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Tabletop Card Holder - 3 Tray Standard

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Product Description

Keep your standard size cards organized during game play with our Tabletop Card Holder! Stack, deal and discard cards easily and neatly. Card holders ship as a kit that you easily snap together in a minute, no glue required!

Includes: One card holder with 3 card sections.

Product Information

  • 8.75" x 3.23" x 3.07"
  • 0.4 lbs
Card Section size: 2.76" x 3.00" x 2.23"

Card Capacity
Unsleeved.1mm "Premium" Sleeved.04mm Sleeved

Capacities are approximate and based on average card and sleeve thickness. Actual results may vary.



I'm using this for the Draw-Discard-Remove decks in Twilight Struggle. I agree with the other reviewer, it was fairly difficult to put together. I had to bring out an xacto-knife to trim a little bit on the tab slot so the side would pop on. It's a little flexed, but secure. I was very worried about splitting the wood, as it is pretty thin.

Looks good together and achieves its purpose.

Another winner


This is a nice product, but believe it or not, I had a very rough time getting it together. It seemed like the tolerances were strict! I actually damaged it a little, but it seems like it will be fine.

Really nice card holder


These card holders come (as shown) as presumably laser cut pieces of wood. The pieces come apart cleanly and they assemble quickly. The fit is very tight in places, so a gentle tap with a hammer might be necessary to seat the pieces well. I used wood glue to make the arrangement permanent, but that might not be necessary

Great Product


I purchased the 2,3 and 4 tray card holders. I bought over 14 of them. They all went together very easily and I didn't even need glue. They are everything I hoped they would be.