Scythe Organizer

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Key Features

  • Thirteen removable token trays
  • Fits either retail or Kickstarter Collector's box
  • Supports sleeved and unsleeved cards

Product Description

A great war looms, make sure your game box isn't the battleground with The Broken Token's organizer for Scythe by Stonemaier Games. This modern marvel of engineering features 13 removable and modular trays that will organize and streamline game-play. This includes 2 identical resource trays, one for each end of the game table; an easy to use bank tray; 7 individual trays for each faction, including those from the Invaders from Afar expansion; a card tray, which supports sleeved cards; and a player and faction mat tray, with mini token tray. This organizer is suited for both the Kickstarter Collector's editions as well as the retail version of the game.

This organizer is compatible with the Scythe: Legendary Box and The Broken Token Scythe Legendary Organizer for The Wind Gambit and The Rise of Fenris.

Note: Storing both the base game board and game board extension lifts the box's lid by 6mm when closed.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token. 

Product Information

  • 13.85" x 11.33" x 3.14"
  • 4.4 lbs

Due to manufacturing, printing, and edition differences box sizes can vary and may not be compatible with the version our kits were designed for. Please measure the bottom inside of your game box to confirm fit for the organizer dimensions listed above.

Supports Expansions:
  • Invaders from Afar

The Wind Gambit and Rise of Fenris expansions are supported with the addition of the Scythe Legendary Box (STM634) and our Scythe Legendary Organizer (ORG078)

Game Compatibility

A kind of bliss


Not only is this going to make my gaming more organised, it was straightforward and fun to put together. It satisfied a deep, dark craving in my soul.

Fantastic Organizer!


This organizer perfectly fits our Legendary Scythe box that we also purchased from The Broken Token. I have already recommended it to a friend who wanted to purchase a box organizer for her husbands birthday!

Genius Product


This organizer will make game setup and takedown a breeze. The boxes are cleverly and efficiently designed. Assembly went pretty well - only a few boxes needed glue, otherwise the pieces snapped together tight and the boxes seem solid. Wish I could purchase game organizer inserts like this from our local board game store.



Seems like they asked me what I wanted when they made this kit. The storage for the game boards is so creative and thoughtful. Set up and take down are so much faster. Great product, Highly recommend for any owner of the game.

Well thought out!


I have purchased many Broken Token organizers, but I always evaluate all options.

For Scythe there were a few things that I REALLY like about this over the competitors solutions. First off, I love the 2 resource trays, for use on opposite sides of the table. It's MUCH easier, and facilitates game play. Second is that all the player's tokens are stored in a single, removable, box. So I can simply hand a player a box, and ALL of their bits are in it for them to setup. Not only does this improve setup time, but also tear-down time, as they can easily put their pieces away in the same box. I own the Invaders from Afar expansion, and the promos that give me all 7 power disks. I love using them as the lids, it makes it easy to store the dials, AND helps keep the pieces in place.

I love the laser etched Scythe Logo on the resource tray.

The organizer was relatively easy to assemble. The 7 trays for the player tokens got a bit tedious, but that's the price for the convenience. The Money tray and the resource trays have angled bottoms to make getting the tokens and coins easier to get out, however it did make it a bit more tricky to assemble. The card tray is VERY nice for organizing all the various cards needed for the game. I wish they were laser etched to show which card goes in which slot, but that is a minor issue.

It is a very nice organizer. It may not be the flashiest, available, but I think it's the most well thought out, and offers the best protection and improvement to setup/cleanup time.

Fantastic organizer


Functional and beautiful. Makes setting up the game so much faster with the individual trays for each player. I really appreciate having two resource trays available (one for each end of the table). Putting the game away is also much easier/faster. Would definitely buy again.

Stylish, efficient, and convenient


I purchased this along with the Scythe Legendary Box, and I have absolutely no regrets about spending the extra money to do so.

