday premium here) cards.

Great Product!

Easy to assemble, very nicely crafted. Fit the box like a glove! Only thing I recommend is cutting the portions that are used to attach the pieces to the "Sprue" otherwise you will get some nasty tear out.

It is what it needs to be

This organizer does the job correctly. Assembled easily and fits everything well. The slanted dividers for the cards are nice and the trays make set up very easy. The laser cut wood was cut to the right dimensions. I like to make my own storage out of wood as well, but would not have been able to assembly a finer box myself.

Astounding Quality

I was not expecting the level of quality that this organizer has! Unfamiliar with Broken Token I bought this on a whim and was expecting a cardboard (or something similar) construction. When I opened it and realized it was wood I was pleasantly surprised and understood the price a little more. There were a few corners/connections that required some tape and glue but nothing that isn't listed in the instructions. My biggest complaint seems to be a shared sentiment in that there isn't an ideal location for the player cards.


The game has been 10 times easier to set up and break down, as well as play, since I put it in the Broken Token organizer. I use premium card sleeves and the fit is a bit tight, but they do fit, and I can close the box with everything in it now. The game is fun, and several people I've introduced to it have gone on to buy their own sets, and when they see how it is with the organizer, they can't believe the difference. I am sold on Broken Token products. You guys think of everything.<br><br><br><br>RESPONSE: This is why we do what we do!! Thanks for the kind words :D

Almost perfect, but not quite.

This is a pretty amazing product for any true Dead of Winter fan. The original box is difficult to organize with the biggest issue being keeping the cards separated for easier set up on the next game. I would definitely recommend purchasing it. However, there are a few things to note that keep this from being a perfect storage solution, as well as some suggestions to potential customers. <br><br><br><br>The biggest issue with the organizer is that it doesn't really take into account the location and player cards. They don't really fit anywhere perfectly and if you simply stack it on top of the colony board, the box doesn't close perfectly. The simplest solution is to not include the instruction booklet and the box closes better, albeit not perfectly. This is kind of a hassle given that the instructions are rather important when introducing my friends to the game. Another issue that occurred was that some of the edges on sections of the organizer broke off without any difficulty. Thankfully, the 4 areas this occurred weren't very noticeable. Lastly, the main section fit VERY tightly and took off some of the actual box to fit. <br><br><br><br>Some suggestions to would-be customers.<br><br><br><br>1. Glue isn't necessary, but highly recommended for the starter token as well as some of the interior organizers. My character and zombie box would not latch together on one corner, so I had to glue it so that it would stay together.<br><br>2. It is not necessary to glue the main section that fits into the box and it is actually easier to get it to stay together if you didn't.<br><br>3. When separating the pieces, use an X-Acto knife or something similar and simply push down on the connected spots on both sides. It seems instinctive to cut across the connected spot, but it's much easier to just push down and keep the pieces as nice as possible. The sharper the knife, the better.<br><br>4. Make sure to have a rubber or wooden mallet! This makes assembly so much easier, just tap everything together carefully. I used a wooden mallet that had a large flat surface and it made the task much easier.<br><br><br><br>Overall, this product comes highly recommended. Aside from the issue of player and location mat placement, this is one of the best solutions out there!<br><br><br><br>RESPONSE: Wow thanks for taking the time to leave such a great review and detailed review. Please remember if you have any broken parts we will replace those don't hesitate to message me contact@thebrokentoken.com. Thanks again for your support, it means a lot to us. Game On my Friend , Aminda - CS Meeple

Fantastic - would recommend

This makes keeping cards and tokens so much more pleasant. It looks great and fits perfectly. A bit of assembly is required, but easy for even an amateur like me. I used a knife and a very small amount of wood glue to ensure it would fit perfectly and make it solid, but everything fit together so well I suspect I could have managed without.<br><br><br><br>I have discovered a small flaw (which is why it loses a star). The removable token container does not have a lid and when moving the box about the tokens can get mixed together. I managed to turn the box upside down once and all the tokens had to be collected from all over inside the box.<br><br><br><br>PS! I strongly recommend sleeving the cards. It makes sliding cards back into the organizer super simple, even when sliding a single card in a full slot, as well as protecting the cards and making shuffling easier.

Must-have organizer for setup time

If you're going to be playing this game on the regular, or even intermittently, an organizer outside of the baggies the original box comes with is a must-have. This particular one does the job pretty well with the standard box set (I do not have the expansion so am unfamiliar with how its components would fit) - if you want to *drastically* reduce your setup time, and let's be honest that's a large part of getting comrades new to board games to continue to be interested in them, then this is truly a must-buy item. From keeping the myriad decks separated to a concise, easily accessible, and central token hub, it also fits in the original box and is not a pain in the neck to build - easily cuts set-up time by a third. Very pleased with it.

very useful supplement

You can shorten the set-up time, a very useful supplement.<br><br>I ordered it from Japan, the product has arrived after one week. (Postage $22.75)<br><br><br><br>Parts are easily detached from the frame.<br><br>Cutter and Hammer are not necessary.<br><br>you may use a bond in order to prevent the gap.<br><br>It will be able to also be completed in about 30 minutes in a clumsy person.<br><br><br><br>Cards placed in the sleeve can be accommodated.<br><br>And storage space are using the hard type of sleeve might feel narrow.<br><br><br><br>Since I often carry put a board game in the bag,<br><br>Barricade, injured, in the box to put a marker, such as noise wearing a lid with urethane.<br><br><br><br>Since DoW Long Night is a released in Japan yet, do not know this set can be used.