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Paper Gaming Money - Far Out in Space

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Product Description

Includes a total of 60 bills in the following denominations. - 20 One Dollar Bills - 10 Five Dollar Bills - 10 Ten Dollar Bills - 10 Twenty Dollar Bills - 10 Fifty Dollar Bills

High Quality Game Component

These things are great, I cant wait to use them in our campaign of Star Saga.
<br>The bills themselves are printed on sturdy semi-gloss card stock.
<br>The number, and denomination of the cards works for 4-5 players.
<br>Each denomination has a unique color and design scheme, but what I really like that they all share the same reverse/backside.
<br>Players can hide how much money they have or are spending.
<br>A DM could also hide how much money is in a possible reward.
<br>Overall the price is reasonable and they are well thought out. A single ~20 dollar coin set is usually only enough for 1-2 players. These cost half as much, support twice as many players and have some clever design choices.