Suburban Organizer

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Key Features

  • Removable token tray with lid

Product Description

Is your Suburbia box an urban disaster?  If so, you need our Suburban Organizer!  This organizer holds the base game and all expansions making setup and tear-down a breeze.  Our removable token tray has a lid to keep all the tokens in place.  The kit comes with 16 adjustable dividers for organizing your hex tiles.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Product Information

  • 11.34" x 11.13" x 2.40"
  • 1.4 lbs

Due to manufacturing, printing, and edition differences box sizes can vary and may not be compatible with the version our kits were designed for. Please measure the bottom inside of your game box to confirm fit for the organizer dimensions listed above.

Supports Expansions:
  • Suburbia Inc.
  • Suburbia 5★

Game Compatibility

Fits needs very well


I like this one. It fits all the components with the expansion. Like all the organizers, you'll need to store this game flat from now on, but that's not too horrible.

It seems like the height is just perfect, so in another expansion, if they come out with another triangle piece, I may have difficulty placing all of that in the box. We'll cross that bridge when we get there.

The best part is that it still holds all of my "starter kit" bags for easy startup. I end up storing two under the coin box and two with the borders. Maybe I should put some in the coin box. That part seems a little sparse.

The whole game finally fits and is sorted!


I can't believe how much room the game took up. Thanks.

Suburbia needs this insert


The pieces fit snug, I didn't need to glue anything. I shaved tabs only a slight bit. The organization for this game is great. No more bags! The pull-out money tray is icing on the cake. I would recommend this to anyone owning this game.

makes setup and clean up easier


this game was in a huge need of an insert. this makes it easy and organized

Another great BT insert


It's a tight fit in the box, but kudos to Broken Token for doing such an excellent job at wrangling a game that is 100% fiddly bits.

Great design, production could be a bit finer.


I love the design, holds everything great.

The construction required a little more work than necessary I think.

1. Every piece need a little trimming with the xacto knife to remove the bump where it attached to the frame.

2. Almost every tab needed to be shaved down a little to make things fit.

3. With tight fits, plywood probably isn't the best choice. Banging and forcing things can cause the plywood to splinter. I have similar inserts for other games from another company that are HDF. That seems to be a much better material.

Overall, I think the designs from Broken Token are great, but the production could be a touch better. The insert from the competitor were HDF, separated from the frame with no need to trim, and assembled with no need to apply force.

Excellent engineering.


The fit is very tight. A little frustrating getting the tray for the hexes together but the rest was fairly easy. Using a mallot (or in my case a rolling pin) worked best instead of trying to shave off some of the tabs. Glue not really necessary.

Assembly instructions are not quite IKEA or LEGO detailed but a lot better than some Chinese Furniture instructions.

Not perfect but a huge improvement over bags


This was definitely the hardest insert to put together, mostly because of the small, thin pieces that hold the hex tiles. This is also the only set I had to use glue to hold together because a few of the pieces were such a tight fit or broke a little as I was assembling it. In the end it all went together and there is more than enough space for all the tiles and any future sets they might add. This is a major improvement over keeping all the pieces in the plastic bags that come with the game and I am very glad I bought it.



Love this one. I love tricking out my games and these products are now priority number one for the purpose.



This organizer is nothing short of brilliant. Even with the expansion, everything has its place. The removable tray for the coins is fantastic. Very well done.

Perfect blend of form and function


Yet another amazing organizer. The baggies in Suburbia really drove me nuts and this is absolutely perfect.

I did find assembly slightly difficult (all the tile supports required shaving to fit) and, as mentioned previously, the instructions did leave out the part where you merge the 2 main pieces together, but it was pretty obvious the second i asked, "Where does this go? and Why is there extra room in these spots.

Seriously, being able to gently use a rubber mallet will greatly assist in the assembly of this organizer.

Another great organizer for Broken Token!


Easy to build. Fits everything with extra space. I love these organizers!!!

Excellent Storage Solurion!


The Suburbia Box Organizer is exactly as advertised. Setup and break down for the game is completed in a few minutes. I highly recommend this product! Well worth the investment.

Great organizer!


