Scythe Organizer

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Key Features

  • Thirteen removable token trays
  • Fits either retail or Kickstarter Collector's box
  • Supports sleeved and unsleeved cards

Product Description

A great war looms, make sure your game box isn't the battleground with The Broken Token's organizer for Scythe by Stonemaier Games. This modern marvel of engineering features 13 removable and modular trays that will organize and streamline game-play. This includes 2 identical resource trays, one for each end of the game table; an easy to use bank tray; 7 individual trays for each faction, including those from the Invaders from Afar expansion; a card tray, which supports sleeved cards; and a player and faction mat tray, with mini token tray. This organizer is suited for both the Kickstarter Collector's editions as well as the retail version of the game.

This organizer is compatible with the Scythe: Legendary Box and The Broken Token Scythe Legendary Organizer for The Wind Gambit and The Rise of Fenris.

Note: Storing both the base game board and game board extension lifts the box's lid by 6mm when closed.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token. 

Product Information

  • 13.85" x 11.33" x 3.14"
  • 4.4 lbs

Due to manufacturing, printing, and edition differences box sizes can vary and may not be compatible with the version our kits were designed for. Please measure the bottom inside of your game box to confirm fit for the organizer dimensions listed above.

Supports Expansions:
  • Invaders from Afar

The Wind Gambit and Rise of Fenris expansions are supported with the addition of the Scythe Legendary Box (STM634) and our Scythe Legendary Organizer (ORG078)

Game Compatibility

Perfectly designed


Ordered this organizer for scythe and was very impressed, everything including all the add ons, metal coins, extra resources etc fit perfectly, great work!

Very Exciting


Super excited to see an organizer for Scythe. A bit of a "marathon" assembly session (compared to others) but time well spent; makes set-up quick and easy (also packing the game up in the end). It's an expensive organizer (compared to others) but once again worth it.

Really nice


This is a great organizer. Everything is neat and comes together really well. For playing, all the players get their own tray. I trimmed the plastic inserts from the original game and taped them into the faction trays so that the mechs and characters don't bounce, and lined the token compartment with matching color construction paper.

RESPONSE: OOOOH I'd love to see pictures of your modifications! You can always post on social media and tag us, or email to

I love it, but...


So, I finally got around to assembling my Scythe organizer this weekend, and it is fabulous. After gluing every joint for maximum stability, I opted to also stain my insert. This would have been easier prior to assembly but live and learn. I usually don't stain inserts, but since this insert actually becomes a game component, I wanted the added beauty. It looks awesome inside and outside the box.

Now for my nit picks (none of which are worthy of a star reduction). I was disappointed that the lid doesn't close all the way as that was not advertised when I made my purchase. The truth is though, I would have bought it anyway, so I can't really complain.

Next, I bought some upgraded tokens (the 19-piece Kickstarter set from Meeple Source) which should be delivered next year. Since these are significantly thicker than the cardboard tokens, I'm worried about them fitting in the tiny resource tray. I can't imagine Broken Token taking this into account, so it more of an observation really. RESPONSE 1. (Actually we got in touch with Meeple Source and got the dimensions and they should fit just fine :D )

Overall, it was well planned and works well. I can tell it was designed by a gamer for gamers. The added ease of set up, convenience, and beauty make this one of my best board game investments.

RESPONSE: Thank you so much, this is exactly why we do what we do! Game on My Friend.

great insert


I will say up front that this insert probably had the loosest fit of any BT insert I've assembled, and glue was definitely required.

Everything fits perfectly in the box. I gave it a couple of gentle shakes and nothing got loose. This will help with set up time and card organization out of the box, as my game table is barely big enough for the game, so minimizing clutter is great.

I'm a big fan of the individual trays for each player.

RESPONSE: Thanks for the feedback! And always good to hear about a successful shake test :D - Aminda

Will help in set up and tear down of your game


This is a great product. It breaks down the components so you can hand a player their parts they need to play and keeps all of the mutual parts easily accessible for the game play. In turn at the end of game all parts are easily gathered by the players.

This product enhances the playing experience.

Missed the board extension update


I love the insert. It's wonderful. I even stained it to make it all fancy. But when I pre ordered this, there was no info about the board extension not fitting. It kinda made it seem like it would in the old description. But it's a tad late to do anything about it now that it's all together and fancied up. Bummer.

RESPONSE: We do apologize for the lid lift not being in the description when we first posted. It was just an oversite but we do realize that it can be frustrating when things aren't as you expect. If you feel like you want more information or need some compensation for the error please contact us through the website contact email. We always stand behind our products and want you to be thrilled with your purchase, or that very least us :D Have a game filled day -Aminda

Thank you! Awesome organizer.


This game is so great, but a pain to set up and put away. Your organizer solved that. I love the 2 resource trays, which stops the "table reach" during play. And the faction trays are perfect! Good job!

Side note: This organizer is a quite a bit more "involved" (complicated) to assemble than many of Broken Token organizers. But the directions are clear and easy to follow. Three of us had a fun couple of hours one evening putting it all together, including gluing some critical corners.

RESPONSE: So great to hear you like it! The resource trays are definitely my favourite part. And it's true the more involved the organizer the more "fun" it can be to put together, glad it all come out nicely for you, always remember that if you have a problem or a question about set up we are just an email away!

Aids in quick setup


Love the broken token Scythe organizer. My favorite aspect is how it makes setup so quick and easy. Each player's pieces being stored in separate containers literally makes setup consist of grabbing a player tray, getting your player boards and laying out cards. It's so quick and easy. Although it was clearly outlined in the description, and I knew it at the time I purchased, I still wish that the actual game boards would fit so that the box closes completely. However, that's the only negative that can be said. I would recommend this for those that aren't bothered by the box not closing completely and are looking for something that speeds the setup.