The instructions for construction were simple and easy to understand, and assembly itself only took a couple hours. Nothing broke, and it all fit together more-or-less perfectly. I had to use a small amount of wood glue for a couple components (specifically the Resource trays and the Player Token boxes) but most of it snapped together tightly and easily. (Except for the money tray, which was SLIGHTLY more annoying to put together and the pieces didn't line up perfectly, but it still did so in a perfectly functional and stable manner, once I got it to work.)

Then it fits neatly in the box, and looks NICE. I am... not disappointed, but a bit saddened by the fact that it does not accommodate The Wind Gambit or the as-of-yet-unnamed Third and Final expansion. (Which is fine, because they weren't released yet when this was designed) However, the tuckboxes from the Legendary Box will work fine to hold them for now, and I have heard that Broken Token will release a kind of "expansion" that will hold them, so I will almost certainly be purchasing that.

Awesome organizer


This is by far the best organizer, I can't think of anything I would change. I love the money tray, the resource trays, and especially how each faction has it's own box for all the tokens, mechs and character mini. Everything fits perfectly in the box, and it makes setup and teardown so much faster and easier. Great job on this one!

Worth every penny


This is probably my 5th or 6th broken token insert. Most of the inserts I buy are for games whose components don't fit in the box in any reasonable fashion after unpackaging. This insert fits the base game and all of the expansions very, very nicely. I could not have been happier to throw away the cheap plastic inserts that came with the figures to put everything in this extremely organized and well designed insert.

Another Win For the Broken Token


I actually had purchased my copy of Scythe with a foam insert to replace the original content bags, however though it worked alright it did not have any room for the expansion and it lifted the lid over an inch. I hemmed and hawed a bit but finally I broke down and purchased the BT kit. Once again it had fantastic, easy to follow instructions and it fit like a veritable glove. I truly wished they made an organizer for every game. Well done... Again.

Easy to store, easy to play


The Scythe organizer allows for easy storage and playing, having a place for everything in the base set and expansion, as well as some of the extra bits. Everything except the board extension, which still fits but raises the lid a bit.

Overwall, a great buy for anyone willing to go the extra mile to pimp out their game.

Another Great Organizer for Another Amazing Game.


I honestly can't say enough about Broken Token's organizers, nice quality birch used, you can paint them or stain them without really needing any prep (maybe a minute amount of sanding, but even then not really necessary). I have bought organizers from other sellers, mostly for things Broken Token may not offer (yet), but I can say they have the best assembly instructions and the least amount of work required for assembly-- the wood pieces come off the frames very nicely, not much sanding or cutting required to get the keyed pieces to fit together.

I recently acquired Scythe (the retail version) and some upgraded components (the realistic resource tokens, metal coins, expansion, etc). With Scythe, it isn't so much that the box is small, but this organizer really makes the set-up and clean-up a breeze. I like having a small box to pull out and hand to each player, then I can hand them their player boards. Everything goes back neatly, even the player trays (which hold the meeples, markers and miniatures) have recesses in the top to place the respective faction power dial on the top creating a sort of "lid."

The card organizer is great, too, with separate compartments for player reference boards, battle cards, factory cards, the single player Automa AI cards, etc. All fit nicely with Mayday sleeves, room left for the coming promotional add-on cards as well. Like the Terraforming Mars organizer, this one also has two resource trays-- must have feature!



The product quality is incredible. The directions are simple to follow and the pieces fit together easily. This makes set up and clean up so much easier. I'm so happy that I made this purchase for my Scythe set.

Great Product... Very happy with my purchases


I am so happy with my Broken Token inserts. They are amazing. I have looked online and I have found cheaper version of other inserts. But I would come back to Broken Token again and again. Cheaper does not mean better same material but the way they have it assembled seems wrong where Broken Token inserts make completely sense. The assembly required should not be a turn off for anyone. It was fun to put together also, brought me back to my model assembling days when I was a kid.

RESPONSE: Thank you so much for your kind words. It's why we do what we do :D

An Answer


Some games are just difficult to setup and I appreciate how much some of these organizers reduce setup and keep everything so tidy. Having two resource cups for each side of the board is fantastic as is the way everything fits in one box (expansion included). This was my second purchase and I don't think it will be my last.

