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Standard-Sized Card Organizer for Wooden Artist Case


Product Description

This is a 5-row organizer for the Hobby Lobby All Media Artist's Supply Sketch Box (#125005) designed to hold standard-sized cards like Magic: The Gathering, Cards Against Humanity, Poker playing cards, etc vertically. Also fits Hobby Lobby Black All Media Artist's Supply Sketch Box (#1301050) with a cardboard spacer. 

This kit comes ready-to-assemble with 18 adjustable dividers and is constructed from 1/8" Baltic Birch plywood.

NOTE: Wooden Artist Case and cards are sold separately.

If you'd like to purchase the artist case with organizer, see the list of related items below.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

works well enough

The fit isn't as tight as it could be. Because of this the dividers shift and one side pops out. Also, I was disappointed because I thought I was getting a horizontal insert because it didn't say virtical in the product name. otherwise it works well enough that I probably could rig it to make it fit better.<br><br><br><br>Response: Contact us via email so we can check out the issues you're having to see if we can resolve them with new parts.

It's OK

The fit needs to be tighter. I am also not a fan of the birch plywood, which has the tendency to split. Other vendors use HDF and acrylic for the same price. Still, this is a consistent product that is readily available. I will probably buy it again simply because other vendors are out of stock.<br><br><br><br>Response: We choose baltic birch because it is both lighter and stronger, although a little more expensive than HDF. It should not split unless there is a defect. If this occurs we will happily replace the piece.

love it!!!!

Great fit! !!

Fits great

I managed to fit all of my Thunderstone Advanced cards with this and put together nicely. Once in the case everything is quite solid for holding together. The only things I couldn't put in there so still having to keep one of the boxes with it are the randomizer cards (probably going to hunt an app down for that), the tokens, board, and rule books. Still a lot nicer option than having the three larger boxes to hold everything.

Careful assembly recommended, extremely high quality!

Assembling the organizer was a little nerve-wracking, as the parts fit together VERY snugly. This makes the overall design incredibly solid-feeling and durable, but I did take a fine-grit sandpaper to the sockets to get them to fit. A small finishing hammer was also necessary to get everything flush and snug. <br><br><br><br>I'm very happy with the results, the fit is flawless, and the quality is incredible. Just be careful when assembling!

Great organizer

This kit arrived promptly and was easy to assemble. My only gripe was that the dividers require some force to insert. Otherwise a great product.

Missing pieces, but great customer support

I received the package and it had 2 pages of dividers and only 1 of the 2 needed pages of divider walls, I contacted support immediately and they had sent me the replacements right away. I guess instead of fiddling around with asking me what I needed exactly, they just sent another whole kit my way, Great.<br><br><br><br>For the item itself, it fit perfectly, getting some of the dividers to want to cooperate when bumping with other dividers, but it works flawlessly in the end after some sanding. <br><br><br><br>Great Product, will buy again if I get into another card game :)<br><br><br><br>Used for Netrunner.

Great Product

I have purchased 3 of these inserts so far for various games and all of them have been great quality and simple to assemble. <br><br><br><br>I wouls like to see a more customizable insert, that you could use for any box. I wouls certainly purchase that to try and organize older games that i have.

Fits my Sentinels of the Multiverse cards and tokens great.

Simple to put together with good instructions. Some of the parts are a little tough to fit, I'm giving it to minor swelling of the wood. They are 1/8th holes cut out and minor swelling would make it tough to assemble. I think it would be nice to have the slotted dividers to be a little thicker to decrease the amount of flex which can dislodge the slide in dividers.

Almost perfect.

Pros:<br><br>Great Price.<br><br>Speedy Delivery.<br><br>Nice looking product.<br><br>Relatively easy construction (hint: some gentle hammering makes it easier)<br><br><br><br>Cons: In the middle of the middle row the gap was slightly wider than the dividers. I don't thinks this was a construction issue, more likely due to humidity. I fixed this by folding two cards in half and putting them in between the box and the outer edge of the divider walls on both sides where the gap was an issue.