PACG Organizer


Product Description

Our PACG Box Organizer is sure to whip your Henchmen into shape and clean up that disorganized armory!  Can't remember where you put that Longsword +1 or your Potion of Healing?  You need one of these!  This organizer is designed to work with all current Pathfinder Adventure Card Game box.

Our stylish new design features sturdier, straighter card sections and spacing tabs which can be removed with a hobby knife to allow the organizer to fit smaller boxes.

The organizer comes with 16 dividers to separate different card types and a section for dice.  There's even extra room for pen, paper and Cheetos®!

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Perfect fit

This is a great addition to pathfinder. The only issue I had was finding a place to store my unopened expansions as I was playing through the game. Not a huge problem but one that took some fiddling to work out. I'd almost like to see a recommended layout for when you don't have the later expansions installed so they have sections to hold their cards. (This isn't a flaw in the design at all though just a desire.) <br><br><br><br>I taped the recommended locations to the inside of the box for quick reference.

Great product. Would recommend highly

This insert has made my game night life so much better. The only thing I have to quibble about is you WILL NEED glue to put this together. My parts where just loose enough that it would fall apart. But once it was all glued up it works great.

Great idea

Fast shipping, 2 days from CA to WV.<br><br>Product does exactly as advertised. Perfect fit.

Sturdy and Perfectly Cut

This insert is just perfect. It holds sleeved cards and fits together flawlessly. Without glue, the edges slip apart, but after gluing the slats it's solid as a rock.

The solution to sleeved cards

This is perfect for organizing sleeved cards, and solves many long term frustrations. Well made, easy to assemble, and sturdy even without glue. Service was excellent, and it was shipped immediately.

Awesome Organizer

I received this in the mail and after carefully reading the instructions had it assembled and in the box within 5 minutes. The organization is amazing and holds every single card in sleeves. I love the fact that there is also enough space built in to hold all 11 player mats, dry-erase markers and two full sets of dice! Truly ingenious design.

Excellent storage, excellent service

Product was received in France only 4 days after bought - yeah, living in XXIst century is awesome. :)<br><br><br><br>Took me about 10 minutes to assemble, using the instruction leaflet included in the package. No trouble fitting it into the box, and it works in an excellent way - there is even a convenient place for the dice.<br><br><br><br>Even sleeved, my cards are now perfectly stored, and prep time has been greatly decreased !<br><br><br><br>Many thanks, good work !

Pathfinder Organizer

Great product

A near-perfect insert solution

Instructions were easy to follow, and assembly was quick. I didn't even need to use any glue, and the insert fit perfectly inside the box.<br><br><br><br>The adjustable dividers are excellent, and the 5th row has its own smaller dividers to allow you to even store more cards, albeit oriented 90 degrees to the side. This is more a function of the actual box dimensions, and isn't a knock against the design of the insert.<br><br><br><br>There are two caveats that a buyer should be aware of; <br><br><br><br>The first is the fixed dividers in the middle three rows. The instructions designate them as fixed positions for your ongoing character decks, so if you're counting dividers based on the photo to decide whether this purchase will meet your needs, know that those specific dividers aren't movable.<br><br><br><br>Second, it would be nice to get be able to order another pack of dividers for the box, which is the only real criticism I have; you get what you get, nothing more (at the time of this writing), so plan accordingly.<br><br><br><br>Neither of these points bother me in particular, and I am more than happy with my purchase.

Exactly What I Needed

Loved this product. Was easy to build and it stores every single card, expansions included, even when they're separated from the base cards. Highly recommend this to anyone that likes to sleeve their Pathfinder cards and wants them organized. Got it in two days as well, so thumbs up for speed :D