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Modular Paint Rack - 35mm 90° (MDF)


Product Description

Your miniatures may be works of art, but a disorganized desk certainly isn't. Get your paints and brushes in line with our Modular Paint Rack system! These MDF racks hold your paint pots, bottles and brushes in a tiered layout for easy organization and access when customizing your game pieces. Multiple racks can be combined into a larger system using the included clips!

Suitable for pot style bottles like Citadel paints from Games Workshop and P3 paints from Privateer Press. Paints and brushes sold separately. Product may exhibit scorch marks due to the manufacturing process.

Looking for a riser to allow stacking next to straight paint racks with drawers? Check out our Riser 90° HBY008.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. Requires glue. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately).

Particle board is a poor choice for material. Do not recommend


The items I received were made from thin particle board. This is a poor choice for supporting the weight of paints. Several of the parts broke while trying to assemble and the back of the second and third row shelves lack the support to easily remove the paints. I would not recommend this item with the particle board material.
<br>Chuck - We are sorry to hear you had some build issues with your components. We are happy to replace any broken parts. We are unfamiliar with the support issue you mentioned, please reach out to us and we will work with you to solve any concerns you have!
<br>Aminda - CEM

somewhat good...

Great idea, but I agree that the 3rd tier needs to have more support in the back. If you place a regular Citadel paint pot in the 3rd row, the weight makes it start to sag making the removal of the paint pots very difficult.
<br>Response: Thank you for the feedback, we will definitely take a look at this.

Pretty good

Yay for the design that lets me utilize the corner. The only reasons I didn't give this 5/5 stars is that the shelves seem to seat less well than the straight racks do; I get both sides in all the way and then rotate it to attach the flat racks and the shelves pop out. Also, it would be nice to have a couple larger-diameter brush holes for X-acto knives and ink pens.