Tiny Dice Tower - The Keep

$7.99 to $9.49

Product Description

Show your love for gaming and all things mini with the Tiny Dice Tower- The Keep by The Broken Token!

Give your 10mm dice something more their size to roll in or make a single standard die feel extra epic in this miniaturized randomizer. Available as just the tower, or with two assorted 10mm D6 dice.

Customizable options allow you to choose from one of the four provided interchangeable banners, and watch as they ripple in the wind with each tiny roll (banners can be flipped over to provide a blank canvas for your own customization).

Send the provided meeple to the dungeon and roll tiny dice over their head, horde your tiny treasures, or keep a tiny pet rat in the back of the tower.

A great accessory for your desk, or the perfect gift for the halflings in your D&D group.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately).


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