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Rising Sun: Daimyo Collection Crate and Organizer


Product Description

Nippon has lost it’s way, the Kami have returned and are displeased, help return your game box to honorable standing with an official Broken Token organizer for Rising Sun by CMON Limited.

The Rising Sun: Daimyo Crate and Organizer holds everything from the Daimyo Collection Organizer as well as the Rising Sun Core Box in one premium wooden crate. This kit contains all of the following, as well as a 1/4" baltic birch shell that holds it all in one place. Consists of 19 removable trays: 8 identical clan trays that hold everything you need for each clan and feature miniature slots labeled for daimyo, shinto, and bushi minis so there’s no guessing where each one goes. The clan tray bin holds all the clans alliance token, stronghold tokens, clan markers and monster bases. The trays can fit the Kickstarter exclusive upgraded strongholds and alliance tokens. Except the upgraded Turtle clan strongholds which are stored with the Kami shrine tiles in a separate tray. The 4 large monster trays feature the same acrylic spring clips to keep the minis in place. They are also labeled with the monster’s names and numbers on the bottom of their bases for quick and easy clean up. An additional small monster tray holds minis as well as monster cards. A single tray holds all the Kami Unbound miniatures and the cards. The 7 Lucky Gods have their own tray as well. The adjustable season card tray gives you the option to sort your cards by season or symbol set. The battle tray holds the political mandate tiles, political/war tiles, war province and war number tokens, this tray also supports the Kickstarter upgraded political mandate tiles and war number plastic flags.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. . We recommend a high quality wood glue, soft mallet and clamps for assembly (each sold separately).

This is an officially licensed box organizer compatible with Rising Sun by CMON, LLC.

CMON, LLC, Rising Sun and their logos are trademarks of CMON, LLC, 1290 Old Alpharetta Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30005. www.CMON.com

Extremely disappointed

Let me start by saying I must own a dozen broken token inserts from the PACG, to little projects like the FFG LCG's and Legendary Organizer. I've also put together complex inserts from other companies for games like Gloomhaven and Xia.<br><br><br><br>This is by far the worst experience I've had with an insert. First the build is hard in the fact that there are so many parts and some of them extremely fragile. The white plastic pieces were also brittle in some cases, on one of my clan boxes the white piece snapped off. <br><br><br><br>The instruction were also not that great, while the video helped and I know it is their style not to include narration it would of been helpful. For example I had no idea the numbers meant anything on the monster trays.<br><br><br><br>I think the kicker is the parts keep coming undone. I've used wood glue for the first try and then gorilla glue on the next. This project requires glue in every joint and then some so you need to be patient. So it's frustrating for me that I was patient and waited days before trying to put the minis in to have things separate. The biggest culprit is the box base, it keeps coming apart no matter what I try on it. <br><br><br><br>Over All this looks amazing and if not for my issues would be a great organizer but when the box won't stay together it kind of defeats the purpose. Obviously your millage may vary but as I've said I've put together many inserts and never had this much difficulty. I'm sure Broken Token would replace any parts, maybe even send me a new one but this was a week long project and the thought of trying to build it again gives me the shakes.

amazing organization, sturdy feel

had to clamp the top and bottom box pieces while the glue dried to keep gaps from forming in the seams.<br><br>other than that, flawless build and very tidy organization to fit all of the kickstarter and expansion material in one box.

Looks good and fits everything!

This storage crate looks good and fits everything in the game in one container that is more shelf friendly. It is great!

Looks good organizes even better!

This product is great. It took a couple of days to stain it and then about a day to put together. The challenge of putting this together was the most fun. I enjoyed every minute. Now, that it is fully assembled, the organization and attention to detail are astonishing. Love this and would highly recommend it to other Rising Sun owners! Enjoy

