Suburban Organizer

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Key Features

  • Removable token tray with lid

Product Description

Is your Suburbia box an urban disaster?  If so, you need our Suburban Organizer!  This organizer holds the base game and all expansions making setup and tear-down a breeze.  Our removable token tray has a lid to keep all the tokens in place.  The kit comes with 16 adjustable dividers for organizing your hex tiles.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Product Information

  • 11.34" x 11.13" x 2.40"
  • 1.4 lbs

Due to manufacturing, printing, and edition differences box sizes can vary and may not be compatible with the version our kits were designed for. Please measure the bottom inside of your game box to confirm fit for the organizer dimensions listed above.

Supports Expansions:
  • Suburbia Inc.
  • Suburbia 5★

Game Compatibility

Doubles as Lords of Vegas Organizer


Lords of Vegas, among it's fans, is often played using poker chips. Unfortunately LoV doesn't have an official Broken Token insert and definitely doesn't have one that would accommodate 3 lbs of clay poker chips. The Suburban organizer however works like a charm. It holds the base game, the Up! expansion, and several pounds of clay chips with no issue.

I know this organizer wasn't designed for Lords of Vegas but this fan is happy for the solution.

Love this organizer


Before we were just using plastic baggies to store all our components, but now with this organizer, our lives have never been easier.



Good expansions are the best and worst thing about board games. If done well, they make good games even better. But simultaneously more unwieldy as the increase in components makes you looks forward to setup and tear down less and less.

The organizer for Suburbia transformed a warren of plastic baggies into a clean and orderly box. It's a pleasure to take the game out and a breeze to put it up again.

Please make out for Twilight Imperium next!

Great for Suburbia


Keeps everything well organized. Allowed me to get rid of the plethora of plastic bags I was keeping everything separated in. Just makes the box look much cleaner inside. Love Broken Tokens products.

Great organizer


This is a fantastic organizer for a game that desperately needs one. It comes together well and is fairly easy to assemble provided that you're patient and you have access to a clamp, some painter's tape and some wood glue. Although other people have reported success with just a trusty hammer, I found that, particularly for the removable token tray, glue was necessary to ensure a tight fit.

Other than that, not much I can say. It fits my game and the Suburbia Inc. expansion with plenty of room to spare. Plus the box looks so much nicer... it makes me actually want to play this game, whereas before I didn't.

Fantastic, Holds Suburbia 5* with room to spare


Requires a 3 hand to get that first part started, but after that it's pretty straightforward to put together. Holds all the current expansions (Up to 5*) with possibly even room for 1 more.

I love Broken Token


Tricky one to start because of the tile rails, but came together quickly after that. And I always use a few dabs of Gorilla Glue.

Base and expansion fit great wit room to spare. Soooooo much easier and cleaner than a gazillion bags.

Love It !!!

Color me impressed!!!


Bought this as a gift for hubby, and we are both impressed. Bye bye plastic bags and muffin tin to organize during game play. It was some what challenging to assemble, but came together nicely. Love it!!!



I don't know what the others are talking about, while I used a touch of glue to help keep it sturdy, it went together very easily and was very simple to assemble. Lots of room, and it worked perfectly.

Does what it adverstises


Really organizes suburbia well. Everything has a place and it looks very nice. Unlike the other couple organizers I've bought, these were on the loose side instead of a bit too tight, as usual. This is probably better though, as long as you don't mind using a little glue to hold dividers in place.

Great product


My copy was extremely loose fitting, meaning every piece needed glue. Otherwise great!


Glad to hear you like it. Generally our kits don't need glue, if it's working for you that's awesome, but please contact us at anytime if anything isn't standing up to play. We stand behind our organizers!

Great storage but misleading instructions


This insert works great for the base game and Suburbia Inc. Tons of extra space for additional tiles. No glue necessary but I did use a rubber mallet to get the pieces in nice and firm. I would suggest that instead of putting the insert together in pieces like the instructions suggest, start with the very outside of the insert and work your way in. That will give you more support for the pieces that think they want to move.

Great product, lots of space (Almost too much)


Just bought Suburbia a few weeks ago and have played it a couple times; loved the game, then I found out TBT had an insert.

Price is great, though I probably should have tried to get another item added as I almost paid the cost in shipping. Assembly was fairly easy; had to use some wood glue on the removable tray.

A warning, however: If you only own Suburbia and don't plan to get any expansions any time soon, you -probably- don't need this tray. Sure, it organizes everything well but there's a TON of empty space. I plan to get the expansions soon anyway, so it's not a big issue, but just something to keep in mind - if you can live with stuff in ziplocks, you may not need this.

Glue and tape required.


The assembly of this organizer was one of the more difficult ones, the parts were just so lose on the entire assembly that putting it together required more glue and tape than many of the other builds from the broken token. Once assembled it does fit nice in the box and everything is a breeze to setup. Not to difficult to figure out where to put everything. There is a ton of space if you have just the base game. And it can easily fit both expansions.

This was one of the most difficult builds just because of how loose the pieces are for the tile trays. And sometimes getting them assembled took many tries even with the glue and tape. Just be warned this is t the fastest assembly from the broken token.

Urban planning at its best!


This was one of the more difficult-to-assemble inserts I have bought, but it is well worth the effort. It organizes everything for the game and really reduces the amount of time it takes to set up the game to play.

The token tray has a solid wood cover which keeps the tokens in place during storage and transport, and that is always a plus!

