Sagrada Organizer


Product Description

Placing your dice just so as you craft your masterpiece window can be quite challenging, setting up or putting away your game and storing your expansions shouldn't have to be. Enter the officially licensed organizer for Sagrada by Floodgate Games. 

Many of the included dividers are removable or adjustable to accommodate sorting components by type or expansion. This includes the dividers in the removable dice tray, which allows for dice to be stored either in the original felt bag, or separated by color to make counting out specific quantities for different sized games easier. 

Player score tracking tokens are stored as the windows in the facade of the included dice tower, which can be set into either the included tray or your promo dice tray from Floodgate Games, and doubles as a handy first player marker.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately).

This is an officially licensed box organizer compatible with Sagrada by FLOODGATE GAMES.

FLOODGATE GAMES, Sagrada and their logo are trademark of Floodgate Games LLC,


Great organizer

This is our second organizer (King of Tokyo was first), and this one did require glue on some parts. It would have been helpful to have an idea of how the bits were supposed to go back into the box but that is a minor issue. If you have one of the dice trays from the expansion/kickstarter it will no longer fit into the box; I'm not 100% sure on this, as I have not sat down to see if it will fit somehow.
<br>Otherwise, the product is great, fits into the box perfectly, and does a great job at holding all of the bits. I really liked the score markers being held in the top of the dice tower, really leans into the game theme.

Mostly nice, tower is tight though

Mostly this is a nice organizer, and I appreciate it trying to work with the expansion which I do not have. However, the dice tower would have been nice to roll into a larger tray if possible - those small dice are hard to pull out without bumping the other ones, changing their value.
<br>I do have to give extra kudos to the scoring piece holder, it is very beautiful