Case for Mini-Size Cards


Product Description

This card case is designed to carry both American and European mini-sized cards such as those used in Star Wars X-Wing. The case includes 8 adjustable dividers and has room for over 400 sleeved cards or 750 unsleeved cards.

Also available, Case for Standard-Size Cards (ACC011).

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately).

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Fills a need

I've been looking for a way to hold all those tiny cards that fantasy flight seems to love. This box works amazingly even with card protectors. I couldn't be happier with the product

Awesome box

This is a great box for storing mini cards, which I loathe but appear to be all the rage. I would like to see TBT make variants of this box that store the cards horizontally (standing up on their sides) and lying flat, so that I can mix and match them with my various games that don't have complete solutions. As it is, this one works well for my collection of Descent mini cards, as the rest of Descent is stored in a tackle box and there's room for this box in the upper compartment.

Awesome Upgrade Card Storage Box

Love this box, easy to assemble and fits all my sleeves X-Wing upgrade cards. I collect all three factions so it's a good storage solution but in my case with it came with a few more dividers or an option to purchase more. I still love it and will buy another as my fleets grow.

I've been waiting for this!

This is perfect. I've been waiting for something to hold my mini american cards forever! <br><br>The only thing I'd like to see is something the same length that was for standard cards. I use this in my descent box, but the standard cards still float loose (and by float loose I mean they are in deck boxes).<br><br>Thanks Broken Token!

X-Wing small card holder

Easy to assemble. Pieces were little tight fitting so I used a rubber mallet in a couple spots. Holds a lot of the X-Wing little cards with sleeves. Though I apparently have to many ships. Need to order another of these boxes :P The extra dividers are recommended if you want to seperate out all the different types of cards, but you will sacrifice storage space.

Capable and well sized mini-American Holder

Bought two of these to house my ever expanding collection of mini-American cards for Imperial Assault and Armada. They go together reasonably easily, hold a lot of cards, and are pretty sturdy without glue. Buying two was definitely a plus since it gave me a lot more flexibility for divider density to organize things. Cards fit in great and the roomy boxes allow me to shuffle through them without much trouble. This is definitely one of the better price/utility ratios from Broken Token.<br><br>One thing to note: dividers don't go well in a line across the two columns (they won't fit without shaving them down yourself). Just a little thing.

perfect for the game (star wars x wing)

This was bought for my son as a christmas present . He has a big collection and this is an ideal present to help with storage etc

Outstanding small card organizer

I just got these as a better way to organize the various small card decks for Zombicide and I am extremely happy with them. Good construction, easy to assemble, and perfect for my need.<br><br>My only mistake is needing more dividers as I have lots of small 'decks' that I am trying to sort in the organizers.

Good sturdy case

I got this to hold all of my upgrade cards for X Wing. It fit together easily and snugly, no wood glue required. Do recommend a rubber mallet to help tap in the more tight fitting parts. Now all my upgrades are organized, thinking of getting another one for Arkham Horror.<br><br>RESPONSE <br><br>Glad you like it! I love it for my x-wing cards as well! <br><br>May the Force Be With You

Talisman - Worked Great

These boxes worked out great for all the smaller size decks used in Talisman and its expansions. The boxes assemble real tight and flush at the joints. Really well done. Highly recommended.