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Standard-Sized Card Organizer for Wooden Artist Case


Product Description

This is a 5-row organizer for the Hobby Lobby All Media Artist's Supply Sketch Box (#125005) designed to hold standard-sized cards like Magic: The Gathering, Cards Against Humanity, Poker playing cards, etc vertically. Also fits Hobby Lobby Black All Media Artist's Supply Sketch Box (#1301050) with a cardboard spacer. 

This kit comes ready-to-assemble with 18 adjustable dividers and is constructed from 1/8" Baltic Birch plywood.

NOTE: Wooden Artist Case and cards are sold separately.

If you'd like to purchase the artist case with organizer, see the list of related items below.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

Great quality and value

This is a very sturdy insert, assembled it in about 10 minutes, with no instructions. The art case could use better latches, a seperate item but also an easy modification. All in all this is a great quality and I'm very happy.

It works!

I bought mine to hold the cards for "Shadows of Brimstone" which eventually will have an enormous number of cards once all the expansions come out. After reading about people having trouble with flexing center dividers, I decided to glue the whole thing into the case. I bought my case from Hobby Lobby and removed all the inside pieces. You need a screwdriver to remove the top parts. Then used Gorilla Wood Glue to glue it together. Before it dried I ran glue along the entire bottom and pushed it in. Then used the dividers to keep the center dividers straight while it dried. And now everything is really solid and nothing shifts at all. All dividers seem to stay firm in their slots.

Exactly What I Wanted

I got these dividers with some hesitation due to mixed reviews; but I have to say, I don't know what the complaints are about.<br><br><br><br>Removing the pieces from the sheets was the most difficult part, I would highly recommend you use a X-ACTO knife or razor to cut the pieces free. Twisting them out may cause issues. Assembly was a breeze, be sure to follow the instructions and use tape on the outside corners and edges. I used painters tape and it worked well - the whole set fit very snugly in the box, no wiggle room whatsoever. The dividers fit very tightly, and each row can hold Ultra Pro Flip Boxes and Clear Card boxes if rotated.<br><br><br><br>I would also recommend buying the cases at Hobby Lobby, they frequently have 40% off coupons for a single item. You can get the case for about $16. I bought the Black All Media Artist's Supply Sketch Box (#1301050) and I didn't need a cardboard divider - I wasn't sure what that was referring to.<br><br><br><br>Super pleased with the dividers. I'll be ordering my second set today.<br><br><br><br>RESPONSE: Thanks for the awesome review and the great feedback!

Great quality

Everything fits together like a glove, and the burnt edges from the cutting device make for a very nice look. I'm incredibly happy with the product.

Great Organizer for Cards

We bought this for our Firefly cards and, with a little tweaking, it is exactly what we needed. We ended up making additional spacers out of cardboard to make enough spaces to allow for each deck of cards to have its own draw and discard pile in the organizer for easier game play.<br><br><br><br>Otherwise it exactly what we were looking for.<br><br><br><br>Note: It is VERY hard to get the initial frame into the Hobby Lobby box. It fits, but you have to bang it (while holding your breath that you don't break it.)

Great idea, flawed execution.

I needed a storage solution for several LCGs, and heard great things about the Broken Token insert. After reading some reviews and looking at pictures, I was ecstatic. This is exactly what I needed! I quickly ordered one and eagerly awaited it's arrival. When it showed up I was ready to assemble it and get it in my artist case.<br><br><br><br>Unfortunately for me, the reality took over. Let me be clear, it seems like it would be a good product, and assembly should be easy. There are instructions but really they aren't needed. But here's where the execution ruins it. These are laser cut, which is OK. Unfortunately they leave way too much wood attached after the laser cut. I get it, you want them to stay together inside the piece of wood. Much like cardboard counters or chits. However those are easy to pop out because they are, hello, cardboard. Wood is a different story. No matter how I attempted to remove them, I damaged several pieces of the insert. I'm not a stranger to either die cut or laser cut pieces! I play wargames and traditional board games with plenty of pieces.<br><br><br><br>A box cutter took care of the hanging wood pieces, unfortunately that did nothing to repair the damaged pieces that had layers torn off them as they were removed. This made the final product harder to assemble, and not as nice looking as I would have liked. I just hope it doesn't damage any of the cards I place in there.<br><br><br><br>If you're buying this insert, just be aware you will have to baby it to get the pieces out undamaged. And for me, that still wasn't enough. Disappointed is all I can say.<br><br><br><br>RESPONSE: I am so sorry to hear about your bad experience. If you e-mail our customer service department regarding this unfortunate mishap, we should be able to send you replacement sheets for the damaged pieces. There are videos online regrding removing the pieces from the slabs that should be helpful in preventing a repeat of this incident. The professionals in that department will be returning to the office next Monday.

Great product

Assembly was very straightforward; product looks nice and seems structurally robust. Since I am using it in a HL box, I left the tape in place on the outside corners for additional stability.<br><br><br><br>Only recommendation: possibly more frequent slots for dividers allowing for "finer tuning" in separating card groups.

Great Product & Easy Assembly

I purchased this organizer for my collection of Arkham Horror: The Card Game. The assembly was easy and fit perfectly. There really isn't much to review on this product. It's simple, effective and leaves me plenty of room to store a box of tokens and the chaos token bag. <br><br><br><br>RESPONSE: Or as we like to say BAM - Done :D

Not what I expected but not bad quality.

I was hoping that I could use this as a brief case for all of the cards that I carry around on a regular basis. When I finally assembled it I knew it wouldn't work as hoped. There was a significant gap between the top of the cards and the top of the case. I tested it with a bunch of commons I keep around and they tumbled around and became disorganized. I'm thinking it could work as a card brief case if you buy the organizer with the 4 slots where the cards can lay on their side and then purchase some foam to fit in the top of the box.<br><br><br><br>RESPONSE: I'm a little concerned, this should not actually happen if you have the right size cards in there? We may have some suggestions or be able to help you better utilize the kit, just email Aminda - support@thebrokentoken.com

Worthless dividers

I got this to hold all of the cards from my smaller games where the cards wouldn't fit in the box when sleeved, like the Oniverse games, or Star Realms. It looked great, because it had dividers that could be placed where you want to fit the amount of cards you had.<br><br><br><br>Looked being the operative word. The dividers didn't, wouldn't, couldn't stay in place. I finally got them to stay in place by gluing them there. Maybe Broken Token would have taken their organizer back if I complained, but I had already bought the box for it. <br><br><br><br>Anyhow, so much for the dividers that could be placed wherever you want.<br><br><br><br>Between the artist box and the organizer with shipping, I'm out $50 for a storage solution that's actually *less* flexible than 50 cent cardboard card boxes.<br><br><br><br>RESPONSE: I am so sorry you had this experience. This is not at all how you should be experiencing this organizer. Please message our customer service manager Aminda at Contact@thebrokentoken.com - this goes for anyone that reads this: if any product does not work as intended please contact us - we can usually troubleshoot dividers, or replace parts that aren't working as intended.