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Scythe Metal Coins (80)

3 Reviews

Product Description

Set of 80 Scythe metal coins, by Stonemaier Games.

These heavy-weight, finely-minted coins are crafted from zinc and nickel with high-relief 3D detailing and a hand-buffed finish.


  • 10 x $20 coin (gold, 30mm)
  • 15 x $10 coin (silver, 26mm)
  • 15 x $5 coin (nickel, 24mm)
  • 15 x $3 coin (copper, 22mm)
  • 25 x $1 coin (blue, 20mm)

We have a very limited supply so ACT FAST!

Product Information

  • 30mm dia (gold) | 26mm dia (silver) | 24mm dia (nickel) | 22mm dia (copper) | 20mm dia (blue)
  • 1 lbs

Game Compatibility

Great metal coins


These are exactly what you would expect...metal coins with a good weight and feel to them. Improvement to the cardboard coins included with the base game.

Cool cash


These coins are the best add on to a game i have ever had. They are heave and well made when i first looked at them I thought thet they where plastic. The impressions on them are very ornate and you feel like they are real money. These are deffently worth the money if you want to class up your game.

Well Done


Good feel and sound. It makes a surprising difference to game play. Different colors make it easy to quickly get what you want. Should work well for other games.