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Paper Gaming Money - Presidents of the US

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Product Description

Includes a total of 60 bills in the following denominations. - 20 One Dollar Bills - 10 Five Dollar Bills - 10 Ten Dollar Bills - 10 Twenty Dollar Bills - 10 Fifty Dollar Bills

Bling Your Game with this Great US Card Stock Currency

These bills are superb! I use them in Great Western Trail to make for even more thematic immersion. They are printed on a heavy card stock with beautiful sheen and tactility. No this isn’t your father’s Monopoly money. The quantity and denominations provided is sufficient for high player counts and the price is really affordable. Each denomination is unique for ease of identification even across the table, but backs are Identical so you can hide your currency value if needed. These bills are a great, economical way to upgrade your currency for any number of U.S. historical simulation games.