PACG Organizer


Product Description

Our PACG Box Organizer is sure to whip your Henchmen into shape and clean up that disorganized armory!  Can't remember where you put that Longsword +1 or your Potion of Healing?  You need one of these!  This organizer is designed to work with all current Pathfinder Adventure Card Game box.

Our stylish new design features sturdier, straighter card sections and spacing tabs which can be removed with a hobby knife to allow the organizer to fit smaller boxes.

The organizer comes with 16 dividers to separate different card types and a section for dice.  There's even extra room for pen, paper and CheetosĀ®!

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Great Quality, Great Price and Great Fit!

Loved the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Inserts. I bought 1 for the original and 1 for Skull & Shackles. They fit great. Definitely recommend glue. Prepare for about a half hour to 45 minutes of assembly but it's super easy to put together. The glue takes a bit to dry. I have all the expansion and character decks. Here's a tip... I could fit everything except 3 character decks in the original box. I used Skull & Shackles to hold the rest of the character expansion decks. This way, everything fit in 2 boxes, heavy boxes!!! Love the product and worth the very reasonable price.

You owe it to yourself

If you own the game, this is a must have purchase. The extra slots come in handy and fits everything have. I own the all the expansion packs, add-ons, and class variant packs and it all fits. My only suggestion would be to get some wood glue & file to make it look super sexy.

Works exactly as promised.

Was easy to put together, holds all the cards easily and looks great!

Very nice

Ordered this for my RotRL set. Everything fit perfectly sleeved, with just the narrow row vacant. That said, I would have loved if the narrow dividers had been slotted themselves so that you could create more character deck "bays" in the narrow row.

Great workmanship

I wrote up some information on my website on putting the insert together and then on its functionality. This is a great product.<br><br><br><br>

Worth every penny.

Fits the box perfectly, went together easy, provides way more space. A must-have for folks using card sleeves.

Fits everything with ease!

I bought this knowing it would be a better alternative to the organizer that comes with it. I was happy to see it was. It assembles with ease. I had to use a little glue but that's alright.<br><br><br><br>It held everything with Ultra Pro sleeves with plenty of room to spare.<br><br><br><br>I'll definitely buy another for the other PACG and any future ones

Great organizer for PACG cards!

This is a great organizer to fit all of your PACG cards into one box. I fit all the new class edition cards into one box with my Rise of the Runelords. My only difficulty now is trying to fit all the Skull and Shackles cards with them all. Great product!

Think about it

If you are looking at this product just think about this one thing. Pathfinder: ACG has one of the best designed and well organized plastic inserts I've ever seen, and yet this wooden replacement has (at this time) over 50 reviews. This isn't because the original isn't good, this is simply because of two reasons. One, the wooden laser-cut replacement is better organized and customizable in the extreme. And two, if you wish to sleeve (highly recommended for the original as there were several print runs which don't match) the plastic insert fails very quickly due to thicker card size. So if you're not planning to sleeve but want better organization and especially if you are planning to sleeve order this immediately!

I love this product!

I use sleeves on my cards for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. I was running out of room in the plastic divider that is provided with the game. This product arrived just a couple of days after ordering it and was easy to put together. Now I have enough room for all the adventure packs and even have space for my 3 sets of dice. VERY HAPPY I bought this.