Doesn't hold the board extension


Absolutely fabulous insert! Stores everything elegantly and efficiently. The only issue I have is that it was obviously not designed to hold the board extension that came with the Kickstarter edition. So my lid does not close all the way, it comes up exactly one board extension thickness short :(

Very minor complaint, but I figured it should be noted since the product description claims to hold the Kickstarter version of the game. If I had the option I would only ding it a half star for this, but they only have whole star rating options. Quite frankly, I am not sure they could have designed it any different to be able to actually fit the board extension.

Response: We apologize for the confusion and have attempted to make the product listing more clear. We opted for a bit of lid lift in this design in order to make use of the space in the component trays. This allowed us to create what we considered a better solution for storage of the game components inside. And while some people won't have the expansion board, we tested thoroughly with the extra board inside and felt that the contents of the box will remain secure even with the extra lid lift. This solution should work well vertically also. If you have additional concerns, the use of a box band could help alleviate some worry of anything moving. If you have any other feedback, please let us know. Thank you!

More than a box organizer


Many of Broken Token's products are based around organizing the box. Scythe is that, but more, it organizes your game play area. The separate trays for resources, as well as individual player boxes, is fantastic. As always, the pieces were well cut and didn't require any additional sanding. Many were able to be friction fit, but the player boxes required wood glue. For good measure I glued the resource boxes and coin tray as well. The coin tray is well designed, accommodating heavy metal coins easily. Broken Token wisely left room for the upcoming expansion and for future promo coins. There is a small cost for all of this awesomeness though; there is a cutout for the main board, but if you're using the extended board, that'll be 'above the brim' along with the rule books. Everything is stable and secure and doesn't move when the box is on it's side (or upside down), but the lid is about 1/4" from the bottom of the box. Not a big deal for me, and it's called out in the product pictures, but it may be a big deal for some.

I'm happy with my purchase, and will be on the lookout for more organizers from Broken Token.

Organinazation and utility!


Not does this do a great job of keeping everything nice and organized, it also makes setup and take down a breeze. BT did an amazing job using every bit of space the box offers. I especially like the two bins for storing the resources, they work realy well. A great product with BT's always great support, you can't go wrong.

Elegant storage for and elegant game


Set up is going to be much quicker. Will hold everything you need for the 7 player game on the small board :P. Two resource boxes is awesome for players on both sides of the table. Scythe does become a bit of a table eater. Especially with the large board :P.Faction boxes rock. Laying the red mechs down with a battle dial on top will work.

Unpacking the game is easy and looks beautiful.

Now about the extension board. I'm sure a couple people will complain about it. And when I finally put it all in the box, I did drop my shoulders for a second. But totally see it just wasn't going to fit it without serious consequences for the trays. Not at all a deal breaker. Still a superb design as opposed to a box packed full of plastic bags.

Best organizer out there, one very minor flaw


I love that this organizer keeps the factions in their own containers. This includes the combat dials as well. Just overall well designed. Honestly the only complaint I've got is a problem that not many/all owners will even face. I purchased an extra set of realistic resources to make sure I never have to use the cardboard counters. Because of this, every square millimeter of the organizer is important to make sure I've got room for these. Due to the design of the resource trays, the space isn't utilized as well as it could be, and only the metal bars actually fit inside these trays without overflow. Had the trays not been designed with angled bottoms, all resources but the food would likely have fit in the two trays. As you might guess, this is a VERY minor gripe, and not enough to reduce this from 5 stars to 4 stars. The cost of this insert is very high, but, it is a very detailed insert for a new and hot game, so I'm not surprised they're charging a premium. It is a premium product. I can fully recommend this.

RESPONSE: We were wondering if this would be an issue with extra resources. We love the angle trays because it makes removal of items easier but it does leave less room. It is something to consider (and I was thinking about getting extra resources so this is good to know) Thank you for your review, we appreciate your enthusiasm and your feedback! Game On my Friend - Aminda

Nicely done!


Great job as always. Put it together a couple of days ago and everything fits together neatly and nice everything is organized.

Fantastic Organizer


Outstanding insert. Holds everything for the base game, including realistic resource tokens and metal coins, as well as the first expansion. Really makes setup and tear down fast, and the coin and resource trays help during gameplay as well. Highly recommended.

Must have that increases the enjoyment of a great game!


Bought after a few games of Scythe and realized the effort it took to set up and tear down. Making the organizer is a task in it's self, but became fun half way through.

Directions are pretty clear and things are laid out well. Highly recommend using wood glue as they note. This will fix the complaints I have seen about fit and finish online.

After completion, there was a real sense of happiness seeing my assortment of Scythe pieces start to become a organized set. The units fit well and everything is laid out perfectly.

HIGHLY recommend for any Scythe owner!

A Fantastic organization tool!


My wife got this for me for Christmas. I am notorious for sorting my games, buying card sleeves, small bags, etc. and this organizer was a GOD SEND! I will admit it took me a couple tries to figure out how everything stacked up in the box, mostly because I didn't look at any pictures, but now it sits inside perfectly! This was our first purchase from this company, but it most certainly won't be our last!

RESPONSE: That's some great gift giving :D Welcome to the family !

Great organizer

by -

Arrived promptly and in perfect shape. All pieces were cut cleanly and had no issues removing any components. Directions were clear and it was actually fun to put together.

I did not need glue to secure any of the pieces, though I have some just in case. I wanted to see how well it would remain and usable and so far I have had no wear or loose fits despite several games.

I have since purchased all but one of the expansions and will soon purchase the Legendary box and the second organizer.