PACG Organizer


Product Description

Our PACG Box Organizer is sure to whip your Henchmen into shape and clean up that disorganized armory!  Can't remember where you put that Longsword +1 or your Potion of Healing?  You need one of these!  This organizer is designed to work with all current Pathfinder Adventure Card Game box.

Our stylish new design features sturdier, straighter card sections and spacing tabs which can be removed with a hobby knife to allow the organizer to fit smaller boxes.

The organizer comes with 16 dividers to separate different card types and a section for dice.  There's even extra room for pen, paper and CheetosĀ®!

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Worth every minute it takes to put together

It takes a little effort to assemble but is worth every minute. If you follow the included directions it really isn't hard at all.<br><br><br><br>Afterwards you will never regret the time you spent.<br><br><br><br>It is sized to work with sleeved or unsleeved cards. Adjustable dividers allow you to manage your set your own way, and there are enough to add an extra section or two (we like to keep a section of henchmen and monsters that get specifically summoned by things).<br><br><br><br>The deck slots are clearly large enough to fit character decks up through the end of the path and the dice tray area supports a surprisingly large number of dice.<br><br><br><br>Finally the far right section for misc. stuff (a little to small for cards) actually fits 6 rolled up playmats quite nicely.<br><br><br><br>If I had one complaint it would be that the slits for the dividers can sometimes snag sleeved cards. However this is effectively unavoidable if you want customizable sizes. Just be a little careful putting sleeved cards into it.<br><br><br><br>Overall this is a worthwhile purchase for anyone playing the Pathfinder card game

Fantastic for my sleeved cards

Immediately after buying Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, I sleeved my cards. Then, I found that the base game and character add-on pack cards barely fit in the included box insert. There was no way I'd get all six adventure packs in with sleeved cards.<br><br><br><br>This box works wonderfully to that end. Assembly was easy, and I could not be happier with the final product.

Awesome insert

Easy to assemble and fits perfectly with plenty of options for organizing and storing your cards. Has no problems with sleeved cards.


9 days received in France <br><br>goog job, good protection

Perfect replacement for original insert

I cannot think of a better replacement for the PACG insert! This product is awesome, as it totally utilizes every bit of space possible in the box, whereas the original was puffy plastic that stole nearly a square foot* of space from your organizing needs! <br><br><br><br>All of my cards through adventure one are sleeved with thick Ultra Pros and I can tell I will probably have enough room for every card of every adventure deck (and character pack), even with UP sleeves.<br><br><br><br>I had an issue with one of the slots dropping out the inserts, so I quickly wrapped a couple loops of masking tap on the outside of the insert and hit up the joints with some super glue for added effort, and now everything stays perfect and snug. I think my main issue was with my box being loose (I carry it around a lot). <br><br><br><br>GET. THIS. INSERT.

Awesome product, great quality

This insert is a perfect alternative to the old plastic one for those of us who sleeve their cards. I love that the dividers are adjustable, and that they included more than I could ever imagine needing. This has freed up A TON of space in the box--enough to fit even the full set of acrylic stands I ordered!<br><br><br><br>As others have mentioned, there is no room for storing the expansion pack boxes, but that's not much of a drawback. Assembly was a little time consuming--mostly due to the sheer amount of connections that were needed to line up--but the instructions were comprehensive and easy to follow. The only real negative I can think of is that there isn't much room to put things on top of the insert, and it would have been nice to be able to fit in more character sheet printouts.<br><br><br><br>In the end, I am very happy with this insert. It's a definite contender for my best purchase this year!

Completely happy with it!

It was shipped super quickly and everything arrived in perfect condition. They forgot to include assembly instructions, but they were easy to look up online. Easy to assemble, and it seems fairly durable. It's amazing how much more room the box seems to have now! Everything now fits, even with card sleeves.

Organized At Last!

This is an excellent kit! The component quality was flawless and the instructions were precise and easy to follow. There seems to be ample storage for all future expansions and I even had room for all the Acryllic Pathfinder stands they offer here. It took me about 12 minutes to fully assemble. I found it helpful to dry fit all the pieces first, to ensure proper alignment and orientation before I did final assembly with glue. I would highly reccomend this product to any Pathfinder adventure card game owner.

It all fits....nicely.

Love this game, but did not like how the cards fit in the original insert. This PACG box organizer makes the playing experience that much better. Now running an adventure is as easy as 1,2,3. <br><br>Took 15- 20 minutes to assemble, used a little wood glue and BAM! Ready to play. Oh, and all cards are sleeved, lots of room for more expansions.<br><br><br><br>Thanks Broken Token for creating something awesome!

Absolutely necessary

The original insert could never be stored on its side, but this fixes that problem completely. <br><br><br><br>Only drawbacks - some of the dividers are a little loose, and would need to be glued in, but that doesn't allow for rearranging. Can't fit the expansion boxes in their original boxes, but that's fine.<br><br><br><br>Other than that, looking forward to being able to fit the next pathfinder card game in the same box.