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Sleeved Card Game Organizer


Product Description

This card game organizer is compatible with many games by Fantasy Flight, AEG and Rio Grande.   Included with the organizer is a set of 9 adjustable dividers.  Extra sets of dividers may be purchased separately.

This organizer was designed for sleeved cards and provides two rows of card storage plus one additional row for cards and tokens.  See our Unsleeved Card Game Organizer (ORG005) for the unsleeved version of this organizer.

The height of the organizer is approx. 3mm shorter than the height of the box allowing for storage of manuals above the cards.

For Fantasy Flight Games, this organizer fits the larger (11.5" x 11.5" x 2.75" | 292mm X 292mm X 70mm) LCG box size and is not compatible with the newer, smaller, boxes.  See our Compact Card Game Organizer (ORG053) for the smaller box.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

well worth the money

I like that this uses the original game box. I have the core set and three adventure packs and have only used one of the two card columns. <br><br>Very nice product.

Great product!

Picked this up for Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn by Plaid Hat Games and I was really pleased with how easily it came together. Fit perfectly in the box, only a minor amount of glue needed to keep the token tray together. A couple of the corners on the token tray didn't sit flush, but the glue solved that problem. I'd love to see this come with more dividers. I realize that more are sold, but I'd have gladly paid a few extra bucks for more.

design has changed

I had purchased one of these a while ago along with extra dividers. The ones I recently purchased had shallower notches so I couldn't mix and match dividers. Still a great way to store a medium collection of an LCG.

Top notch!

Bought it initially for LOTR, but as I recognised that I would run out of space I made as small "conversion" and used it for my Warhammer Invasion game instead.<br><br>Core game and two deluxe expansions fit perfectly. Sleeved. With tokens and Capital boards.

Awesome Product

Amazing product. Light and slim but doesn't frel cheap. Wood has a great look to it.

Perfect for separating factions in Star Wars LCG

With the Star Wars LCG (like many LCG's) you have to buy two of the core set to get everything. This works out well, though, as now you have a box for light side and a box for dark side. Because of this, I bought two organizers from thebrokentoken and am very happy with both of them. I can divide each box into four large sections with an additional small row in the middle for tokens. The four sections allow me to separate all four factions that each side of the force has. Dark has Sith, Empire, Mercenary, neutral; Light has Jedi, Rebels, Scoundrels, neutral. Now I have room for tons of expansion in each box. If I had only bought one organizer from thebrokentoken and used only one of the core boxes, I'd already be overflowing with the current number of Force Packs that have been released. I strongly encourage buying two.<br><br><br><br>They went together easily with nothing but my hands (had to do a little gentle tapping with my palms - but no tools or glue needed).

Fits perfect.

I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Amazing! Wish it made breakfast, though...

Bought for Android: Netrunner and it's perfect. Works exactly as specified/designed. Was a little tricky getting all the parts & tabs to insert flush, but a little patience with a tap hammer helps (just be sure to go real slow). Truthfully, though, it doesn't know how to make me waffles on a Sunday. I mean, not that *that* particular option was advertised. Just, y'know... trying to think of a critique.

great for lord of the rings lcg box

Fits great, well built. Seems strong. Looks great! Overall outstanding product! A wee bit of a struggle to put it together.

The only thing my game was missing...

...it is no longer missing.<br><br><br><br>Seriously, game company's should ship dividers like this for games that could use them.<br><br><br><br>It's worth it!