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Product Description

When great minds are ready to clash, why get slowed down by a disorganized box?  The Broken Token is here to shed some light on your Tesla vs. Edison® game box! Keep your cards (sleeved or unsleeved) neatly organized in our card organizer with removable dividers; separate and store tokens in the marked sections of our removable token tray; and tidy up your currency with our engraved, removable bank tray. And if that wasn't enough, we're including 2 stand-up custom acrylic player tokens. You can store the Powering Up! expansion and Bonus Luminaries in the War of Currents base game box. Our Tesla vs. Edison® organizer will have you shouting, "Eureka!"

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is an officially licensed box organizer compatible with Tesla vs. Edison® by Artana. Artana, Tesla vs. Edison and their logos are trademarks of Artana, Southborough, MA. www.Artana.com

My Favorite Organizer, Hands Down

Easy to assemble. Cleverly designed. Beautiful in the box and on the table. An excellent value!

Don't worry! It holds everything, even sleeved!

I know the previous reviewer was worried, but don't be! I'm a KS backer for both the original game and the expansion, so I have everything as of this writing (Nov 2016), including the extra AI decks, the Luminaries promo, whatever else might be available. I even sleeve the player aids, because I'm just nutty like that. It all fits just great. Broken Token really know their stuff.<br><br><br><br>I have two minor issues: first, I made a lot of mistakes during assembly because a number of the pieces look very similar to one another, and it would have been nice for BT to anticipate that with some highlights on the tabs or slots that distinguish them and make the instructions more "idiot-proof".However, careful reading on my part or a "dry fit" before using glue would have also prevented this.<br><br><br><br>Second, during assembly the acrylic base for the lightbulb token snapped in half. I wasn't doing anything too forceful, it's just made out of shatterable plastic and the fit was perhaps set just a little too tight to avoid wiggling, which I otherwise applaud. I have no doubt that BT will be replacing the token after a quick message.<br><br><br><br>For the two issues, I'd ding no more than a half-star. Since I can only do whole stars and 4 seems too low, I'm rounding back up to five.<br><br><br><br>Great system, like all of BT's organizers. Just watch out for the similar-looking pieces!<br><br><br><br>RESPONSE: What an awesome review!! And thanks for the feedback, we are actually working on the instructions to help "idiot proof" them :D As for the token breaking PLEASE email me at contact@thebrokentoken.com and we'll gladly replace it! <br><br>-Aminda Customer Satisfaction Meeple

Organizer Masterpiece

I'm not going to say that I bought the game because of the organizer... (but it certainly contributed to the decision). I'd already owned the Firefly organizer and loved it's money tray. So when I saw how beautiful the tray and cube holder was in the Tesla vs. Edison organizer, it was a no-brainer. Everything is nicely organized, cards are sleeved with all expansions to date fitting comfortably. I only wish that Broken Token had an organizer for the 2-player duel version of the game which gets a bit more play in our gaming group.

Smooth and simple

Got around to assembling this last night and laid out all the bits to start so i could match the demarcated instructions with the unmarked parts. Made it a breeze to assemble! (Sheet 4 is unmentioned in the instructions, but it's just dividers and easy to figure out)<br><br><br><br>Once I put all the cards into the tray, the bottom fell out, so I had to glue that together a bit. Everything else was snug enough to not need any glueing (just my preference)<br><br><br><br>I see in the video that the Powering Up HQ boards are just sitting on top of the money tray (which is where I shoved mine too!), but what about the office and worker etc cards? even unsleeved, only the AI area seemed to have room for them! (I put the inventors and aids in the frontslot, which i'm not sure anything really goes there either)<br><br><br><br>Only other thing to note is, AFAICT, the 50K notes just stand up in the side tray of the bank (ran out of room for another banknote slot), and they have to sit at an angle or the box doesn't close properly. You could also put them under the 20k's, which I might do when we play<br><br><br><br>Still, it looks great and it holds (almost) everything nicely!

Excellent Organizer (Kickstarter Edition)

I received this organizer as part of the Kickstarter for the Tesla vs Edison: Powering Up expansion.<br><br>Compared to a lot of the organizers, this one is a bit more useful, forming three trays that you can remove from the box and set up in your play area I made a few minor mistakes during assembly (mainly from not noticing differences between pieces once they were removed from the sprues), but nothing that I couldn't fix before the glue set. My only concern is that it won't have adequate room to sleeve the cards (I haven't picked up sleeves for the set yet, but I feel fairly confident that I'll have to use standard (thin) sleeves over my preferred premium (thick) sleeves in order to make it work. (The uncertainly about sleeve thickness is why I rate it 4 stars...if it handles premium sleeves, I'll update it to 5).<br><br><br><br>RESPONSE: Hey glad to hear you were able to get it all put together! Just want you to know that the kit will support most premium sleeves. We use the Fantasy Flight and Mayday premiums when we test, so don't worry there!! Unfortunately the system won't let you go in and update your review - but if you need anything else, have any questions, or just want to let me know if your preferred sleeves fit as we expect you can email me at contact@thebrokentoken.com Thanks again for taking the time to leave a review. - Aminda