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Shipping Policy Changes

Posted by Greg Spence on

Today we are making some changes to our shipping policy for U.S. orders and I wanted to summarize those changes as well as explain why we've come to this decision.

First, we've dropped almost all of the shipping prices in our "Standard Shipping" tier by $1 to $5 dollars.  This is the weight-based tier that often gives you the lowest shipping cost.  With the new prices it will almost always be the cheapest shipping option.  The maximum shipping price for this tier is $9.99 on orders that weigh over 6 pounds.  

Secondly, we've decided to eliminate the Free Shipping on orders over $100 and I'll explain why below.  Our average order falls below $100 so overall, these policy changes should result in savings for most people.  

Why have we decided to eliminate free shipping?

As we've expanded into larger organizers and game crates we are seeing more products with a retail price greater than $100 dollars.  With the free shipping policy we were faced with the fact that a product over $100 would always ship free.  The reality is that the consumer pays for shipping one way or another.  It's either a separate line item or the product must have enough margin in it to cover the shipping costs.  So in order to keep this policy in place, we would have to factor that into the MSRP of all our products.  As a manufacturer, increasing the MSRP also has a trickle-down effect on distribution and retail stores.  We don't think it's fair to affect retail stores with price increases just to cover our own shipping policies.   So instead, we've decided to eliminate the free shipping option and price the more expensive products at a lower MSRP.

We hope everyone will understand the reason behind this decision.  We are always looking for the best way to bring value to our products.  By reducing the shipping prices across the board, the savings will be shared more equally by all customers rather than just those who order a large quantity at once.

If you have any questions about this or any other policy, please feel free to reach out to us via the contact page.

Happy Gaming!

Greg Spence
CEO, The Broken Token

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