Smash Up Organizer


Product Description

Get organized with our box organizer designed specifically for Smash Up!  This organizer features two rows for cards and the slanted design accommodates even the largest of sleeved cards.  Also due to the slanted design, there's enough room at the top of the organizer to hold the manuals for the base game and expansions and still allow the box to close all the way!

The center row has a horizontal support giving rigidity to the entire organizer.  It also doubles as a shelf so you don't have to dig as deep to access tokens and other accessories. Includes 16 adjustable dividers.

Note: This organizer is designed for the base Smash Up box and is not compatible with the Big Geeky Box. Also due to variances in production between publishing in different countries this organizer is not guaranteed to fit in boxes from countries other than the United States. We have confirmed that the French version is incompatible, please check the dimension of your game box before purchase.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

A bit tight for dragonshield.

Although it will hold sleeved cards and if you don't have tons of expansions is true. If you have lots of expansions and use a high quality sleeve like dragonshield the spacing is just a tad bit tight to fit each faction in. I ended up having to get the crap mayday sleeves to get them to fit comfortably. The only recommendation I would make is to buy the acrylic dividers. The wood since it is a bit tighter and you gotta use mayday sleeves I feel will wear out the sleeves to quickly. <br><br><br><br>It is very solid and a breeze to put together. Just i am not sure this is their best organizer I have purchased and I have quite a few at this point. If you use a high quality sleeve and have lots of expansions this is a very tight fit. I still recommend it as it does consolidate down to one box.<br><br><br><br>And like others have said get 2 extra sets of dividers.

Nice product

It was easy to put together and fit in the box perfectly. It holds all my expansions. I am a true fan of TBT products!

quality, but really?

just a nicely done as my other 2 broken token organizers, but, really? it comes with fewer dividers than the original box.<br><br><br><br>Why not ship one for each slot? or at least tell us we're going to be short so we can order appropriately.<br><br><br><br>Response: The pictures do show the organizer with 8 dividers but I understand that the description may not make that clear. We will take action to fix this. If we were to include a divider for each slot it would significantly raise the price, even for customers without all the expansions. Thank you for the feedback and feel free to contact us via email so we can make the experience a little better for you.

Perfect fit!

I own Smash Up with all it's expansions. The original box insert had to be removed and I stored each faction deck in its own baggy until I got this. Now I can easily store every faction deck in the original game box. My only suggestion would be to order the extra dividers if you own all the expansions because this organizer does not come with enough.

Another awesome insert from The Broken Token

Basically I couldn't ask for anything more here. Well okay if AEG made a bigger box that might be nice. :)<br><br>The box organizer fits perfectly and with extra dividers I have every current expansion in it with just enough room for the one coming out this summer.<br><br>However I will not that is with unsleeved cards. Sleeved cards fit just fine but the extra space simply means there is no way for the box size to hold them. <br><br>This is not a problem with the organizer it makes about the best use of space I can imagine.<br><br><br><br>Construction is very sturdy.<br><br>Inserts come in and out easily.<br><br>The slanted inserts make the cards come in and out easily.<br><br><br><br>Worth every penny.

It stores all the cards

I did have to buy one more set of dividers for this organizer but it was needed. This organizers stores all the cards for Smash up, although I'm not sure what to do when it maxes out when the Halloween expansion comes out.(Circa 2014) It's a great organizer and a recommended buy.

Wonderful product!

Instructions were easy to follow. Insert went together quickly and works great. Definitely glad to have bought 2 extra sets of inserts,

Great organizer, but include some more dividers please

Bought this along with some other organizers and the product is AWESOME...however with the Smash Up Organizer I was hoping it would come with a few more dividers to store the cards in the box.<br><br><br><br>Maybe letting folks know how many dividers come with the original will allow them to purchase extras in their first order rather than pay shipping twice.

Great organizer!

This is a great product. It will hold all but one expansion if you buy 2 sets of extra dividers.

Great organizer, but...

The organizer is great, fits snugly and looks nice in the box. The original box can now hold three expansions for the game easily. I have only one issue with it. You must buy two sets of the Extra Dividers for this in order to place all of the expansion in the box. While I have fine doing that, I did not realize that at first and had to make a second order once I received it.