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Tabletop Card Holder - 2 Tray Standard

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Product Description

Keep your standard size cards organized during game play with our Tabletop Card Holder! Stack, deal and discard cards easily and neatly. Card holders ship as a kit that you easily snap together in a minute, no glue required!

Includes: One card holder with 2 card sections.

Product Information

  • 5.874" x 3.228" x 3.071"
  • 0.3 lbs
Card Section size: 2.76" x 3.00" x 2.23"

Card Capacity
Unsleeved.1mm "Premium" Sleeved.04mm Sleeved

Capacities are approximate and based on average card and sleeve thickness. Actual results may vary.

Perfect for your draw and discard decks!


Excellent product - very easy to put together. I used gel super glue to quickly assemble and hold the pieces in place, but you generally don't need to glue the pieces together. The fit is tight enough to hold itself together.

Solid little box


I got this to replace the cardboard box I was using to hold my Timeline decks and it works perfectly. No more carrying around a little cardboard box with the decks in baggies, now each deck has its own home nestled inside this well constructed box.

Not only does it work great but it looks nice too! It'd also work very well for those large x-wing decks that everyone builds up over time. A great alternative to other carry solutions, well worth the price!



Great way to keep cards straight and handy at the game table.

Must have for sleeved Terraforming Mars


The amount of cards that come with Terraforming Mars made it almost impossible to sleeve as the stack of cards becomes too unwieldy. Luckily two of these work perfectly for keeping that massive stack of cards inline.

PERFECT Exceeeeeeept...


i would like to see this made for different deck sizes. if you play commander and double sleeve your cards, your going to have a few reaching over the top. it's not game crushing, but a minor annoyance. i'd happily purchase for a few bucks more to have an extra say inch in height... i'm not saying a refund, i'm saying a SECOND PURCHASE... for 60 card games or even single sleeved commander (after the first deal) these things are spec'd perfectly... so well their difficult to put together! I was a little bit nervous about the grade of the wood from the pictures before i ordered, and was down right IMPRESSED when i tried to put them together... they say in the videos you may want a rubber mallet, their not kidding!

RESPONSE: Thanks for the feedback. I'll pass it on to the designers that more height is a request! When it fits together like yours did it will last forever :D If you need anything at all never hesitate to contact us through the website or via support@thebrokentoken.com Thank you!

Exactly what it should be


It's attractive, easy to assemble, and a reasonable price. It's nice and sturdy and holds plenty of cards. What more could you ask for? Shipped coast to coast in less than a week.

A Pretty Good Card Shoe


I got this card shoe to handle my Magic Commander decks that have slippery sleeves. A lot of times, my deck slips all over the table and makes it a pain to play the game. This shoe is *ALMOST* tall enough to handle 100 sleeved cards (Dragonshield Matte) the top few cards slide right out the back of the shoe, but since I generally draw the top 7 to start the game and one sits off to the side as my commander, the shoe is just tall enough to accommodate a 92-card sleeved deck in one half of the shoe. The other half is used for my discard pile.

I am thinking that the 3-compartment shoe would have been better to allow for an exile slot as well. But this one functions pretty well.

Once I get more of these, I will be using them for the majority of my videos to help keep decks in frame and tidy!

Good quality; easy to assemble


I purchased this to hold my train cards for Ticket to Ride. It serves the purpose well. it was easy to assemble. no problems!

Great product


I purchased the 2,3 and 4 tray card holders. I bought over 14 of them. They all went together very easily and I didn't even need glue. They are everything I hoped they would be.

Great addition, but be careful when applying finishing coats...


I bought two of these instead of one of the larger one as two would be more versatile and portable. One small caveat to the smallness though: when staining and coats of lacquer when assembled, the size allowed the product to rack. So now one side sits higher than the rest by a noticeable amount. While I can "reverse rack" the structure, I dare not do it too much for fear of breaking it and the small amount I can do doesn't seem to fix it. Lesson learned here is to glue all joints and clamp until dry before applying a sealing coat.

I will be getting another one of these and some for the mini-european card sizes as they are too handy not to have especially when you sleeve your cards and the can't seem to stay in a stack.