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Product Description

This card game organizer is compatible with many games by Fantasy Flight, AEG and Rio Grande.   Included with the organizer is a set of 9 adjustable dividers.  Extra sets of dividers may be purchased separately.

This organizer was designed for sleeved cards and provides two rows of card storage plus one additional row for cards and tokens.  See our Unsleeved Card Game Organizer (ORG005) for the unsleeved version of this organizer.

The height of the organizer is approx. 3mm shorter than the height of the box allowing for storage of manuals above the cards.

For Fantasy Flight Games, this organizer fits the larger (11.5" x 11.5" x 2.75" | 292mm X 292mm X 70mm) LCG box size and is not compatible with the newer, smaller, boxes.  See our Compact Card Game Organizer (ORG053) for the smaller box.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Great, quality product

The insert was easy to put together and required very little (if any) glue. It's very light and feels very durable.

Versatile Organizer

I made my first order of 5 organizers for Christmas this year (2014). Very, very impressed with the quality of these products. Whether or not there is a Broken Token organizer might actually influence my game purchasing decisions in the future...<br><br><br><br>Summoner Wars Collection. I originally purchased this for my LOTR collection, but decided to utilize it for my Summoner Wars collection instead since the large Master Set box did not fit all of my Mayday Games premium sleeved cards inside. I own two master set base games + a large number of expansions. Went together very easily with the written instructions that were provided. No issues and it was the easiest organizer that I assembled. No glue needed. I actually enjoyed putting it together. Cards fit sleeved with room to spare. Nothing fancy. Just does what it is supposed to do. I had to store the game board in a plastic bag outside of the box since there is no room for a game board inside the box with the current design. This will work for me until Broken Token happens to design an organizer specifically for Summoner Wars. Hint hint... lol. Very satisfied with the final product once it was assembled.

Awesome product! No real complaints, would buy another one again!

I am a big fan of the Lord of the Rings Living Card Game by FFG. As I am sure is the case with most of FFG's LCGs I found myself accumulating a massive amount of boxes, each containing various packs of cards that were hard to keep sorted.<br><br>So with a little bit of extra money in hand I decided to purchase the sleeved LCG organizer from Broken Token.<br><br>It arrived relatively quickly, which is great considering it's the Holiday season, and in great condition. There was a small paper with basic instructions and a link for more detailed ones. My only complaint was that while removing some of the pieces I would be assembling from their... sheets?(don't know the proper term) I found a few did not come out as cleanly as others. This wasn't too big of an issue and I was easily able to solve it.<br><br>Assembly was easy, and everything fit so snug I can't imagine needing any adhesive, the box and the insert alone should do the trick.<br><br>As for the cards, I could fit nearly my ENTIRE collection of quest cards from the game sleeved and in the insert. I might run out of room but will gladly buy a second insert.<br><br><br><br>TL;DR Ordered an insert to help consolidate my LOTR LCG collection. Did not disappoint, easy set up and now all my cards are in one location. Would buy a second one in a heartbeat.

Very useful

This one took a little more effort to get together than a few of the others but that was only because it has fewer pieces. I did need the mallet for this one and I had a hard time getting the pieces together initially but eventually it came together nicely. <br><br><br><br>I'm using it for High Command cards, which works since the boxes are the same size, but will require a lot more dividers so I'll have to order some more.

"Almost Perfect"

I could not agree more with poster Ralph below, in saying this item is "Almost Perfect".
<br>"I love that this allows me to use my core set box as an organizer for my Netrunner collection." Spot on Ralph!
<br>"One complaint is that the middle column is almost useless to me. It is smaller than the outside columns and cannot hold cards unless you insert them in a different direction." - Ralph
<br>I ended up using separators from an additional organizer to help organize the cards along the outter columns. I just put the tokens and other loose items in the center.
<br>Construction was pretty simple. I didn't need any glue, and only needed to use a hammer a few times for a few tricky slots.
<br>I would definately buy again, but I would like to see more separators.

Just what is needed.

It's a bit tricky to get assembled at first. Eventually if you read the instructions slowly and carefully lay out all the parts, it makes sense. I was worried about tapping the wood with a hammer or pushing too hard but nothing broke. I've had one set be a tight-fit and another set be a perfect fit. So I guess it's manufacturing tolerances. But it's fine. I display the logo facing out to spread the word (small-scale).


Once I got it assembled, this organizer has really helped me keep my cards in order. Assembly, however, was trickier than I expected. Some of the tab-slot connections did not fit properly, and required me to trim the parts by hand in order to make them fit.

Fantastic organizer for your card games!

I got this for my Android Netrunner card game, and once everything is awesome! Assembly wasn't too bad. For me the pieces were a bit larger than usual, but that can be fixed easily with a bit of sandpaper. Customer service was exceptional - good people that fulfilled my requests.<br><br><br><br>The only con I can think of for this is that they could have provided one or two more dividers for the two side lanes for this price, but it really is not a big deal.<br><br><br><br>All in all, highly recommended. Looks great, feels great, perfect for those looking for a storage solution to tons of cards!

Solid Seperator

Just a really solid card divider. Very convenient and I guess the only thing I don't like about it is that all three columns cannot fit cards horizontally - but that isn't enough to hate on this product. Fantastic buy for my Netrunner LCG up-to-date set.

Close, if not quite perfect

The box organizer was a great help in establishing a storage system for my Lord of the Rings Card Game. It let me put all of the components into the box in an orderly manner, as well as plenty of room for all of the cards (I currently have 2 core sets, all six Shadows of Mirkwood expansion sets and the Kazad-dum large expansion) with plenty of rooms for further expansions.<br><br><br><br>The one thing keeping it from a perfect rating, is I would have liked more dividers. For a set that is specific to card games, it doesn't give you enough dividers to break out the cards in various options (player decks, spheres encounter decks).