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Mayday Premium Euro Card Sleeves (50)

SKU: MDG-7029

Product Description

Fits Cards of This Size: 2.32" x 3.62" (59mm x 92mm)

  • Euro size card sleeves
  • Clear Polypropylene
  • Archival safe
  • Acid free - no pvc
  • 125% thicker than standard sleeves

Each pack of sleeves includes 50 sleeves.

Examples of games with cards that this sleeve will fit: Dominion™, Agricola™, Le Havre™, etc.

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Great product, but....

These things fit Dominion perfectly, they are a bit, only a bit long. We did not have one failure to fit out of 1000 sleeves, but.... have had about 7 fail during play. It seems to be the price you are going to pay for such thin sleeves. You should buy them. They work great and they keep dirty, grubby paws off my cards.