Amazing - but also complex

There's so much to this crate that it may seem overwhelming at first. But now that I've finished staining and assembling it, I'm loving how it facilitates easier gameplay setup, (And also so many nice compliments from people on how awesome it looks!) I love the fact that monsters are labelled, and that everything fits nicely, and how the clan trays make for very easy player distribution, as well as making it simple for your guests to start putting their pieces BACK into the clan trays after the game, making cleanup MUCH faster. <br><br><br><br>You MAY want to glue your Daimyo and Shinto to their black and white rings, as the clan trays are designed to grip the RING and some minis can fall out of the ring, while the ring is still being held in place by the organizer. <br><br><br><br>Also be sure and turn your miniatures sideways and adjust them so no weapons, tails, or other stray plastic pieces are sticking out, otherwise you'll possibly snag them when sliding the pieces into the box. <br><br><br><br>This will fit sleeved cards just fine, and holds everything from the kickstarter except the deluxe playmat. Be sure and spread out the clan boards and instructions evenly on top when closing the lid to ensure the lid closes flush - if you stack each clan's board on top of each other, you'll find it difficult to fully close the lid. <br><br><br><br>One last suggestion - the instruction pamphlet shows one particular method for placing each piece in the crate - while this method works, it's better to use the method in The Broken Token's assembly video - placing all CLAN trays, plus the skinny monster tray, on the bottom, with all the rest of the monsters and gods on the top, as it feels more natural that way, plus it's easier to remember. <br><br><br><br>Great Organizer!

Good Organizer but with flaws, quality issues, and oversight

I have many broken token organizers for many games. The quality, in my experience is very good. I expected the same quality here but I'm left wanting for something better. While mostly everything, more below, fits and playing will be easier there definite oversight here and not something I expected to see from this company.
<br>Biggest problem: Poor Quality control on etching. some are clear others terrible.
<br>Hard to identify parts. The build instructions on the first page that show the numbering for all the parts is so small it can be hard to figure out which is which. Considering the box it was shipped in, this page should have been blown up to a regular 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper and included.
<br>Another major issue I have is while this holds the pieces and the game board, there was zero consideration for the clan shields, kami unbound cards or the instruction book to be included. crate has lift with these included.
<br>RESPONSE: Good morning Mike
<br>I am incredibly sorry for the lack of quality control on this kit. This absolutely should not have left the warehouse like this, it is not up to our standards and I regret that it was missed. Please understand that we are still a fairly small family company and we do have humans that work hard to put these together and sometimes they are working under time pressures and just want to get it out, the QC manager has to trust that the employees will follow the guidelines and sometimes things do slip through. And we always share feedback like this to avoid issues in the future.
<br>That being said we also ALWAYS back our products 100%, so we always replace any parts that are not up to our standards, missing or broken. You only ever have to put in a ticket on our website (here: https://www.thebrokentoken.com/contact-us and, on average, replacements are shipped within 72 hours, or approximately 3 business days) While it does add a delay and is not ideally how we want to present a product to the customer you are always assured you will never be "stuck" with subpar product.
<br>It is preferred if you put in that request before doing any building as it's obviously easier to replace pieces before they are constructed or worse, glued. But we will work with you at anytime during the process to resolve issues.
<br>It isn't always easy to balance the cost of more printing and using more paper to accomodate longer, more detailed instrustions. However all of our products have their instructions available on the website under "product information" so you can zoom in, and it can be just generally easier to read on a larger monitor if the instructions are too small. We also have assembly and "how it fits" videos for all our products. The more complicated the kit the more highly I recommend watching both BEFORE building and storing so it goes more smoothly.
<br>I don't own all of our crates but I do have this one and there are actually multiple ways to put the kit into the crate and I assure you that the lid can sit flush with EVERYTHING in it...if you are getting lid lift there is either something wrong with the kit itself or some other impedance is occurring that I'm sure we can resolve. And again, this is something we are happy to help you with via our support channel.
<br>We have responded to your email with some options for correcting your kit and we appreciate your feedback, your continued support and look forward to having the opportunity to address your concerns.
<br>TBT Customer Support

A great box!

I am shocked that BT managed to make a crate that can hold everything that was in the kickstarter.
<br>I like the plastic “grippers” that hold the miniatures in place. This is a great improvement over the clan boxes from Blood Rage. I hope that there will be a similar crate made for Blood Rage that can implement the style used for this Rising Sun crate.
<br>I had a lot of fun painting and staying this crate. It was my first big staining project and I still think it’s my best.