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Rile & Resist Reversible Ward Enrage Metal Token (5)


Product Description

This premium double-sided token features a reversible design, with the front intended to indicate an "enraged" status and the back representing a sparkling that can be used to "ward" a creature. This combination allows you to save space as you upgrade you newest expansion.  

Be the envy of the table with these eye-catching tokens featuring custom symbols designed by Luxury Playstyle. With real 18K gold plating, these tokens will impress players at major tournaments, or sitting at your own local gaming table. Put these into another player's hands and notice their reaction. These have a solid metal weight and a beautiful black enamel that will demonstrate that you're playing in a league of your own.

Compatible with games like KeyForge by Fantasy Flight Games. These unofficial tokens feature unique designer artwork by Luxury Playstyle. 

Material: Solid, durable zinc alloy. 
Color: Orange/red color using a soft enamel, sparkling orange/red enamel. On the back, a variety of blues and white, with a sparkling blue enamel.

This is a third-party accessory.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners.


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