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Rising Sun: Shogun Limited Edition Crate (Black)


These will be hand crafted in our shop, and will begin shipping one at a time as they become available. If you want your other products sooner, please order them separately

Product Description

These will be hand crafted in our shop, and will begin shipping one at a time as they become available.  If you want your other products sooner, please order them separately.


Nippon has lost it’s way, the Kami have returned and are displeased, help return your game box to honorable standing with an official Broken Token organizer for Rising Sun by CMON Limited.

The Rising Sun: Daimyo Crate and Organizer holds everything from the Daimyo Collection Organizer as well as the Rising Sun Core Box in one premium wooden crate. This kit contains all of the following, as well as a 1/4" baltic birch shell that holds it all in one place. Consists of 19 removable trays: 8 identical clan trays that hold everything you need for each clan and feature miniature slots labeled for daimyo, shinto, and bushi minis so there’s no guessing where each one goes. The clan tray bin holds all the clans alliance token, stronghold tokens, clan markers and monster bases. The trays can fit the Kickstarter exclusive upgraded strongholds and alliance tokens. Except the upgraded Turtle clan strongholds which are stored with the Kami shrine tiles in a separate tray. The 4 large monster trays feature the same acrylic spring clips to keep the minis in place. They are also labeled with the monster’s names and numbers on the bottom of their bases for quick and easy clean up. An additional small monster tray holds minis as well as monster cards. A single tray holds all the Kami Unbound miniatures and the cards. The 7 Lucky Gods have their own tray as well. The adjustable season card tray gives you the option to sort your cards by season or symbol set. The battle tray holds the political mandate tiles, political/war tiles, war province and war number tokens, this tray also supports the Kickstarter upgraded political mandate tiles and war number plastic flags.

This is an officially licensed box organizer compatible with Rising Sun by CMON, LLC.

CMON, LLC, Rising Sun and their logos are trademarks of CMON, LLC, 1290 Old Alpharetta Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30005. www.CMON.com

If you're here you have some idea what you're in for

I have bought a number of Broken Token inserts as well as those from other companies, and generally speaking I am happy with what they do, which is make games with complicated, messy setup and takedown into breezy, quick affairs. However, I should underline that it takes me a long time to get them assembled in the first place, because of family and scheduling, and with the more complex ones (which this one likely is, given the raw number of boxes it contains and some fairly elaborate ones within that) it could be weeks of one hour sessions. <br><br>So for me the main thing that I am paying for with this crate is the fact that it comes assembled, which to me is worth the price of admission. It's also a very good-looking crate, although I also think the proposed "big box" solution (of putting the daimyo and main box inside of each other) creates a handsome storage solution, and one that is considerably more portable to boot. <br><br>So:<br>1) the organizer itself: Excellent. Gives you a faction box for each faction, and sorts out the gameplay bits in an intelligent, easy to store and unpack way. I would not venture to play this game in particular without it. I am not 100% sold on the plastic tabs to hold figurines, but I understand the need for people who paint them. <br><br>2) The crate: it's attractive, and fits everything well. In and of itself, though, the Rising Sun faux big box would more than suffice for my needs, which are mainly to carry it to gaming nights rather than display it on a shelf. <br><br>3) the pre-assembly: worth its weight in gold. I'm serious, these things are not that hard to put together but it gets annoying when it has to be done in small stretches over a long period of time, like I have to, and I wish I could pay for pre-assembly on future BT organizers minus the premium for staining etc. <br><br>Anyway, overall very happy with it.

