Case for Mini-Size Cards


Product Description

This card case is designed to carry both American and European mini-sized cards such as those used in Star Wars X-Wing. The case includes 8 adjustable dividers and has room for over 400 sleeved cards or 750 unsleeved cards.

Also available, Case for Standard-Size Cards (ACC011).

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately).

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Almost exactly what I needed

This box went together very well after a good nights sleep and is just as I was hoping. the joints are tight and it looks good. it however doesn't fit in the 3.200 count card box I keep my X-wing big ships in that I expected to keep it in so I will just carry it separately. I will be getting a second one soon.


Got one for X-Wing cards, another for Mansions of Madness. Easy assembly, fit sleeved cards perfectly. Exactly what I wanted.

Awesome Organizer!

I got this to help organize my new copy of Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition. It works great! The whole thing fits together super snug, I didn't have to use glue on any joints. The organizer inserts are flexible and can be moved around to fit your needs. I am very satisfied with this box and will be looking at Broken Token in the future for other organizing needs.

Perfect Solution for Mansions of Madness

I keep all of my Mansions of Madness figures in a separate case so I can keep the other components in the primary box. I was keeping all of my cards in regular sized deck boxes, which was not ideal or easy. Then I found this box! Now my sleeved Mansions cards fit better, are organized well and can be played right from the box. I stained it a dark walnut, and it looks like a relic that contains all the pain and insanity my friends love! I'll be getting solution for Dark Souls and my other mini-card heavy games.


If you have all the Armada ships, or far too many X-Wing sets to count. This thing is great. We fit all the ships + doubles worth of sleeved cards into this thing. A+

Convenient Mini Card Organizer

I use one Mini Card Case for Arcadia Quest and it works wonders for fitting all the mini cards from the base game plus Beyond the Grave. It's nice to be able to slide off the lid and leave the compact box on the table for easy access to the cards. No dealing with flappy lids that get in the way or unwieldy box designs. I liked it so much I bought a second one for my new AQ Inferno game. If you take the time to stain and finish this case, it can look even more amazing!

Greatest waste of $14 plus shipping

Purchased one of these to store the cards for Twilight Imperium. It cracked through while trying to gently fit the parts together. Greatest way I have found to date for wasting $14 plus shipping.
<br>RESPONSE: We always back our products. you simply have to put in a request here: and we are happy to replace any broken/faulty parts.

Solid box for mini-sized cards


Solid box that I've bought and used many times. A little bit tricky if you've got fat fingers like me and/or cram too many cards in. Fit is a bit tight even with unsleeved cards but works very well.
<br>Putting together is a breeze for me, but I have rubber mallets for this sort of thing and you might have a tougher time. Lid can get a little sticky sometimes.

Good for certain situations.

I bought 2 of these in 2018 at a convention. Forgot about them. Bought 2 more in 2019 at a different convention. I built one from each purchase. Both required me to sand down every connection to get the items to fit. I couldn't just use a mallot, they had to be filed down during assembly. Every Single Connection. I've bought several Broken Token game box inserts, and never had this issue before.
<br>If there is ever a fit issue, please contact us and we can send replacements!
<br>Once assembled, they work well for storing Mini-American cards with Fantasy Flight Yellow sleeves. I can store Mini European cards unsleeved, but I cannot store Mini European cards with Game Plus Sleeves (44x68mm).
<br>Based on the difficulties assembling and the limitation on mini European sleeved cards, I can't recommend this product.

Great for HP miniature game and durable.

Got this box for the harry potter game by knight models. this worked great. and while putting it together i was a little worried about breaking it. however during my building process, i had trouble getting a corner to fit right and used a hammer. this thing is quite resilient.