Smash Up Organizer

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Product Description

Get organized with our box organizer designed specifically for Smash Up!  This organizer features two rows for cards and the slanted design accommodates even the largest of sleeved cards.  Also due to the slanted design, there's enough room at the top of the organizer to hold the manuals for the base game and expansions and still allow the box to close all the way!

The center row has a horizontal support giving rigidity to the entire organizer.  It also doubles as a shelf so you don't have to dig as deep to access tokens and other accessories. Includes 16 adjustable dividers.

Note: This organizer is designed for the base Smash Up box and is not compatible with the Big Geeky Box. Also due to variances in production between publishing in different countries this organizer is not guaranteed to fit in boxes from countries other than the United States. We have confirmed that the French version is incompatible, please check the dimension of your game box before purchase.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Product Information

  • 8.80" 8.90" x 2.60"
  • 0.8 lbs

Due to manufacturing, printing, and edition differences box sizes can vary and may not be compatible with the version our kits were designed for. Please measure the bottom inside of your game box to confirm fit for the organizer dimensions listed above.

Card Capacity
CARD CAPACITY (w/ Stock Dividers)
Unsleeved.1mm "Premium" Sleeved.04mm Sleeved
CARD CAPACITY (No Dividers) 
Unsleeved.1mm "Premium" Sleeved.04mm Sleeved
Capacities are approximate and based on average card and sleeve thickness. Actual results may vary.

Game Compatibility

Great Addition!


I couldn't be happier with this organizer. It fits well in the box. It is sturdy and well designed. It fits all of the currently available cards (with the extra dividers)nicely and with room to grow. Excellent product.

great product and worth the money


These are excellent set up and very sturdy. If you have all the current expansions you will need 2 of the extra dividers sets but worth the money still. The fittings are a bit tight but with an blade you can shave off enough to make them fit without getting the feeling you are about to break them

Perfect and Sturdy


This organizer fits nicely and is very sturdy!



Excellent quality and looks great. If you DIY some simple cardboard dividers you can keep all the faction cards so far on one row so plenty of room for the future and works with FF sleeves fine.

Far better than the included plastic tray; some construction irritation.


Once put all together, it works beautifully (and looks amazing to boot).

The act of putting it together can be a bit of hassle, though. I spent quite some time trying to jam the pieces together as they are quite snug (no need for glue here, really).

But if you persist with it (and they *do* all fit together, they just need a little convincing), you'll have an awesome tray for Smash Up.

Highly recommended.

Response: We apologize for the over-snugness. This was a manufacturing mistake that we have since resolved. We'll be contacting you to make it right.

Fits perfect


Awesome answer to storage problems with Smash Up. And it uses the original box. It's Great, with room to spare.