The Cavern Organizer

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Key Features

  • Three removable trays
  • Token tray engraved to show token placement
  • Adjustable dividers for organizing tiles

Product Description

Our organizer for Caverna allows you to easily organize all of your tokens, tiles, cards and game boards in the original game box.  This organizer features three removable trays to make game setup and tear-down a breeze.  Game boards lock into place over the token tray keeping everything in place during transport.  

Ditch the baggies, get organized and save 30+ minutes of setup and tear-down time every time you play!

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.  

Product Information

  • 12.02" x 8.56" x 2.95"
  • 2 lbs

Due to manufacturing, printing, and edition differences box sizes can vary and may not be compatible with the version our kits were designed for. Please measure the bottom inside of your game box to confirm fit for the organizer dimensions listed above.

Must Have


Have you seen all the bits in this game? Enough said. Forget all the baggies. This is the way to go. Period.

Excellent product


I just bought and built the Caverna organizer. It worked exactly as described, and the assembly process was not difficult. I did have to use glue for the bottom tray walls. When it was completed, the way you put the Caverna game pieces into the trays was intuitive and well worked--even with just the 3 images as reference. Excellent!

The missing piece to this exceptional game


Simple to assemble (follow the instructions, I looked away a few times and found myself trying to put pieces backwards, but it was only by getting ahead of the instructions). Expertly designed to fit the pieces perfectly. I wish they had one for every game we enjoy. My husband still favors Agricola (probably because I beat him at Caverna) I really like Terra Mystica, but it doesn't have quite so many pieces.

I recommend this as needed for everyone, especially if you are gifting this game to a friend who may be less dedicated to the long set-up than the boardgame-geek-reading crowd.

great for storage and playing


awesome tray with the game components. caverna definitely needed some organization and this is it

Excellent Product


This insert is fantastic.

The only problem with Caverna is its slow setup and packup times.

This insert makes the job a whole lot easier and faster.

A must have for anyone who plays Caverna.

Life is good thanks to this organizer!


I already loved Caverna without this organizer, but the organizer absolutely makes it a much better experience! Putting it together was a fun arts and crafts project (I only needed to use a little glue on four joints). And at the table, it's so nice to have everything all set up.

I will say that the mini tray to hold the weapon tokens isn't super-functional during play; I recommend taking the tokens out and putting them in numbered piles during the game. But that's a very minor quibble. I love this organizer!

Exactly what I was looking for


I looked online for custom inserts for Caverna and this looked to be the best option. When I purchased it, I found that my instincts were right.

This organizer is well crafted and the instructions were very easy to understand for assembly. Would I have preferred to have it already constructed? Probably... but I actually enjoyed putting it together. Also, if it was pre-assembled, I can see the price being higher, so it was worth it to go this route.

While I could have just glued the main structural areas, I ended up gluing all pieces because I wanted to make sure it could withstand repeated uses without issue. It took me about an hour and a half... which I see some it took less than an hour. But then again, I don't normally do this sort of thing.

Everything fit very nicely. I like the fact that the separators for the side rows on the bottom tray can be moved to accommodate the way you want to organize your tiles. For example, some might separate the room tiles based on type. Meanwhile, I like to separate the room tiles based on beginner / advanced options. It would be nice if there was a way to organize the level tokens better, like having separators between numbers... but there really isn't room for that.

All in all, I am extremely happy with this organizer. This will ensure that we play Caverna more often because the setup time has now been substantially reduced.

If The Broken Token comes out with ones for my other faves w/expansions (e.g. Agricola, Catan, etc), I will definitely consider purchasing them. *hint*hint*

Beautiful design, fantastic function


Love the way this looks, the ease with which I was able to assemble it, and the design perfectly matches the components AND the box. What a great product!

Caverna Organizer


Works good. Reduces setup and tear down. Has to be assembled carefully. Could see some people lose patience and maybe destroy some of it. I found it easy to assemble and only had to glue a couple of end spots. Would have like to seen two more small tile separators and two less large separators and have a small section at end of large separators divided into two sections. Overall like it and recommend it to Caverna players

One of the best purchases I've ever made


If you play Caverna regularly, then this is a must buy. It drastically cuts down the set up and pack up time. It also makes your play area nice and tidy, as you can take tokens and tiles directly from the trays as you play. Brilliant!