This was a little time consuming to put together as the the slots were very tight. Because of that - no glue required! Fit nicely in the box and strengthens it too. Makes setup a breeze!

Works great


This is a great way to organize your suburbia box, everything has room and there is room for expansions, as long as those expansions are just more tiles. It was pretty tight to put together, I ended up using a hammer to make some of the pegs go into one another, but that was minor. Overall useful and great looking.

Great organizer for Suburbia


This is an excellent organizer that helps to keep things separated and easy to grab and set up the game, especially the coin box. My only issue was the instructions left out a diagram for the connecting of the two main pieces, but even without that I was able to figure it out and went together nicely. Can't recommend these organizers enough.

Awesome product


This has made setting up the game so easy! And I love the fact that I have lots of space for more components - and I do have the Subrubia Inc expansion.

It could do with a bit more clearance on the top to allow the boards to sit on top without having the box stick up too much. The slots on some were also a bit tight, but that's what a rubber hammer is for!

Now any chance of an organiser for Galaxy Truckers or Caverna? That would rock!

So simple even I could put it together


Was very impressed with the quality/ease of assembly. The instructions were very well written and easy to follow. My only anxiety was in punching out the pieces as I didn't want to accidentally snap anything. But those were just fears, as in actuality the wood is quite sturdy.

The tray fit in the box securely. Love how everything was taken into consideration. Even the player boards.



I am so impressed with the quality of this. Everything punched out fine and went together extremely well. The level of engineering on this is simply amazing! So many great ideas and very well executed. I'll be buying some other inserts soon.

Looking forward to more Broken Token!


I bought the Suburbia insert and I am very impressed. It has shortened set up time and put away time and it looks fantastic.

The only thing I would add (and give it 5 stars) is something simple and (I believe) low cost: Color Stickers.

I will be making some on my own, but they would turn what is a great product into a nearly perfect one.

A must for Suburbia!


If you're okay with the baggie system then this product isn't for you.

However, if you prefer some sort of organization for your games, then this insert is an absolute must have. It fits everything you need with enough dividers (more than enough) to organize to your heart's content. And there's still room for more expansions if necessary.

The pieces to the insert fit nicely together and only required the use of a rubber mallet to get everything tight.

I'm super stoked about this insert!

Peg meets hole with use of hammer


I purchased the organizer initially unaware that it was made of wood (I had thought it was a very thick grade of cardboard at first). The pieces felt like they would be fragile to pull apart from the sheets provided, but were actually quite sturdy.

I started to insert the tabs into the holes just pressing in using force, but that was ineffective, and ultimately switched to using a rubber mallet. I was afraid it would mark up the pieces, but there was no marking from the mallet (recommended to test on the scrap pieces and not the actual pieces if you're extremely careful to keep your things in tip-top shape) and finally hammered things home. It went much smoother and all of the pieces fit snug with no sanding required.

Finally, it was time to place the lid, I would recommend having some sand paper ready. While the lid fit very snug, in order to meet your particular preference of ease of removal you may want to sand the tabs down.

There was plenty of space for expansion tiles and to arrange the box in a fashion you would like. I feel that this will almost immediately reduce set up time and clean up time for the game.

Impressive quality, puzzle-like construction


This is a fantastic insert.

The construction steps are more indepth than the other inserts sold here. At first it felt like an IKEA-like construction where I had no idea which side was up and what part goes where, but by the time you get half-way through, the little details really start making sense. I love the addition of under-the-token-box storage.

Works out well


Everything went together nice and easily and fits great. My only problem with it is that I store a set of starting tiles and money for each color in a baggy. There's no easy spot to store all 4 of the baggies but I can make it work. Overall it's nice and I like it.

Takes it up a notch from the other excellent Broken Token products.


I got the email announcing this insert literally minutes after saying to my wife 'they need to make a Suburbia insert'.

This thing hits on all cylinders for me. Tremendous attention to detail for something like this. The thumb notch for the storage tray, the angled tile channels, extra space 'just in case'. Storage UNDER the token tray was completely unnecessary, but they did it anyway.

My only wish now is that they would make a Devastation of Indines insert ;-)