The Cavern Organizer

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Key Features

  • Three removable trays
  • Token tray engraved to show token placement
  • Adjustable dividers for organizing tiles

Product Description

Our organizer for Caverna allows you to easily organize all of your tokens, tiles, cards and game boards in the original game box.  This organizer features three removable trays to make game setup and tear-down a breeze.  Game boards lock into place over the token tray keeping everything in place during transport.  

Ditch the baggies, get organized and save 30+ minutes of setup and tear-down time every time you play!

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.  

Product Information

  • 12.02" x 8.56" x 2.95"
  • 2 lbs

Due to manufacturing, printing, and edition differences box sizes can vary and may not be compatible with the version our kits were designed for. Please measure the bottom inside of your game box to confirm fit for the organizer dimensions listed above.

Not broken at all!


Amazing product. More useful than I imagined!

Fits perfectly and can still stand game upright.


Easy to assemble, everything fits and room for additional bits.

The most surprising thing that is not listed here it that once the organizer is inside the box, the boards and manuals stack on top in such a way that all the pieces are locked in. You can stand the box upright or shake it around and none of the pieces will come loose.

My only negative - with ALL BT products is they do not include a diagram of how to sort all the pieces and I had to search online for picture of how things best fit/were sorted.

Game Changing


I had thought I was happy with compartmentalised boxes and baggies but wow does this insert revolutionise setup and take down times. Both now take a couple of minutes and the resource tray looks attractive on the table, rather than the whole area being covered in plastic.

This is my first broken token insert and building it was exceedingly simple. I shall definitely be keeping my eye out for more. Thank you!

Absolutely Necessary


This organizer literally saved the game for us.

Without it setup was so laborious that we'd skip playing purely because no one was "in the mood" to grind through all the required sifting, sorting, de-bagging, stacking, etc., etc.—not to mention the Herculean labor of putting it all away...

With the Broken Token organizer you just open the box, deploy the trays and start playing!

Very nearly perfect


Very easy and quick assemble and definitely makes the game a breeze to setup and tear down. My only super minor nit-pick is how weapon tokens are stored. It is not very easy to play from. Due to how weapons are used, a "pile area" like the section for food tokens would prevent having to dump the weapon tokens out. Again, very minor nit-pick...great organizer; can't imagine playing the game without it.

Great organizer, Could use a guide for the second tray.


See headline.

Great organizer


Very nice organizer. Made it possible to fit all the game prices into the box. Also makes it ideal for setup and breakdown.

A must buy for Caverna


Quite simply a must buy for Caverna. Makes getting to the table and cleaning up a snap.

Essential Caverna Organizer!


This organizer is essential for Caverna - it gets the game to the table quickly and makes clean up a breeze. It was also easy to assemble. One of the best organizers I have, can't recommend it enough!

Love it!!!!


This was a gift for hubby but we are both so happy with it. I love that it fits in the original box. I always kid him that he loves games with thousands of pieces. I'm so happy that Broken Token realized there was an organizational need for these games. Thank you for what you do for us gaming/OCD people! :)

Needs a (very) few tweaks


Great product...but could use one essential change. If the bottom tray could be labeled like the top tray, or at least provide pictures of "what goes where" it would be truly amazing

Great hold, perfect fit, easy assembly.


Easy to build thanks to the assembly video on youtube.

If I had the choice, I would ask for a picto with what goes where on all trays (not just the first one) or if that was shown on the video, it would have been swell. Everything else is just perfect.

Response: Thank you for the suggestion. We'll certainly work towards trying to publish more details on actual component placement. Take care!

Really keeps everything organized


We really love this! It makes setting up the game and putting it away go a lot quicker and keeps everything together and easy to find while you play. We did put a little wood glue on the joints of the top tray just to make sure it didn't come apart since we lift it out to play. We leave the bottom part in the box, so we didn't do that for it. We liked this one so much, we are looking to see what other games we have that we can use their organizers for!