Turbo-starting Caverna games


Wonderfully set up organizer. Before I had purchased this product, I actually had the game set up with the meeples just strewn about for a week just so my partner and I wouldn't have to waste time on it and be able to play once a night for a week. This purchase completely mitigates that anxiety of boring newcomers during set up time. Completely worth the purchase.

A Masterpiece


I made my first order of 5 organizers for Christmas this year (2014). Very, very impressed with the quality of these products. Whether or not there is a Broken Token organizer might actually influence my game purchasing decisions in the future... lol

Caverna. Went together very easily with the written instructions that were provided. No issues. Decided to use glue for all three compartments since they are all removable. I actually enjoyed putting this beast together. Cards fit sleeved. Love, love, love the removable trays. Setup/teardown is now a breeze. Love the finer details like the way the boards fit in the grooves in the top compartment, thus stopping them from sliding around. Very satisfied with the final product once it was assembled. This one is a masterpiece...

excellent product and design


This was one of the first Broken Token inserts I assembled and used. It was easy to put together following the instructions. Not took me maybe less than an hour, but I was very meticulous and careful.

I was very happy to see each container labeled with what should go into it. I also liked the two tray stack design and hidden compartment for the cards.

This insert would definitely make set up, playing, and cleanup much faster for Caverna. Especially with all the pieces.

Wonderful product, easy assembly!


Easily assembled, didn't have to use glue, just a few gentle taps of a hammer. Very pleased with the design and quality.

Great Organizer


This is a must buy for Caverna. It's a little bit on the pricier side, but if you plan to play Caverna a lot, it is very very very much worth it.

It will save you tons of time with setup and tear down. All the other reviewers were right.

So helpful!


The setup and clean up times for Caverna have always been a strike against the game for our group, but this organizer has helped tremendously! It took me about 30 minutes to put it together, only needing a hammer on a few pieces that fit snugly together. It is so nice to see everything neatly organized instead of sorted into 20+ baggies. We love it!

Really great organizer


As with all organizers of this style, assembly is a bit of a pain. The end product receives a solid 5 stars though. It holds everything very well, and doesn't feel flimsy.



I honestly wish I could get something this high quality and well laid-out for all of my games. It makes Caverna much more enjoyable to play without having to deal with a huge pile of tokens and nothing but bags for each.

I was expecting cardboard and cheap materials, but instead I got solid wood that fits together, as well as fits in the box, like a glove.

a nessesity for caverna lovers


This tray is a must own. It keeps everything nice and organized and reduces set up time. It is fantastic. I love coming up with interesting ways to organize my games but this is the best most eligant solution.

So worth it !!!


If you like playing Caverna, but do not like the lengthy set up, then this organizer is a must.No more of the pesky baggies. It cuts set up time drastically and clean up is a snap. Also it showcases the wooden game pieces wonderfully. If you are on the fence about getting is because you have to assemble it, rest assured building it was not hard. The directions were thoughtful and precise(Ikea can learn a thing or two)The pieces were easy to assemble and they fit so perfectly together(with the help of the rubber mallet), I only had to result to using glue once in the bottom box.



Really nice. Fits all the pieces really well. Assembly was easy, will have to glue some points, but that's a minor issue. Will be buying some more organizers!

Easy to assemble, great organizer


Very easy to assemble - was worried about pieces potentially being fragile or possibility of user error, but this was absolutely not the case.

Agree with some other reviews that the bottom tray can be somewhat loose - minor gluing here resolves the issue no problem. Otherwise everything was very tight and saw no need to glue other components. Used a rubber mallet for assembly on these pieces which did the trick just fine - I think it'd be a little difficult to do only by hand, as the instructions indicate.

Essentially eliminates setup time!


When getting this game ready to play without the organizer, we had to pull out all of the bags and decide whether it was more convenient to deal with the pieces in the bags or dump them out, both causing a bit of a pain either during gameplay or during cleanup. This organizer eliminates the setup barrier that might otherwise convince us to play a game that sets up faster. Great product, as always!

Great organizer


Broken Token's Caverna organizer works great. Very easy to assemble using some hammer taps for perfect tightness and an exacto knife for a few spots where the pieces separate from the board. Also a little glue on one corner to make it stick tighter.

Very pleased!

Very nice!


Items came quickly and in very good condition. Very helpful for all the pieces. Makes setup and pack away a breeze. All pieces fit snugly and secure. Just used Elmer's wood glue to ensure long life.