Small Realm Organizer

$23.99 to $147.99

Product Description

Tired of being crowded out by those grubby Halflings? What about stinking Trolls or those flower sniffing Elves? It’s time to blow the horns of war and put your pesky neighbors in their place, and you’ll have just the place to put them with The Broken Token’s selection of Small Realm Organizers compatible with Small World by Days of Wonder.

With several additively-modular options, these organizers are designed to be flexible to accommodate a varied and/or growing collection of expansions.  Here’s a quick guide on how to select the right number of options, and how to make the best use of them:

  • Small Realm Organizer Golden Bundle (GCA027): The bundle makes things simple; this option accommodates both Small World, Small World Underground, and every expansion in one solution by including each of the following options in one convenient package.

  • Small Realm Core Organizer (ORG088): Get started on organizing your collection by sorting eitherSmall World (2009)orSmall World Underground (2011) as well as 2-3 of these expansions into either base game’s original box with no lid lift:

    • Small Realm Core Organizer (ORG088)

      • Small World: Cursed! (2009)

      • Small World: Grand Dames of Small World (2009)

      • Small World: Leaders of Small World (2009)*

      • Small World: Be Not Afraid... (2010)

      • Small World: Necromancer Island (2010)

      • Small World: Royal Bonus (2013)

      • Small World: A Spider's Web (2014)

  • Small Realm Expansion Organizer (ORG089): This organizer incorporates into the Small Realm Core Organizer (ORG088) to expand its capacity, to accommodate all of the following, generating 32 mm of lid lift:

    • Small Realm Core Organizer (ORG088) + Small Realm Core Organizer (ORG088)

      • Small World (2009)

      • Small World: Underground (2011)

      • Small World: Cursed! (2009)

      • Small World: Grand Dames of Small World (2009)

      • Small World: Be Not Afraid... (2010)

      • Small World: Necromancer Island (2010)

      • Small World: Royal Bonus (2013)

      • Small World: A Spider's Web (2014)

      • Small World: Tales and Legends (2010)

        • *Some components in Small World: Leaders of Small World (2009) will not fit with Small World (2009) and Small World: Underground (2011) at the same time in this configuration. ‘Leaders’ can be stored in ORG088 with one of the base games, or in the following configuration.

  • Small Realm Further Expansion Organizer (ORG090):  This additional layer is placed on top of the previous solutions, resulting in 100 mm total lid-lift (comes with box band) to accommodate expansions with larger components, such as the following:

    • Small Realm Core Organizer (ORG088) + Small Realm Core Organizer (ORG088) + Small Realm Further Expansion Organizer (ORG090):

      • Small World: Realms (2012)

      • Small World: River World (2016)

      • Small World: Sky Islands (2017)

        • Small World: Leaders of Small World (2009) can be included in ORG088 or this combination.

  • Small Realm Crate Upgrade (GCA026):  This upgrade replaces the original base game box to house all three of the above organizers, accommodating both base games and every expansion in one premium crate featuring thematic engraved art.

A quick note about Small World: Tunnels (2011), the 6 player board, and Power Packs:

The Tunnels expansion components are included in Small World: Realms (2012) expansion, and can be incorporated into ORG090 in place of Realms.  The 6 Player Board can be placed in either ORG088 or ORG090 on top of the other board elements.  The components featured in both Power Packs can be stored according to their associated expansions’ compatibilities as described above.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately).

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Finally, an organizer for Small World.

Finally, there is a decent organizer for Small World. I have so many expansions for so many games, but I have an aversion to pulling out multiple boxes just to play a game. So often, the Small World expansions would go unplayed just because I didn't want to pull out an extra box.
<br>I have been anticipating this kit for such a long time, and I wasn't let down.
<br>I have the ORG088 and ORG089 core and expansion organizers. They were easy to assemble (like all of Broken Token's box inserts), and so a great job. There is quite a bit of box lift, but it works just fine, stores vertically, and keeps everything in one box. Once I get a few more expansions, I will purchase the ORG090 "further expansion" kit with the crate. And I am excited that the crate actually includes a logo on the side of the box, so I can see what game it is while on the shelf.

Works, but many issues

I purchased the Golden Bundle, because I own everything currently available for Small World. I'd been looking for a good storage solution for all of it, and Broken Token has made some fantastic inserts and crates before. Unfortunately, this kit has been somewhat problematic for me.
<br>- The Further Expansion tray does not fit together correctly
<br>- There are three types of acrylic pieces, not two, as in the instructions
<br>- There is no guidance for how to organize parts if you intend to fill the entire crate, just a bunch of empty compartments and leaving you to your own devices
<br>- The large token trays have big holes in the bottom that let pieces fall out
<br>- Several sheets feel like they're made of different material than the rest, and tolerances are very tight for fitting them together
<br>Overall it works, but be aware that for organizing the insert, you're on your own, and that assembly may not go smoothly. Bring lots of glue, a hammer, and sandpaper.