RESPONSE: Welcome to the family. You can also vote on our product poll to add games you love to our lineup!

poor assembly instructions


Caverna assembly instruction fail to point out the need to attach the internal divider subassembly before attaching the larger assembly to the base. it's easy to miss as the numbered steps in the instruction do not make any mention of this, and the illustration emphasizes attaching the base first. I didn't notice the gap in the instructions until after gluing the parts together and noticing there were still pieces left on the table that were assembled in prior steps. Once assembled there is no way to undo the mistake, so this was money wasted. Assembly instructions need to be blind tested before they are released.

RESPONSE: I am sorry for the inconvenience, it can be definitely be frustrating when the instructions aren't clear. We always stand by our products and can replace any pieces that are no longer useable, just contact me, Aminda, in customer service. ( I'll send you an email to the address on file, but if we don't connect please reach out. We always listen to feedback and will update things as we hear of issues, this is not an issue we were aware of before now.

So much EASIER!


An absolute must for this game. I was hesitant to purchase because I thought assembly might be a hassle or it wouldn't be sturdy. I was wrong on both accounts and will be a repeat customer.

piece of beauty


it is really a better game with this organizer

Caverna Expansions


An additional review, months later:

My organizer is still the best thing to happen to my Caverna game. Since purchasing, I have acquired the Water Tiles and Mini Expansions, and made the Larp, Cosplay, and Christmas Chamber expansions.

The organizer fits all of these extra pieces and boards while still closing just about all the way.

Great product May need a small amount of wood glue


This is a great product. I had carverna stored in the box and in two other divided containers. Now with this product you can store all the items in the box and the lid fits perfectly.

The product is easy to build and durable enough.

The only issue i found was i had to use a small amount of wood glue on the small tray. Just because one of the ends would fall off as i grabbed items from the tray.

Over all its a great product.

I would recomend it, and i would buy it over again.

I also bought the dead of winter product as well. Both are great.

Broken token- keep up the good work and if you make a zombicide black plague product i will buy.

It all fits in the box!!!


There are some games that you dread pulling off the shelf. Not because it's a bad game but because the bits just scare you. This organizer is fantastic! Everything fits in the box with the lid seated all the way down. Game play is smooth and enjoyable because all the bits are right there and easily accessed.

You scored big on this one!

In case you did not know


If you are here you probably already know The Broken Token makes the best inserts around. This one for Caverna is no different. Went together easy with some time and a bit of wood glue, looks amazing and makes the game easier to get to...and off of...the table. I rarely even bother opening a "big game" any more until I have one of these inserts built and ready.

RESPONSE: Awwww Thanks :D That is exactly why we do what we do!!

So much EASIER!


An absolute must for this game. I was hesitant to purchase because I thought assembly might be a hassle or it wouldn't be sturdy. I was wrong on both accounts and will be a repeat customer.

Amazing Product!


This insert makes setup of Caverna MUCH faster. Beyond that, though, it's surprising how well it holds the pieces in place using the game boards as a cover for the open tray. A friend flipped my game box upside down to read the back of the box and none of the pieces were out of place afterward.

BT Hits Another One Out of the Park


As we know, The Cavern has more than a few game pieces. Broken Token has designed an insert that manages to keep a multitude of components separated and well-organized, GREATLY enhancing gameplay.

As others have stated, this company actually thinks about the game, the components, and best of all, how those components are used while playing the game. They provide the top insert with handles so it can be easily removed from the box when needed, allowing it to be passed around during play. The tiles all fit and can be divided up any way you wish in the bottom insert. A smaller removable insert allows you to organize other pieces of the game, such as level tokens.

This is not my first Broken Token product, and I always glue everything when putting these inserts together. The pieces snap together easily and I don't know how mandatory the glue really is (but I'm not taking chances). I do recommend a rubber mallet to force a few of the difficult pieces to make nice and fit together. You will also want to sand any bits of wood left over when removed from its "sprue".

I continue to appreciate the thought put into these inserts and will happily continue to buy them for my games.

caverna insert is top quality


parts fit together perfectly; nice organization - held all pieces without forcing or doubling up;

lets me enjoy the game more!


This is my first organizer and it's awesome! The assembly was easy and snug. This kit allows me to play caverna more and spend less setup time. That is exactly its goal, make a game more enjoyable. I will be a repeat customer!