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Monument to the Architects - Collector Keys Set (3)


Product Description

With brilliant artwork inspired by cathedral mosaics, these 18K gold-plated gamepieces represent ancient alien artifacts of wondrous power.

Each of these three solid metal gamepieces are double-sided, with a dark side and a vibrant side, beckoning you to forge them into their final form.  Set consists of three pieces one red, one blue, and one yellow, and comes with clear protective capsules are included for storage, transport, or play.

Prize Quality: These solid metal tokens have a luxurious heft, and make amazing game prizes or gifts for the collector gamer that must have the absolute best for their games.  No one at the table will have more impressive tokens than these! These are custom-made die-cast hard enamel coins with hand-filled sparkle enamel on both sides.

Tokens are ~2.5 inches (~64mm) in diameter and have a thickness of 0.2 inches (~5mm). 

Compatible with games like KeyForge by Fantasy Flight Games. These unofficial tokens feature unique designer artwork by Luxury Playstyle.

This is a third-party accessory.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners


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