Awesome crate that's totally drool-worthy

This did take a while to receive, but once you do, you know why. It's an absolutely gorgeous finish and stain. You may find yourself just staring at it for a while. I'm sure that happens to some people. No idea who. No reason I'm mentioning that.<br><br>*cough*<br><br>So moving on, the exterior is perfect with metal corner protectors and felt pads underneath. The crate interior holds everything perfectly too. It doesn't hold the big mat, but it says it doesn't so don't expect it to magically. It does hold the board and rulebook and all other bits wonderfully and safely.<br><br>I need to stop gushing now and go play.<br><br>*bounce* *bounce* *bounce*

Excellent, but not without its problems

Almost perfect, but it does have a major flaw/design mistake: the lid does not stay flush if you put the manual and player shields inside! Less than an inch of extra room on top would have solved this! I would have loved to store all the game components inside the box, and have it look nice with the lid fully closed, too.<br><br>If your storage solution does not hold the game manual without being pushed open, it's not a good solution. Disappointing.<br><br>RESPONSE: This is a sign that something is not right :( It definitely all fits in there. We had this happen with one other crate and it was a misplaced mini causing the issue. If you can create a ticket on our website we can work together to get everything in that crate! We want you to be thrilled everytime you open your crate.

Worth the wait

Having a specialized unique game organizer may not be for everyone. But if you're on this site you probably already are the type of person who enjoys what Broken Token creates. That said It took over 4 months from purchase to delivery. I realize this is due to the shogun crate coming already assembled. I have to admit, due to the price and the delay there were times I was wondering if I had made a mistake. It was NOT a mistake, it was most definitely worth the wait. Most definitely the coolest product I have ever purchased from these guys. It also saves space compared to all the boxes you get from the kickstarter goodies. Very happy with this purchase.<br><br>The Crate is beautiful and it holds everything perfectly

Beautiful piece of work and I can now get this game to the table!

I'm very happy with this product! It looks absolutely stunning! I've had it now for a week and a half and when friends come over they can't help but ask about it and want to see inside, whether they are gamers or not or know about Rising Sun or not.<br><br>I thought about going with the standard 'big box' insert as $350 is a stretch outside my financial comfort zone. In the end, I'm so glad I went with this Shogun Crate. I've assembled all my other Broken Token inserts and I can tell by looking at this that it really would be a beast to self-assemble. <br><br>The game is now much more playable as everything is superbly organized and ready to play out of the crate.<br><br>There is clearly marked placements for every possible figure Rising Sun currently has to offer. Do be prepared that you will need to be patient with some creative positioning as it isn't always instinctively clear what direction/orientation the figures should be facing to ensure their neighbor figures fit and no limbs or weapons are sticking out anywhere. I think there may be some close up pictures on here that can help but I was happy tinkering with it myself. They do all fit in ways where no figure touches each other if you are concerned with scratching of painted figures.<br><br>A+

Worthwhile work of art

I have been a fan of Broken Token products for many years. They organize my games to facilitate a better gaming experience. However, my physical disabilities have sometimes caused me to struggle to put them together and certainly have had an impact on the quality of what I end up with. For bigger games these issues can have a big impact in visual appeal and function. For the last few organizers I have purchased, I have ended up soliciting help from others to end up with a usable product in the end.<br><br>After purchasing Rising Sun with all the extras in the Kickstarter, I had found that the only real obstacle left was the time and effort it was taking to set up and put away the game. I was effectively limiting myself and my game group to one play a night because of the extra time it took me to put things away. I knew for certain I needed an organizer.<br><br>When I saw the Shogun crate I wanted it immediately. Still, I waited and thought it over. There is a cost here that is not easy to ignore. In talking with my wife she first asked if I was out of my mind. Then, she pulled out the list of games she's kept in my purse that were on my wish list and asked how much they would cost. These were games that I had mentioned in passing that she was planning to get for my birthday. The list of games and and the Shogun crate were roughly similar in value.<br><br>And then came the last question... would you rather play these games or Rising Sun? It was obvious, if I could play more of the game I loved I would enjoy it more. The decision was made.<br><br>The box itself is a work of art. Each element held what it was designed to hold without problem. I was able to pack away the entirety of Rising Sun by myself and everything stayed perfectly in place. The crate appears as a work of art seen as soon as anyone walks into the room where I keep my games, on display to entice guests to ask about it and get Rising Sun to the table.<br><br>My Shogun create arrived a few days before my birthday and I could not be happier with this purchase. Broken Token has taken something I enjoy and made it even better.<br><br>My only complaint... I have a list of other games that could use the same treatment!

