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Product Description

Add some flair to your dice rolling with our Modular Dice Tumblers! Each tumbler feature a unique and exciting designs that can be mixed and matched for different roll effects. All tumblers and bases are compatible with all Modular Dice Tumbler components. All tumblers and the Base Side come with cutouts to help secure the tumblers to the wall to create different desired heights (Mounting hardware not included). Base Simple allows for tabletop standing and can store dice within when using a single tumbler.

So many possibilities to create a truly unique rolling experience, with more compatible designs on the way!

The Stair design which features elegant railing cutouts allowing your dice to make a grand entrance.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately).

Designed in collaboration with Corey Young.

Great design and I love the dual staircase effect

The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was that I was assembling the product without referencing the video (linked above and I highly recommend it over the printed instructions). I ended up making a mistake and the two panels with the punched out staircases on them were accidentally swapped so I cannot hang the tower on the wall (though this is a minor thing since I have no intention of doing so). Other than what was most likely a basic error on my part, it is a beautiful product and works very well.

Nice Kit (modifications required)

I stained and sealed the parts before assembly. Everything went together easily. I bought this to stack onto the simple base kit. The tab that protrudes from the bottom rear interferes with the ramp inside the simple base. I had to cut it off to get it to fit properly.

Wow This Tower Rocks!

Where to begin?! Lets start with tips: Get a Mallet and put glue on all the through's as you assemble; and glue the baffles! I suggest Aleene's original Tacky Glue. Pay extra attention to the little notches protruding from the very end edge of the side panels - do NOT bang the mallet over those edges; fit the 2 panels together with your hands from those edges first, then bang away at the opposite edge. This tower Rocks! It has 8 baffles - That's right, in the space usually taken by 4 you get 8! The dice go round and round like on a spiral staircase; I played with it and I could hardly wait my turn to "throw" the dice! Is it hard to assemble? No; it's a bit tricky but Broken Token are experts at making things simple - there are 9 steps to assembly, but the last two steps are just the shell, so really the entire 8-Baffles Tower is up and running in 7 super simple steps! Instructions are the usual extra detailed Broken Token quality (they look hand drawn but don't be fooled, every detail is there.) And what I did not figure by watching the original promotional video is that you have a "glass" panel that fits in the front so the dice don't jump out of the Tower. This panel is extra thick transparent plastic, not the usual 0.001mm thick projector-type transparency that other towers come with. If you've never purchased a Broken Tower product before, prepare to be very pleased! This Tower does take-up space on the gaming table, but it makes dice games extra fun, it's worth it! Go ahead, get one today ;-)

Excellent Value, would recommend

Love this dice tower!
<br>I bought some wood stain from a local hardware store and was able to give this a beautiful cherry wood color. Assembly took some time, but was not hard. You just need to be patient and careful when gluing.
<br>You get much more "bang for your buck" with broken token towers then some of the finished, elaborate towers for sale.