Essential for regular plays


As a returning customer I'm happy with the increasing level of quality with subsequent inserts. Bits pop out easily, the single sheet of instructions is easy to navigate, love that it comes in a box. Extremely pleased with this product, really cuts down setup/tear down time which means this will get to the table more often.

A few notes: if you're thinking of staining the wood consider doing that before assembly as it will be tricky getting into all the nooks with a brush if it's all put together. You can leave the bits attached to the sprues and stain the whole flat sheet (10 sheets of wood in this insert). The upgraded MeepleSource bits (meeples & action selection marker) will fit in each faction's tray but you may need to store the 4 buildings in the same slot as your character mini. Assembly time for me was 5 hours but I glued every joint and am usually deliberate when putting these things together. Let the two resource trays' glue dry completely before trying to slide the clear acrylic cover on.

This Makes The Game Easier to Play


I love this product. Scythe has a ton of pieces and this organizer make the game so much easier to set up and clean up. It also makes play easier by having neat storage for all the tokens that can sit on the table.

I will say however that building this organizer was a pain. It took me almost three hours to build. The instruction sheet was not very clear on how to build it or how to fit it all in the box.

Can't play without this


Scythe is an awesome game, the insert makes it even more playable. My only regret is not staining this one

The Best Scythe Organizer


I have the collector's edition, the faction expansion, all the coins, even some of the meeplesource tokens. This insert fits it all except the extended board with no lid lift. And it stores the mechs and characters with enough room that I'm hoping I can squeeze in all the components from the upcoming airships expansion (the possible big box solution Jamey Stegmaier has mentioned should account for using this organizer as well).

This reduced setup and tear-down time a ton, and having two resource trays helps with resource sharing during the game.

The build took some time (I'm not super handy) but was simple and this ranks right up with BT's Terraforming Mars organizer in terms of worth and functionality.

Great insert


Will cut the set up time in half. Eliminate bag hell.

Perfect addition to a fantastic game


One of the best box organisers I've bought to date. It fits everything perfectly, and it makes setup so much easier. Really glad it fits the expansion and extra coins. The boxes with sliding lids are really neat!



Beautiful and thoughtfully designed insert for the original box -- EVERYTHING including KS promos, realistic resources, metal coins, and expansion factions fit perfectly in the original game box. Setup is a breeze because each faction has it's own box. Take the extra time to use a little wood glue (like in the instructional video) and the boxes will be solid. I also stained mine (before assembly) using Minwax Jacobean for a deep wood color which also brought contrast to the engraved markings on the boxes.

Absolutely fabulous insert


This insert is an outstanding one, and I am so very pleased I purchased it. It fits the game like a glove and I love the way it assists during the game as well as storage. It is simple to assemble and I was really pleased at how well the pieces fit together.

An outstanding insert and I would highly recommend it! :)

I LOVE it!


I love these products. They hold everything so perfectly and I REALLY like that this one is sleeve friendly. Definitely recommend it.

I only wish there were more organizers by Broken Token. I have a few games that once sleeved, they don't fit in the original insert. Such as Mysterium and Pandemic: Reign of Chtulhu.

RESPONSE: We want to make more too :D Thanks for the great review! And mysterium is HIGH my list... Make sure to vote for your favorite on our product poll! CS Meeple - Aminda

Great Craftsmanship!


I finished building my insert last night, still had parts in clamps for the glue to dry, but overall it was very simple to put together.

As a bonus to Customers of future orders I would consider putting in a small complimentary sheet of 250 grit sand paper to help trim down the flash, and maybe even a tiny tube of wood glue(if such a thing exists) and some small tooth pics for applicators. This is stuff I already had, but including it would be cool and add more value since a little bit of sanding and gluing is required.

RESPONSE: Glad it went well. We are looking into the woodglue shipping! And hope to have that as an add on! We have also tried to add those things as "pro tips" so that people can be prepared if they aren't used to building wooden models. I think having that notice in the reviews helps too :D Thanks for the great review and helpful tips :D