Beautiful. Just beautiful.


This is darn near close to organizing nirvana. There is plenty of space to organize the tiles in just about any way you prefer (a few more dividers could be useful, but there's only so much space on the sheet of balsa), and bins for the rest of the bits. I like that the tile storage area has little indentions for the player aid cards - a place for everything and everything in its place. Simple, efficient, and with room for Suburbia, Suburbia Inc, and Suburbia 5 Star, with still more space remaining. Hmm...what does Broken Token know that we don't? Bezier, anything you care to share? :)

Perfect fit and plenty of room for several expansions.


I assembled this organizer using Elmers glue, an exacto knife and a pair of kitchen (knife block) scissors.

Used the exacto blade to trim/smooth the few tiny bits of wood left from detaching the parts from the parts sheets.

The kitchen scissors made a PERFECT hammer. I used the rubber coated handle end for tapping the parts together. Just enough spring in the finger guard loops to tap the parts together without being too much force and marking up or damaging the wood parts.

I also put a drop of glue on each part as I put it together.

The finished organizer feels very solid and fit in the box perfectly. I have the base game and both current expansions and there is enough space for at least 1 if not 2 more similar sized expansions to fit in the box with no issues.

Thanks for a great product guys!

Tough Build, Great Organizer, Super Roomy


This is my 4th Broken Token organizer. This one has been by far the hardest to assemble. That said it's also super roomy and fits a lot of stuff once completed. You will most definitely need glue and tape. When you assemble Main Box Assembly (Step 1); I suggest that you put some blue painters tape on both ends of the pieces that hold the tiles (Part E). When you insert them into the slats (Part L) they will stay in place and allow you to keep everything together long enough to get the outer assembly (Part J, F, & D) put together and attached to step 1's parts. You simply trim off the excess painters tape with a hobby knife. This is how I managed to get it all together eventually. It took a couple of attempts. I love this organizer it can hold a ton of expansion tiles and other goodies along with the main set. I also really like the burned in denominations in the parts tray.

Excellent, with room to spare


This organizer is well designed, including a nice removeable tray for some components and a rail system for the building tiles. The pieces are a good fit - just keep a razor knife handy to trim flash and sometimes make tighter fits slide together easier. I rarely glue the components together - they fit tight enough that it isn't really needed. I've got both expansions and it still has plenty of room. My only gripe (and it is with all of the organizers) is there should be slightly clearer step by step instructions and a few more pictures on recommended usage. In this case, there is an underlying piece you build that holds the building tiles in the rails, but it doesn't explain how to put it into the larger assembly. It didn't take too long to figure out, but it should have been in the instructions.

A solid organizer


This one is a bit fiddly to put together - the initial tray that cradles your hexagonal pieces can be maddening to assemble as it consists of individual long pieces of wood that must be aligned "just so" between two stabilizer pieces.

There are some fit/cut issues as well where some serious jamming is involved to get things to stay in. Total assembly time was a little over an hour.

Once things were finished, however (including liberal amounts of cursing), the organizer works like a charm. As usual, the layout is very well thought out and maximizes set up and ease of play.

Well worth the time. Especially for a game that has so many pieces!

Fast setup and teardown


This organizer enables fast and easy setup as well as teardown of the game. Invest on a good rubber mallet for easier assembly.

Good box.


This is a must buy for suburbia game. It holds but suburbia and suburbia inc. with plenty of room for future expansions.

The only issue I've had is the center row gets slightly bent which allows the spacer to slip out of its slot.

I've solved this by putting 3 of the spacers across the center of the rows.

despite that small issue this is still a great insert.

Fits too tight in the box, but othereise solid


I have the insert for Caverna, which is both easy to assemble and a perfect fit for the box. This one is tougher to put together and it's a really tight squeeze into the box. Otherwise, another great organizer!

A must have for playing Suburbia


This is the second insert I received, the first being 7 Wonders. The insert was more challenging to build than the 7 Wonders organizer, as there are two sub assemblies which must be joined together. The included instructions do a good job of ensuring you line up the tabs and cutouts properly for the two assemblies to fit together.

Like the 7 wonders organizer, there is an included pull out tray to organize money. I wish the directions had instructed to glue the tray, as it could stand to be slightly sturdier. The main organizer is a tight fit, but I have no questions about its long term strength. Like others, I found the organizer to be a tight squeeze into the box, but I appreciate this as I know the box will not be crushed.

The placement of the 'cheat sheet' cards on top of the tiles is genius. There are more dividers included than you'll need for all the currently released expansions (We'll see when 5-Star comes out). There is adequate room on top for both the main game and expansion main boards. My only qualm with the organization is all the player markers/indicators are placed in one deep area, which can be tough to pick out the small squares and cylinders. A two tier solution would've worked here, maybe with two removable trays similar to the 7 Wonders tray, or add another compartment to the coin tray which seems oversized for the number of coins.

Where this organizer really shines is ease of setup. My fiancee and I love playing Suburbia, but found the setup to be tedious with the seemingly thousands of bags. Now, we can randomly grab tiles from the box and play with a quarter of the setup time. For me, this was worth more than the price of the organizer. I would highly recommend this organizer to anyone and everyone with any passing interest in Suburbia.

No more annoying bags


Getting the tile in and out of the bags was so annoying. Now I can simply grab the whole stack with one hand. And the removable tray for the money works really nicely.

All the stuff from Suburbia and Suburbia Inc. fits nicely. And there is still room for more.