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Renaissance - Tiny 15mm PiecePack

SKU: ACS4062

Product Description

Includes 18 tiny (15mm) sized coins from the Renaissance theme set. Coins are approximately 3mm thick.

Very nice coins

Artana make great coins and these are another solid example.<br>The coins are very small, but fit a wide variety of renaissance themed games. Can also pass them off from any late middle ages European themed games etc.<br>The detail on the coins is quite good on both sides. Coins feel light, but obviously because they are tiny.<br>Reasonably good value.



These are definitely tiny. Smaller than a dime, but the detailing is pretty good and they feel nice as small change.
<br>I feel like the design is a little *too* raised above the coin itself, though. If you shaved the coin flat there'd be almost another whole coin's worth of material.