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3D Space Colony Hex Tiles


Product Description

Terraform your game board by replacing the stock cardboard tiles with these 3D-printed hex tiles from The Broken Token.  

This product is a set of 4 tiles featuring 3 unique designs.  Includes two major city tiles, one colony tile and one power plant tile, perfect for Terraforming Mars by Stronghold Games.

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

3D Space Colony Hex Tiles

These tiles are great and provide more player enjoyment. For a 3D printed game piece of this size, the quality is excellent. I'm glad they are available and look forward to many enjoyable plays...Thank you Broken Token!!

Great City Tiles

These look great on my Mar's map. My only hope is that they make another set with different tiles. I would love to have about 10 city tiles like these, that all look different.

Incredible detail

I absolutely love these pierces on my board. To make them even more realistic I painted them. To add a lot more to your gaming experience I highly recommend getting them. I actually purchased 3D tiles elsewhere and these just compliment that collection.

For more style

this is a nice craft, add a style on your board. I just whish they paint the tiles. <br>Great custumer service, they are here to help you through your order.


I really like the 3d printed tiles. However, you only get two unique tiles in the pack. The other two are just standard colony tilea. Overall, excellent pieces.

Awesome tiles!

These city tiles really make the terraformed board pop. Using these tiles makes it much easier to see and count all of the cities on the board, which is important for several cards in the game. I recommend getting at least 3 packs (12 tiles), so you have enough cities for most plays of the game.

Great new Broken Token option!

I am so glad Broken Token is offering something like this outside their normal inventory. These pieces look great! They are much smoother looking in person than most 3D printed items I've seen and a nice harder plastic.

Nice, but a little pricey and in the wrong quantity

I like these, BUT you really only should have 1 power tile, 1 colony and a large number of cities, say 10 at least, maybe more. In this set you end up with too many power plants and too many colonies if you buy multiple sets.

Different color

I purchase one set of these a while back and recently ordered more and they were a much darker gray. <br><br>Response: It's true the filament color can vary a little bit. We recommend a primer spray coat to uniform the color and it will even slightly fill noticeable gaps from the printing and create a nice base if you want to paint them further.

Nice addition, Fresh look!

Nice change to the original tiles for the cities. At least it feels like placing a city! Quality is ok but its obvious it is 3D printed. Some of the layers have slight gaps which make this obvious. But still nice to have.