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Modular Dice Tower - Shame

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Product Description

Add some flair to your dice rolling with our Modular Dice Tumblers! Each tumbler features a unique and exciting design that can be mixed and matched for different roll effects. All tumblers and bases are compatible with all Modular Dice Tumbler components. All tumblers and the Base Side come with cutouts to help secure the tumblers to the wall to create different desired heights (Mounting hardware not included). Base Simple allows for tabletop standing and can store dice within when using a single tumbler.

So many possibilities to create a truly unique rolling experience, with more compatible designs on the way!

The Shame design features flame cutouts and a dice shame chamber for that die that needs to be taught a lesson. 

Designed in collaboration with Corey Young.

Product Information

  • 5.69" x 3.15" x 7.33"
  • 0.9 lbs
Height with Base Simple: 9.59"
Height with Base Side: 9.99"

NOTE: Not recommended for use with dice larger than 1" (25mm) diameter.

Would have been nice


This is the one module I wanted the most (of the two that I got), I love the theme (flames)...but alas, assembly failed on me and well, it's not usable--most likely due to my skills not the product design. But yes, it was probably the most difficult Broken Token product to assemble.

RESPONSE: OH NO :( send me a ticket and let me know where things went wrong and we'll see if we can get it fixed.