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Persian & Asia Minor - Medium 25mm PiecePack

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SKU: ACS5064

Product Description

Includes 12 medium (25mm) sized coins from the Persian & Asia Minor theme set. Coins are approximately 3mm thick.

Product Information

  • 25mm dia x 3mm (each)
  • 0.3 lbs
Compatible game suggestions:
  • Antike
  • Corcordia
  • Five Tribes
  • Nations
  • The Republic of Rome
  • Rise of Empires
  • Sid Meier's Civilization

A great upgrade to any game


The clink of metal coins is so much more satisfying when playing a game than the papery thud of cardboard tokens. If you want to upgrade your cardboard coins, you can't go wrong with the selection of coins available here. I believe all the themed coins that come in tiny, small, medium, large, and jumbo sizes are made by Artana. These would have gotten a 5-star rating except for one niggle I have with them; the coin designs are embossed (raised) instead of stamped like you find on real-world money. So they do not stack well since the coin surfaces are uneven.

Beside that one minor point that I have, the selection of themes available make it pretty easy to pick out a set or create your own sets to match whatever game you want to add these to. In this case, I'm using these coins in my copy of Five Tribes.