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Modular Paint Rack - 26mm Straight

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Product Description

Your miniatures may be works of art, but a disorganized desk is anything but. Get your paints and brushes in line with our Modular Paint Rack system! These high-quality wood racks hold your paint pots, bottles and brushes in a tiered layout for easy organization and access when customizing your game pieces. Racks also combine with included clips to form larger racks system for those pros rich with pigment!

Suitable for dropper style bottles, like those from The Army Painter and Master Series Paints by Reaper Miniatures. Paints sold separately.

Note: this kit requires glue (sold separately).

Product Information

  • 9.875" x 8.125" x 6.75"
  • 0.9 lbs

Rack Capacities:

  • 26mm / 1": 38 bottles, 17 brushes

Fits Craft Paints Perfectly


I'm newer to the painting side of gaming - but the larger model (35mm Pot Style Jars) holds everyday craft paints perfectly. I was worried about the measurement, but the smaller 2oz style (Craft Smart) paints fit. Everything snapped together and the fit was snug.

Nice rack...a LITTLE tricky to assemble


This is a GREAT paint rack. Iike the size and will in fact order another to bracket my paint space. It is, like all multi-tiered kits, a LITTLE bit tricky to assemble but once I got a couple of the pieces together I was able to "muscle" the rest in to place...ONLY to discover I'd put two of them in incorrectly. By the time I noticed, the glue had dried, but I was able to disassemble it with out to much trouble and correct the problem. Some patience and attention to detail is necessary.

RESPONSE: Thanks for the feedback. Any suggestions on what we could improve to prevent that difficulty in the future? Instructions? Labeling? We appreciate your input and remember, if you ever have an issue that you need fixing we are just an email away --- contact@thebrokentoken.com

Great for paint storage and visibility


I bought one of the dropper style ones first, but I have more pots so I got 2 of these. Assembly is easy and it makes it easier to see which colors I have.

Terrific organizer and time saver


I ordered one of each size of rack. Assembly was trivial, and the finished racks finally let me get my paints in order where I can clearly see the colors. That saves time as well as space, so it very valuable. Of course, I use a lot of paints, so I may need one more rack... This is definitely a "best of" product.

Love it


Got this rack recently and it takes a little bit of doing to get it to fit together (probably a me problem) but I love it and its got plenty of rooms for GW paints and brushes!

Really Excellent


I ordered this more or less as a trial, to see how well it would work. The answer is "very well." It makes it very easy to select the paint I'm looking for, rather than having to put a dab of the paint on the top of the bottle so I can see which one's which when they're all stuffed in a box.

I am very impressed by it structurally. When assembled and glued (Elmer's wood glue, strategically applied with a toothpick) it came out to be rock solid. No wobbling, no shifting. The cross-bracing in the back definitely helps there.

The row of holes across the back for brushes is surprisingly useful. It holds a lot more than one of the plexiglass holders I've been using, and in a lot less space.

make room on your paint table


Not only does it make room. you can also see all the paint. so its easier to find the color you are lookng for. I got two and connected them that pretty much holds all my paint

An absolute must-have for the model painter!


For the first time in decades, my dropper paints are organized by color, within reach and without the massive frustration I used to have in finding that one shade of mustard. I purchased one rack, loved it so much that I purchased two more some time later, to accommodate all my paints and brushes. They are even, dare I say it, decorative on my shelf now! The racks were easy to assemble and very sturdy. I may add some wood glue in future but they seem plenty tight enough on their own. LOVE 'EM!

Good place for paints


Fits the pot of paint well. Would be a 5 star rating if the brushes were held a little lower along the handle and keep them a bit more stable.