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Power Grid Resource Market Trays (3)


Product Description

You've built your power empire but one bump of the table can send resources flying. Keep your Power Grid resources organized and secure with this 3 piece tray set. Made from high quality, clear acrylic, together they form the entire game board resource market.

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Perfect Solution!

Love the game, hate the setup. This elegant solution makes setup and maintenance a breeze! Love the perfect little touches, such as the rounded corners to signify the edge pieces. Highly recommend!

Great Addition to a Great Game

Just an excellent product here from Broken Token. So very useful as well, considering the resources in Power Grid move all over the board...and you're only one dog or cat or small child manoeuvre away from table organization.

All it needs to be

Great product. Comes with the backing's still attached so they don't get scratched. Thick and sturdy. Each hole is cut to fit the exact token rather than just being generic.<br><br>The only thing that would've been nice would have been if there was a way to lock them together. A small tab or something on the bottom.

tidies up the board

This will assist in keeping the board tidy and neat. is it absolutely necessary no but it's still very useful

They seem great

The plastic is thick and sturdy, and they seem to be exactly what they say they are. For whatever reason I didn't think about the fact that I own Power Grid Deluxe and that the tokens and board layout are very different. I assumed that the pieces might not fit as nicely, but I didn't consider that the trays wouldn't line up with the board. <br><br>They seem great, and if I had regular Power Grid, I would definitely recommend them. Unfortunately for me, they'll be collecting dust.


You get what you pay for, good quality. Convenient.

Good for what it needs to be

The overlays help immensely with organizing the resource tokens and keeping them from knocking over and sliding. A big improvement over not having them.<br><br>The one thing I didn't like is that when the overlays are actually directly on top of the resource squares (as intended), the cost amount is covered up to the point where it's hard to see. You can slide them down and see the costs, so it's not a big issue, but it would have been better if the cost were either printed on the overlay, or that part cut out of the overlay.<br><br>Still a great improvement!