Mini Dice Tower Kit

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Product Description

This mini dice tower folds for easy travel and looks great in the middle of any gaming table.

NEW: Revised design allows you to store your dice in the tower without them falling out!

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately).

Product Information

  • 3" x 4.8" x 4.7"
  • 0.4 lbs

Dimensions (Standing): 3" Wide, 4.8" Long, 4.7" Tall

Dimensions (Folded): 3" Wide, 4.8" Long, 2.2" Tall

pretty nice


It was shipped very fast and well. The product is very nice. Its sturdy and smaller then I expected. Came together no glue.

no problems


Fun product.

Clean look and useful around the gaming table.

One great one less than great


I ordered two of these. One is really great but the other one has the brick patterns cut deeply which makes the walls less robust. I almost broke that one putting it together. Will still be able to use it, and the first one is great.

For information, king of tokyo dice do fit in but they get stuck sometimes. You really should only use this mini tower on dice smaller than that

Great item for the price


We built it within about 10 seconds of the mail arriving, we were that excited. Nice, tight fit on the dove tails. We used a rubber mallet to tap them gently into place.

We used it that night for everything we played. It rolled several standard D6s through out the night and even was able to take 4 D20s tossed in 'just to see' with no problems.

Highly recommended affordable gift for table gaming friends! Bring as a gift to a game night host, stuff in stockings, etc. Would love to see personalized versions available (especially for a certain newly opening gaming pub!)

A beautiful, functional dice tower


I was able to put the tower together in ~10 minutes, with no glue. I would recommend you assemble yours by GENTLY tapping in the joints with a mallet or hammer.

The pieces take some work to get together, so take it slow, and it will come together nicely in the end.

The tower fits well enough inside the tray, and looks great on the shelf, and easily worth the $10

Se ve fantastico


Hace poco adquirí este producto, se ve genial me deberia llegar en unas pocas semanas a Chile.

Les contare más cuando me llegue.

Works like a champ


Pretty easy to put together. I did not have to glue anything. Easy to store and pull out for game night. Handles about 5 normal sized D6's.

A nicely put together product for the price


For only $10 (plus shipping), you are actually getting a pretty nice product. It's a little hard to get all of the pieces to fit, but once they do, you have a sturdy little dice tower. It can easily handle 4-5, and can go up to maybe 7-8 (I own Yspahan, which is a lot of dice, so I know.) Works well for it's small size and the fact it is collapsible is was a great selling point. It may be small, but definitely worth the price.

Very Well Done


I really enjoyed putting this together and using it! Great product.

Perfect Gaming Addition


Solid Construction, Quality Parts! Great addition to gaming. I play with my grand-kids and they throw dice all over the place. They love the mini-tower and, now, no more knocked over tokens or dice on the floor. It also works well for adults. My only comment is that I wish the front of the tray were also tilted at 45 degrees to make scooping the dice out of the tray easier. My experimentation seems to show that the dice would stay in the tray if this were done, but removing the dice would be facilitated.

just about perfect


The kit is easy to assemble, sturdy and looks great.

Tight tolerances


Simple, sturdy construction. I've tested it with a box of Chessex down it with no problems.
This has tight tolerances on the bottom box and the ramps. During the assembly process I broke one of the small ramps. I fixed it using some of the provided scrap and sistering the break with some wood glue.
It would be nice if there was a second box so that the tower is not exposed in the folded position.
Also, a minor thing, the instructions have a board diagram that didn't match the boards I was shipped.

Solid Contruction, Pain to Assemble


It is a very solid dice tower. Nice and compact and can even roll those pin dice from Crystal Caste. However, it did not easily snap together in minutes. I actually had to use a small hammer and a cloth in order to tap the pieces together. Definitely no glue will be required though. I would recommend this to anyone who is tired of their dice rolling under the sofa. Just be prepared for a slightly longer assembly time.

Worth every cent!


Excellent price and material. I bought two. Super easy to assemble, brilliant look and works great with a handful of dice.



Has worked phenomonaly for my just randomly throwing dice in it. Can't wait for next session to break it out.

Loved it so much I bought a second one for a friend.


I got one of these over the holiday, mostly to stash in games I take to work. Lunch room tables are notorious for not enough room to roll the dice. This solves that problem superbly. It works, it packs easily, and it's easy to pass around the table if needed.

A few days after getting mine I was invited to a game party and I immediately thought of this as the perfect gift to take my gaming buddy.

As others have said, the tolerances are tight, but with a little patience and a rubber mallet (or small hammer covered with a soft cloth) it comes together into a very sturdy tower.

Almost perfect. 4,75 of 5.


Almost perfect.
If the "gate" would be textured. It's still the best out there imho. Cheap, assemblable, easy to assemble, has a separated tray so its foldable, great choice of material, and woderful laser burnt texture.

Floor No More


My dice now have a solid and nicely compact place to roll out.



Great product, very study, exacting tolerances make for 'snap fit' parts. Very nice.

Inexpensive and Compact


Inexpensive and compact. Two key words I'd use to describe the Broken Tokens Mini Dice Tower Kit. Both very good qualities to have in a dice tower since the gaming table is littered with other people's dice, record sheets, books, glasses of various caffeinated beverages, bowls of chips and other snacks and of course the battle map and requisite monster tokens and minis. The Mini dice tower kit is also light weight and sturdy so handing it across the table to another player to try out doesn't fill you with dread.
As a bonus plus the mini dice tower kit is great with the younglings who haven't mastered rolling dice without landing one or two in someone's fizzy drink.
I'd give the Broken Token's Mini Dice Tower Kit 5 nat. 20's in a row. This product actually sparked my interest in purchasing other products from the Broken Token.

dice tower!


Its nice and compact

Totally Worth it!


Although very tedious to put together, the end product blew me away! Very small and compact for storage and travel to my gaming group. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a small dice tower for throwing about 10 dice at a time.

Great tower


In short, I love it.

A dice tower is a new concept to me. After I found this one I started researching the subject. After seeing some crazy designs and very simple ones, they all looked very cumbersome. After putting this guy together, which did take a little effort, the size is perfect. Even though it was a little hard to put together, that just means it will hold together very well. I didn't really have a need for a dice tower, but I wanted to support these guys and hope they make more organizers.

Just what I expected


The photo, pictures and reviews do a great job of describing the product. When I received it the instructions were well written and easily understood. It was my first time assembling a product like this, I did not have sand paper but I did cut away slightly at some parts to make them fit. Some moments the pieces were so tight I was afraid I would break them. How ever the final product is very stable and well put together. The way it folds up is a great plus for storage and transportation.

Exactly what I needed


Exactly as described. Easy to assemble. Looks great.