Pretty cool

It only takes one flaw for a product like this to lose a star, unfortunately. I like it, but an edge on one of the metal corners sticks out a little and scratches my shelves when I pull the crate out. It looks good overall.<br><br>RESPONSE: Oh no! We can't have that. Can you put in a ticket on our website and send a picture? We'll see if we can figure out a fix. It might need either a little extra glue on the corner part of slightly deeper feet. We want you to be happy every time you pull it off the shelf.

Beautiful storage box

This is a work of art.
<br>There are a few minor problems.
<br>One, the monsters Jorogumo and Jinmenju are swapped around (number doesn't match name).
<br>Two, the youtube video is missing where to place political mandate tokens. Have placed them with war province tokens and the tiles, then put the flags with the other cards.
<br>Lastly, some of the figures don't quite fit perfectly, a couple were little bit loose, so have to be careful they won't fall out. This might be issue with figurines though.
<br>Overall, a good product, was packaged very well.

Some issues


The artbook doesn't fit in the box unfortunately.
<br>Some mini have to be put in specific order to fit them in and at exact angle, thus will take a while to pack/unpack each time you play it.
<br>On the plus side, it looks great on the shelf.
<br>RESPONSE: Sorry if it was at all misleading, it was never designed to hold the art book. As for the placement it's true it takes a few times to master the orientation, but hopefully you will play often enough (even just to show off the crate) that it will become faster, It shouldn't take too much, especially if you watch the how it fits video. Also if you play out of the holders and only remove the figures you use you don't generally play with all of them, this makes it much faster to set up and tear down and with the figures in their place on the table they are easier to find during game play!! I hope after a few game nights you will see it's more than just a pretty face! Please contact customer care through the website so we can discuss this further if you still feel the case was not worth the purchase price.
<br>TBT Customer Support Manager

Great product with a few quirks

I'm kind of torn on how to rate this organizer. As it is amazing, but with a few issues.
<br>Quality is outstanding
<br>Look is great, in my opinion
<br>I've only played Rising Sun once with it, but it took a literal 45 minute setup for all the KS stuff to 10 minutes, which is huge
<br>The Dragonfly daimyos don't fit right.
<br>The plastic bases on the figures comes off on many figures as well.
<br>The standard board wouldn't fit in the crate. I can put the board in, but then the lid doesn't sit flush on the base.
<br>Shipping and communication! It took me 4 months from when I ordered it until I received it. I had to put in a few tickets just to track the progress because there was no communication coming from Broken Token. Once it was finally shipped it took a week to get to me, it would have been nice if they at least sent it a bit quicker.
<br>All in all, the box is gorgeous I just wish there was more communication and a couple of small changes to the box to make it perfect.
<br>RESPONSE: Love that set up time :D How do you mean not quite right? are they too big? I know I always play the dragon fly clan (it's my fav) and you do have to turn them for the fit. If you haven't yet watched the how it fits video that might help with this as well as the lid lift, everything should fit and close all the way down.
<br>As for the plastic bases, are you referring to the rings that come with the game, or the clips that are part of the crate? If it's our clips we can swap out trays for a better fit, but it it is just the minis fall out of their rings you would have to address that to the game manufacturer or publisher.
<br>As for the communication, I don't know which order this is in reference to so I can't look at history, but every order should have received a confirmation with the time line and the order number. My apologies if that contact wasn't made in a timely manner. The shipping is always based on the shipping chosen at checkout. I'm always happy to help and answer a question. Please let me know if any of this information helps resolve some of those "cons"
<br>https://www.thebrokentoken.com/contact-us Unless it's the weekend or a holiday I generally respond within 8 business hours to any cases! Thanks for your support and your valuable feedback.